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Plot Predictions Thread


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I came up with the idea of creating a thread where everyone can post their predictions for the plot/storyline, so when the game comes out we can look through here and see who got the closest predictions.


Here's how I think the events took place (from the trailers):


Niko comes to America and meets up with his cousin, who tells him soon they will make it big. For some reason Niko's cousin is in trouble with the Russians, and the Russians go after Niko's cousin. In an attempt to kill the cousin, they put a bomb in a car, and Niko ends up being the one blown up. The Russians kidnap him and ask him to rob the bank with him and tell him if he's not up to it they'll kill him, so Niko accepts. They attempt to rob the bank, it all goes wrong and they run away from the police, and Niko and the russians get separated. Now the Russians and making threats and looking for Niko and his cousin, which would explain why Roman is so paranoid and why Niko says 'I'm the one who survived'.


Also, in the second trailer a man says 'You're looking for some people?' and Niko says 'We're all looking for that special someone.' In that same trailer Niko asks a man what happened (not sure what this pertains to, maybe something happened to Roman) as well as a few other mentionings about finding some people. Then at the end someone on the phone with Niko says 'Get this done, then we'll talk.' Maybe it's one of the Russians that Niko happened to get in contact with.


That's my theory, what's yours?

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Thats a pretty well put together theory. cookie.gif . You only get one becuase you use comas way to often.

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Well, it's nicely put together. The only exciting thing is the Roman kidnapping thing part and you are forced to do a bank job with the russians, which doesn't go smoothly. I like that, but it'll be more or less complicated, i dunno. I don't really have a plot, i want to know the real one tho!

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