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This is the PM I sent to illspirit regarding my current ban from GTAF;



Hey illspirit,


The account I've been using since 2003, Asmodeus, was permanently banned by Waddy do to some posts in the Multiplayer forum. Now, I'd like to better explain what happened, because I think getting a permaban was not necessary for what I did.


I'm sure you've heard of the IRC network, sysnode. Due to the closing of both The Presinct (The Precinct) and LCPD's chat topics, me and a couple of sysnode fellas decided to make a topic called HOT COPS, which soon got locked. This resulted in me spamming twice in the MP forum, and getting banned soon afterwards (Link, Link)


As stated above, I do not think a permaban was necessary for what I did. This, and I have never spammed or been warned for spamming before. This was just something which spilled off of sysnode. I would like it if you or any other mods could take into consideration of just giving me a temp ban. I could see something like getting a permaban for posting porn or the like, but not for posting a small bit of spam. If you (and/or Waddy) could take the time to think over this, it would be appreciated.



Besides speaking to MMMS about this matter, and him saying that I will most likely stay banned, I haven't heard anything else. I would still like to know why two small spam posts in the MP forum gets me a permaban. Haven't any of you noticed that the MP forum is already a giant spam hole? There are many other users in that forum who have spammed much more than I did, and I don't see them with a permaban. I know the staff are trying the keep the MP forum clean, but seriously, two posts? I personally see that as unfair, as I haven't been warned of such things like spamming before this incident. I am aware that I screwed up, and I take full responsibility for my actions. But honestly, can't I get another chance?


I would appreciate it if this topic wasn't locked, because I would like to get some more clairity regarding this matter, as would many others.

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I counted 7 spam posts. Not including your "Hot Cops" topic. Which wasn't funny IMO. So I personally say no. But that's just my opinion.

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I'm pretty sure making this post won't make a difference, but I suppose it doesn't hurt to try. How does two spammy posts equal a permaban? I honestly don't think that was the right decision on Waddy's part. That should have warranted a temp ban at most. Also, why would he get banned for something that was a f*cking joke? Why don't you ban everyone invovled in The Presinct as well? Hell, ban yourselves for the various jokes that happened over the past month. It was a joke, and a damn funny one at that. I don't agree with that last post he made, but he's had a clean karma log before that. confused.gif


Oh, and nobody cares what you think, Reemah.

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unban asmo.

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But honestly, can't I get another chance?

Search for this ^ on GTAForums and you'll get thousands of results.


More productive members than you have been permanently banned. Seeing as you're such a high and mighty veteran you might also have noticed that we have a policy in which the staff member in question is PMed instead of creating these publicity topics in order to avoid the circus of supporters and haters clashing in them.


Also, I must apologise if your case isn't being treated quite in the pace of your liking. This isn't the immigration bureau. Find a hobby or something if you're getting impatient.

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As the 'banner' I will add.


jallar is right, you should have PM'ed me even though the answer would have been the same.

2 cases? Someone trying to ge unbanned should check their info first.


The Multiplayer forums are in there infant stages here at GTAF, Nobody knows what to expect or how the IV MP is going to work. Rules in there are still being worked on, but all in all its going VERY well.

The last thing it needs is the usual offenders trying to spoil it.

So it was all a joke? You think that makes the case less serious?


illy posted your PM in the mod cave and out of the staff that voted, they all agreed to you staying banned.


Before this topic is put to bed, i will leave you with a quote from your last post(s)

its a classy one and a good example of how so called'vets' get banned, I dont care who you are or what you have done, this is simply not acceptable.



HEY IMA FAG WANT TO f*ck CUM ON YEAH BABY f*ck f*ck f*ck


Nice icon14.gif



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So in conclusion;


"The box says no."

-- Blue Dr. Zoidberg.

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