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Best GTA yet!


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Mine would definitely have to be Vice City because of the music and the atmosphere was so crisp.



[O]tter[ba]nned Oct 8, 2013, for 91 days.

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Saints Row2


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GTA3 suprised me the most.

Vice City brought back the 80's with the best soundtrack yet.

SA made me realize how much CJ was a 13itch. But i liked the fact that you could fly and stuff so it was pretty cool.


I would have to go with Vice City all the way, thats the one i played the most, (i think, i can't remember.)


But GTA4 is already my number one pic.

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SA because of the bigger map, finding cool places to take my monster truck in the mountains, woodlands, fields, and deserts. Flying planes. Return of import/export cars.

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