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quote from some diff. of 360 and ps3


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"I probably wouldn’t have noticed anything had I only had access to one platform, but I noticed the “whores” on the PS3 seemed to “do their business” quicker than the 360 whores. When I brought up the observation, one of the testers replied “Yeah, the PS3 whores are faster… they’re streamed off the hard drive… the 360 whores have to be read from disc. Take a close look… the 360 whores are actually drawn to be a little older and they’re more haggard looking. It’s an inside joke of the programmers and artists.” as he chuckled. He then looked around to see if his boss was listening and whispered “the whores on the 360 version only have red lipstick on 3/4 of their mouths… check it out next time you play, but don’t make it to obvious, we’re hoping to slip that one through certification testing. Brad, the artist that did that, calls it the Red Ring of Herpes!”




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