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ZOO pics right here


Recommended Posts

well here they are enjoy. This is the Australian Zoo Magazine by the way, not the UK one.

I could rescan these at a higher res but i can't be stuffed

user posted image user posted image



user posted imageuser posted image



user posted image


user posted image user posted image


user posted image


Heres some zoomed in pics too.^^^ I found a slightly modified picture elsewhere in the magazine^^^


I just love helping out my fellow GTA community.

Edited by Amunication
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Crappy thing was, if you take a look of the pic of Niko in the van, Take a good look at the street.


Bit empty isn't it?  confused.gif

It's really too small to say.


Edit: Look at the zoomed in ones. Empty? I don't think so. There is at least 4 cars in that shot!

Edited by Spartacus
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What about hi-rez?


Anyway... HUD screens seem to be very low quality.

SA level, even.

well the fact that is was taken from probably a digital camera and then put in to a magazine and print it. And then to scan and then to upload a saved file. Im sure the quality lessened in the progression

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user posted image


Damn, that's impressive. Sorry if you didn't want to see the HUD, but it doesn't really spoil much.


Edit: Sudden epiphany, if you don't want to see anymore spoilers/leaks, now would probably be a good time to stop going on GTAF and gta4.net until you've finished GTA IV. That's what I'm doing, as hard as it will be.

Edited by Spartacus
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Okay, so I see a minimap.


Wheres the rest of the HUD? Or is that it?

well if R* is true to their word and it really is 'low profile' then its probably some very light gray colour that you cant really see, and also it might be there but because the pics are so distorted it just looks like distortion

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