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Focusing on what makes GTA games great


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I have been trying to pinpoint what make a game great lately. He are my thoughts, feel free to post yours colgate.gif


If you don't want to read my definition of fun in games, skip this section until where a couple of lines are missed.




To usderstand what makes a game great, we must first understand what our greatest desire in life is - ie; what "fun" is. To do this we must realise what is fun and what isn't. Why was San Andreas so fun when it was released but sort of lacking now? Why will GTA IV undoubtedly suffer the same fate?


A perfectly logical answer is that we become bored with the game. But why do we? Has our lifestyle changed? Our outlook on life? No. I believe that curiosity is what drives our experience. The anticipation of what is around the corner.


Therefore, one could say that curiosity is directly proportinal to fun. One could argue, however, that we are interested and excited by a mystery such as GTA, but were not interested in school or even a crappy game like Vampire Rain etc. So curiosity is definetly related, but not the only cause.


A more complex answer would be to say that we want the "latest and greatest". That is - when San Andreas was released we had no doubt that this was the best Rockstar could do. But over time we realised the game's flaws, and better games with better specs we released. And we wanted more. Another supporting reason for this is, believe it or not the game "Pong". Even though I never played pong, I still don't want to now.


Therefore, a rough answer would be that a mixture of curiosity and the desire for the greatest and latest makes fun.








Sorry for the rough answer, but it was all I could come up with in 10 minutes. I might edit my post if I do an essay type version later on.




Anyway. You'll notice that GTA IV possesses all the things to make itself fun to play around in. But what will the storyline be like? What will the graphics be like? What will the Sound be like?


Only time can tell.





(sorry for the bad grammer and spelling)

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Cool. I guess we could get into things rather deeply, perhaps too deeply in fact.


But at the end of the day, I just like stealing cars and sh*t. biggrin.gif

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GTA is probably one of the longest lasting games ever. We get bored because once missons are done thats it, nothing much else to do except rampages, packages etc. With GTA IV it will have the same fate but not for a long time, this will last for at leat a year or two probably more beacuse of downloadable things and now online play which is bigger than i expected. And now that GTA IV has set a new high level we should expect other games to compete to it and then we move on to bigger better games. 10 years from now GTA IV will probably be similar to what GTA 3 is now,

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Elements of suprise make games fun for me...like twists in the story, or little things inside the game that i never knew i could do.


As jenvey said, this GTA will last much longer in the fun department then any other, simply because of the multiplayer modes and the leaderboards.

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Well for me..... I love just taking a baseball bat and slowly walking up behind a cop and clubbing him to death like a baby seal !


I cant wait for gta4 and the multi player, now I can take solace that the person im clubbing to death wont be an AI and will be hating me for it.


It would also be amazing if it featured voice chat. Especially if it was structured so that distance is taken into consideration, louder the closer you get to a person ect.

That way I could shout obsenities at the person im clubbing to death at the time.


Think of the gangwar potential this would have. Also how cool would it be if ps3 owners could play against xbox owners !!!!! MAYHEM !!!!

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