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Map in Lil Probe Inn...


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Does it have any use? Is there anything at the dots? Yes,i could go look..but i don't see anything in the apparent..so i was wondering if there is something else.


for those that don't know..the lil probe inn has a map of san andreas with dots scatters in various locations...

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Great Saiyaman

no, rockstar put them there so people will go hunting around those spots (nothings at them)

user posted image

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AHAHAHAHA whoever went looking at these locations must of felt like a f*ckhead.

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Those dots are just randomly placed on the map. They lead to no excat point or mean anything.

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Struff Bunstridge

It's supposed to be a map of alleged UFO sightings. There's one at Toreno's ranch as well.

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As said, it'a a BETA map, take a good look at it and see the differences. There are many wink.gif


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