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Signature Request


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Name: I would like for the signature to just say my username: gtaluva


Size: Any size will work as long as it fits the size restriction. I apologize for not knowing what the limits are but any size within that will work for me.


Theme: For theme I was hoping for a neon type sig. A good example of what I mean is in my Avatar pic or the picture in the link below. I would like it to have a black background and then sort of a neon type color scheme. Also the only text I want on it is my username that i stated above.


Resources: One picture that I like is this one: link

Here is also a link to where I got my Avatar, This would work also but i thought it might get a little boring having it for both the avatar and in the sig. http://www.psychopup.com/da/images/purple_...tning_storm.jpg

You could use either of these or if you know of an even cooler picture that fits in that type of neon style feel free to use it as I'm not going to be picky at all. Any fitting font will work and theres not really any screenshot or logo I'd like on it.


Colors: As far as colors I would like some type of neon. My first choices would be a neon Purple, Blue, and/or Green. If you think another color would look cool by all means go for it.


I know theres not that great of specifics but I don't have anything that specific in mind. I just want a cool neon type signature to say my user name. I figured you are probably much more creative then I am so please, use your creativity and I'll be happy with whatever you have to offer so feel free to use your own ideas and let your imagination run wild on it. Thanks alot.

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Two things: (1) Cannot be held responsible for seizures, and (2) Getting this thing under 80k is a real female dog.


user posted image





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Ah dude thanks alot to both of you now I have to pick whihc to use. haha Thanks alot tho icon14.gif

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