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Fifa 08 (ps3 players only)


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hey all, i was just wonderin, as this is the game i always play, (until gta iv comes out that is) i want to no if any1 else plays this game online on the ps3,,if so


add me and lets make a gta iv league or just have a few games, just something to do to pass the hours by smile.gif


my psn: SlimCrayz, be careful am pretty good at it, i play everyday lol for hours and hours

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Try here.


I'm sure you'll get a lot of guys to play with from there.



New account: Gezim

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Yey i have Fifa 08 i play online sometimes, but it just pisses me off when you lose you get points taken away. WTF. So im on it but not as much as iwould be if they didnt take away points.

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