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some problems with zmodeler 2.0.8


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I started using zmodeler a few days ago, but i'm having some problems and don't know how to solve them.


1-I imported the Elegy model, with all the necessary textures, and i attached one of the add-on spoilers to the car's boot, then exported. Ingame they are working fine, but the exhaust tips appear untextured.


2-When I tried to import my modified Elegy.dff again, there were no taillights' textures or surfaces. I exported this one and ingame they still didn't appear.


3-In cars not made by me (eg. Rockstar original cars) i can´t move any vertex or edge, or maybe they are moved but i can't see the modifications i did.

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Here are some prints that might help to understand the problems i have:


Problem 1:

user posted image



Problem 2:

user posted image

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