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So there isn't any lock on weapon aiming on PC?


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Unfortunately there is no weapon lock on in SA.


In the future please try and make topics that have a little more info then this.

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If you mean auto-aim, I have read previously that you can get it with keyboard and mouse if you change configuration to joypad (even if you don't have one). But then you lose mouselook.


Alternatively you can also get a gamepad to play with, that will have auto-aim.

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what do else do you want me to say? "Because i would like it?" If any more information was needed i would have given it, but you were perfectly able to answer my question with what i had already said.


and if i didn't say enough in that post, "I like kittens but I don't want one because it would grow up"

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Auto-Aim with Keyboard and Mouse.

Easiest way is to get a USB GamePad (12 button minimum). If you already have a console game, Adapter cables are available. Then you can play like on the consoles. Much more fun than keyboard and mouse and this game is designed for GamePad use.




if you must use the Keyboard and Mouse then:

Aim Weapon = [Del] key or [Caps] lock key

or [RMB] Right Mouse button.


Next target = E or [Enter] key

or [MWU] Mouse Wheel Up.


Previous target = Q or [.] on Num Pad

or [MWD] Mouse Wheel Down.


Fire Weapon = [0] on Num Pad or Left [Ctrl] key

or [LMB] Left Mouse Button.


Manual page 7.


And if you are using a LapTop then you must engage the blue [FN] key to activate the imbedded num pad (around keys JKL)

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