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GTAF Paintball Topic

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I try to go Paintballing as much as I can. I was planning on joining a team, but the money involved is crazy. What Paintball supporters like Dye tend to is, they give you a 'sponsorship' otherwise known as cutting off 200 dollars on their new 1,300 dollar marker. It may sound like a good deal, but when you're burning through games and sponsorers, those guns go bye-bye.


Anyone else in 2012? ph34r.gif

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I got shot in the penis by a paintball gun, damn that hurt. No kids for me

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Calvin Backer

Used to play with a tippman 98 with an 18 inch barrel, custom handmade stock, scope, quick feed hopper, and 20oz co2. Wed get a big group of guys and war in the woods. I was more the silent sneak around guy picking off people from a distance. Damn i miss that.

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Never knew this topic existed! I use to play this religiously.


Started with the Eagle Talon (single shot pump) then moved up to a Stingray (semi-auto) then ended my playing days with a Piranha. Started out playing here at the house with friends, we set up our own speed ball sets each weekend, used tires, sheetmetal and sh*t of that nature for barricades then my parents rented one of their houses out to a Tow Truck driver and his company's owner had a 10acre paintball field .. so I started playing there and that's when I got heavy into it.. Forts, Inflatable barricades, old office trailers and sh*t man, it was so much fun.


The money though.. hell, that I spent during my few years. I could probably have a nice Camaro right about now. I had to end up working under the table for that towing company to have the funds for balls and gas.. not to mention the paint grenades smile.gif Good stuff, I would get back into it but with a little young'n runnign around these days, don't tend to have free time like that anymore sadly.

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