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Oblivions waiting period...


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alright well in Oblivion there was a small feature in the game that would allow you to skip time say if some store wasnt open or someone wasnt around or you couldnt roam around in daylight( vampires kick f*ckin ass!!) you could press a buttion and pick how many hours you wanted to skip


so do you think GTA IV will have this feature rather then waiting around for someone( like the gf) or if you wanted to sober up or whatever??


also would you like this feature in GTAIV?? sly.gif

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doubt it cause missions have to be done on a certain day. but if it still does it, back in San andreas and i think others as well a game save will skip 6 hours or 6 minutes.

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Hope not.. when just standing.. In a safe house maybe...OK this I have to do because everyone else has Old post find the search button and use

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