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Vice City multiplayer problem


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Ok, here it goes. I downloaded Vice City multiplayer 0.3 and everything worked fine. I went on a server and connected there. Still fine. But now what? I am now on the main screen. Do I load a game or make a new game? And anyway, when I do that, I see no one on the map! I am playing VC single player! What do I do? Should I press a button or go somewhere? I just don't know what to do after using load or new game! sad.gifsad.gifsad.gif

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Make sure, the server you are playing on, is not empty..

And when you reach the main screen, press left/right arrow keys to change the character, and fire button to spawn..

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I said on the normal vice city screen, the one that has start game, options and quit game.

Not the main screen that you can change the characters yet!

And there are still peds, cars moving from peds and those! And still I am Tommy Vercetti, and not a ped! There is no chat screen for me to type, and no players for me to fight! Still cops fight at me when I get a star or two! I'm telling you, When I press connect, I play Vice City Single Player!

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That's it! I figured out the problem!!!

I added a san andreas hud to vice city, and now I removed it, walla! I can play vice city multiplayer now! Hooray! biggrin.gif


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