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Alexander Blade

[REL|SA] Interface Editor

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Devil and God

It doesn't work, it shows this error: Excepmtion Erangeerror in module interfaceEditor.asi at 00014C6B


Range check error

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Hi, I need help with this mod, btw. it's really awesome. If anyone can help Me with this I'll be very happy smile.gif


Okay, i need to get Health Bar to Aqua Color and Money to Lime color, change Time to my name (Enxty) and for SAMP config....

As I Trying to change colors i get nothing, still same color as before, so i try to write here and believe to someone help me...





Gta San Andreas Interface Editor v1.2;; File : InterfaceEditor.ini;; Made by : convers all rights reserved please dont change my config fa**ot -.-[MAIN]HealthBar.X=99999HealthBar.Y=99999HealthBar.Color=$FFFFF000ArmourBar.X=99999ArmourBar.Y=99999BreathBar.X=99999BreathBar.Y=99999Money.X=28Money.Y=103Money.Format.Positive=$%08dMoney.Format.Negative=-$%07dMoney.Color=$FFFFFFFFClock.X=99999Clock.Y=99999Clock.Format= EnxtyClock.BackGround.Color.Alpha=255Weapon.Icon.X=99999Weapon.Icon.Y=99999Weapon.Ammo.Text.X=25Weapon.Ammo.Text.Y=35Weapon.Ammo.Text.Format.OneCartridge=%dWeapon.Ammo.Text.Format.ManyCartridges=%d-%dWantedStars.X=10WantedStars.Y-Fill=124WantedStars.Y-Empty=9999WantedStars.DistanceBetweenStars=21WantedStars.Color=$FFFFFFFFCarName.X=32CarName.Y=104ZoneName.X=32ZoneName.Y=104StatusTexts.X=32StatusTexts.Y=148TextBox.SubOffset.Y=150Fonts.SA.Color=$FFFFBF00Fonts.GTA3.Color=$FFFFBF00Fonts.MenuBackGround.Color=$FFFFFFFFRadar.Main.X=49Radar.Main.Y=112Radar.Main.X-Scale=94,325Radar.Main.Y-Scale=77Radar.RingPlane.X-Scale=1Radar.RingPlane.X=1Radar.RingPlane.Y-Scale=1Radar.RingPlane.Y=1Radar.RingPlane.Color.Red=255Radar.RingPlane.Color.Green=2Radar.RingPlane.Color.Blue=5Radar.RingPlane.Color.Alpha=1Radar.Ring.Part1.X=1Radar.Ring.Part1.Y=1Radar.Ring.Part1.X-Scale=1Radar.Ring.Part1.Y-Scale=1Radar.Ring.Part2.X=1Radar.Ring.Part2.Y=1Radar.Ring.Part2.X-Scale=1Radar.Ring.Part2.Y-Scale=1Radar.Ring.Part3.X=1Radar.Ring.Part3.Y=1Radar.Ring.Part3.X-Scale=1Radar.Ring.Part3.Y-Scale=1Radar.Ring.Part4.X=1Radar.Ring.Part4.Y=1Radar.Ring.Part4.X-Scale=1Radar.Ring.Part4.Y-Scale=1Radar.Ring.Part1.Color.Alpha=2Radar.Ring.Part2.Color.Alpha=255Radar.Ring.Part3.Color.Alpha=5Radar.Ring.Part4.Color.Alpha=255Radar.ZPosBar.Bar.X=1Radar.ZPosBar.Bar.Y=1Radar.ZPosBar.Bar.Color.Red=1Radar.ZPosBar.Bar.Color.Green=21Radar.ZPosBar.Bar.Color.Blue=25Radar.ZPosBar.Bar.Color.Alpha=200Radar.ZPosBar.BackTexture.X-Scale=1Radar.ZPosBar.BackTexture.X=1Radar.ZPosBar.BackTexture.Y-Scale=1Radar.ZPosBar.BackTexture.Y=1Radar.ZPosBar.BackTexture.Color.Red=10Radar.ZPosBar.BackTexture.Color.Green=10Radar.ZPosBar.BackTexture.Color.Blue=10Radar.ZPosBar.BackTexture.Color.Alpha=100[OTHER]CheckExeVersion=1; convers; 21.06.2010r.



Sorry for bad english it's not my main language, but i love it biggrin.gif

Edited by Enxty

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hey I seen that many having their own huds.

I want to create a simple hud which have digital interference no bars.

which take less space and all mention in minimum area, (hp / armor / o2) xyz...

There must be tutorial on this.


Your builder just change the position and color, but what about to replace bar to percentage (digital)

How to edit your own custom.

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@Alexander Blade how did you move the minimap position ? can you show me ? 

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