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Driving a banged car


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I know how to drive a banged car. I know perfectly that saving a game with an activated cheat is dangerous. But I've done it alot. So. If u want to know how to drive a banged car: find a car. Right the moment Tom gets in press the esc. Then type BIGBANG ASPIRINE BIGBANG ASPIRINE. Resume. The car must bang. Than esc. once more, ASPIRINE, and again resume. And please, drive a banged car. Everything works. The radio, lights, etc... Try it. Must work. The most cool part is when Tom is in, he's death, gets out alive. How do u like it. I've tried that preciselly today. Works. cool.gif But u must drop someone from his car. It won't work otherwise. So try & reply.

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The Kirbster

Umm, this is quite old. And there is an easier way of doing this. Type "BIGBAN" (yes BIGBAN, not BIGBANG) then go jack a car by pressing ENTER and after Tommy pulls out the driver and is in the part of the animation where he is about to step his foot in the vehicle. Pause the game and type "G" then "ASPIRINE". Much easier, and less typing too.

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Oh, never thought about that. Thanx. BTW I've posted this topic week ago. But noone replied except u.

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I did that exept i typed in BIGBANG loads of times and it fired the car up into the air with Tommy inside turn.gif

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I dare to bump this thread.

When you catch that time when Tommy almost steps in and press Ecs to insert the 'bigbang' code, try typing it more than just once.

Typing it 20 times should be enough for the car to reach the altitude unreachable by helicopter or anything else.

There might be also nice Insane Stunt Bonus reward.

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A vid would be cool...


You can fly above the limit with low gravity cheat on... use a Rhino, invert the turret and keep firing for your thrust-- you can fly pretty high that way.


"I want to design a video game where you take care of all the people shot in all the

other video games.... It's called Busy Hospital II" -- Demetri Martin


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