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NYC things you know R* will spoof in a way...


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Sorry if it's been posted before, I wouldn't know which keywords to look for to see if a similar thread exists. First post ever here.


I'm a huge NY fan, been there 4-5 times in my life. It's a great, crazy city I wouldn't mind living in because it's so vibrant.


Now for all those that have either been to/live in NY or taken tours of NY, you know there's always a few things that strike you and stay with you. So what would you think the R* team would parody to capture the spirit of NY and it's uniqueness. Here's a few examples of things I'm almost certain will show up in a way or another:


- Wall Street's Bull and it's luck giving nads (Traders on Wall Street touch the bronze bull's nads every morning for luck on the way to their workplace, or that's how I heard the story I think. I can't think R* wouldn't use that, it's a big Wall Street landmark. Plus I can imagine peds going up to him, fondling balls and spouting a few choice R* lines)

- Times Square's Naked Cowboy


Etc... just examples. I had more but I can't think of them and I'm at work so I'll just post and let people add to it.

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The Unvirginiser

Radio City

Massive que in battery park for statue of liberty

The tour bus


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The Unvirginiser

Guggenhein museaum and public library

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Rockefeller Center and the ice rink; altho...there's nothin real spectacular about that except at Christmas time because they have that monstrous tree all lit up. The ice rink might be fun to have a fight club style event on...

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If the game would be true to NYC as possible, i think these things would have to be in...



Constant protests in front of city hall.


Random fights on the subway.


The crazy homeless doom sayer preaching the end of the world.




Gay neighborhood in Algonquin.


Large Hasidic Jewish neighborhoods in Broker.


The taxi drivers would have to be of course INSANE!! driving at least 90 miles an hour through city streets, not signaling when cutting lanes. Slamming on the horns over the littlest things. And no english. At all.


Clueless tourists in times square, looking up at the buildings when they should be looking for pickpockets.


Random shoot outs in Bohan.


City buses would need to basically ignore all traffic rules, gotta love that.


Constant gridlock bumper to bumper traffic from 5pm to 7pm.


Rockefeller center ice rink with the golden statue.


Ups trucks causing mid day traffic everywhere in Algonquin.


Prostitutes everywhere but time square (whatever its called in game)



I <3 my city.



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Not necessarily something I want to see, but could see R* putting in is the Naked Cowboy in Times Square. Juts have some ped with a guitar(possible melee weapon) in a hat boots and tighty whities singing about the joy of being naked...and then we murder him.



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If rockstar puts him in the game without his permission, he will sue them like he did to M&M's earlier in the year.



Idea to get past that: The Naked Indian. Beats a drum in the middle of Times Square and occasionally asks you to take a hit off his 'peace pipe'(gay innuendo or drug reference, you decide)

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lol I wanna hear something that I bet alot of subway users listen to EVERY FREAKIN TIME.... "STAND CLEAR OF THE CLOSING DOORS PLEASE!" LMAO gets annoying!


Also would like to see bootleggers selling cigarettes outside the bodegas (spanish corner stores).


People breakdancing, rapping, or playing an instrument in the subways.


People trying to jip you using a Metro Card ROFL


Flags everywhere! Puerto Rican flags in windows, cars, shops, or even fences in Bohan.

Dominican flags in the "Washington Heights" area in Manhattan/Algonquin.

Italian flags in little Italy and Brooklyn etc.


People trying to hand stuff out, although I think somewhere i read up on a magazine who got to play it and there was a pedestrian on the street trying to give out his "rap cd."


Everyone wearing a Yankees...I mean a Swingers cap lol


Cops taking pics with tourist.


Tourist playing human Frogger trying to cross the street. I bet that'll be fun trying to dodge them while playing.


Thats all I can think of for now...I love my country lol (I consider NYC/NJ my country) I miss it dearly...GTA4 looks like its gonna take me back colgate.gif



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