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Gun Effects

sanandreas luva101

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sanandreas luva101

Hi there! Does any one know of free software that can put gun blast effects in my videos??

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What do you mean by gun blast effects? Like, you mean, compositing in some

muzzle flashes into videos maybe made with a fake/not loaded gun?

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Assuming you mean what derty said... i've been happy with the footage offered by http://www.detonationfilms.com/


Google some 'Compositing Video' tutorials relevant to whatever editing software you use and you'll find some helpful tips. From my experience using good quality stock footage is a) really easy and b) gives good results. I'm sure it will give you much better results than using some free software to generate effects for you anyway.

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Those are pretty good. They don't include alphas, however, so the compositing is going to look a little weird.


When I was working on The Woodsmen, I used Particle Illusion, a really fun program.






On the upside, it will do cool things right out of the box - smoke, shell casings, muzzle flare, and give you full alphas.

I got it to do all kinds of fun stuff, like blood jets.



On the downside, it can look a little cartoony if don't spend enough time with it.

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...But if you are on about Sound Effects then google Sound Effects Library and also try here



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