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[SnP]Amphibious Assault


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Mission: Amphibious Assault and driving school(if possible if not its ok)

Link: http://gtasnp.com/download/8681

Notes: i dont have any lung capacity so you need to go swimming 1st it'll be awesome if some would do this for me because its hard work THANKS IN ADVANCE!

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I'll do it


For: moradianmichael

Mission(s): Amphibious Assault

Helper: Rusty007

Link: <savegame>

Notes: Mission Passed

Mission Reward(s): $11000, +Respect

Did all but last 2 Driving School missions. I got gold for first 4 but you'll have to do last 2 or SnP them, so oneone else can do them. Also Lung Capacity +5x.


No Cheats Were Used

Edited by Rusty007
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