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Wheel Size Problem

Vincenzo Vega

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Vincenzo Vega

On some cars I install the wheels are too big right from the start. However this time I installed a bmw mod that was fine until I edited the car colors in ultimate editor, when I saved the colors and went to try out the game I was surprised to find this.


user posted image


How did this happen? I only edited the colors why would the wheel size change? And how would I go about fixing this?

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That's what you get when using editors. I have yet to see the first one that doesn't mess up your cars every once in a while.

In fact you're lucky you can still drive it. Occasionally your files get messed up beyond repair


Solution :


- open the readme that came with the car

- copy the last bit of the vehicles.ide line (the last 4 numbers)

- open your vehicles.ide file with notepad

- go to the car's line

- replace the numbers with the ones you just copied.

- save file


As for wheel sizes, In the second post in this topic I explained how to make them smaller or bigger. I'll just copy-paste the bit that's most important. Here goes :




In your vehicles.ide , the last 4 digits refer to the wheel size. Basically they'll look something like this : -1, 0.78, 0.78, 0


The first of these four (-1 in the example) is a flag which decides how the wheels are adjusted. The 2 most common values are -1 and 0 .

The '-1' value will keep the visible wheel at it's regular size, but will make an invisible wheel go taller or smaller. Adjusting the wheel sizes on that setting will make the wheels hover or sink in the ground, but the wheels themselves will not look like they'll grow or shrink.

The '0' value locks the visible and invisible wheel together, so raising the wheel size will really make the wheels taller.

Most car mods come with correct sized wheels, so it's best to have the first one at -1 for your initial attempts, and to switch to '0' only if the wheels really are too large or too small.


The second is the size of the front wheels.


The third is the size of the rear wheels.


The fourth value determines which aftermarket wheels the car will use in transfender/WAA/Loco Low Co. There are 4 settings here

-1 : no wheel change at all

0 : regular wheels (used for Transfender)

1 : streetracer wheels (used for Wheel Arch Angels)

2 : lowrider wheels (used for Loco Low Co)

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Vincenzo Vega

Thanks for the help, for future reference should I not use any editors anymore? I thought the Ultimate editor would be safe considering i had only been modding the colors.

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Well, apparently it edited more than just the colors, so how safe do you consider it to be now?


I've had plenty of those issues with SAMI and GGMM messing up my files beyond repair, so I now do everything manually. I use spark 0.9 and notepad, and that's all the tools you need for mod installing.

Doesn't even require that much more time, leaves a lot of freedom which you don't have with editors, quickly gives you a greater understanding of how this whole modding thing works and is a lot safer.


And when you mess up you'll know it's your own fault. So in the beginning you'll learn all about the importance of backups, or learn all about troubleshooting.

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Thanks for the help, for future reference should I not use any editors anymore? I thought the Ultimate editor would be safe considering i had only been modding the colors.

I use ultimate editor all the time, since it first came out(years ago) and never have I had this happen.

You must have ticked a box by accident or changed a text setting. Judging by what page you would have been on to mod the colours and what has happened you have probably ticked the "use wheel size" box by accident. Just de select it.

I wouldn't give up on editors, especially this one as it is very usefull. At least to me anyway as it has far more possibilities for handling and anim changes than can be done with other editors or manualy. wink.gif

I need it to create some of my more technical vehicles and would be lost without it.


NOTE: You can also select only to save to carcols or whatever part you are changing when saving next time.

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