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did i do the right thing?


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Im no drummer but as a musician I say you did the right thing.


If someone offered me GTA IV, or a vintage left handed Fender Jaguar, Id take the Jag, although my girlfriend would be pissed off, I already have 10 other guitars, but she's gonna be pissed off anyway, I'd be playing GTA IV 24/7 otherwise!



Drumming is a sort after skill, here at least, there are NO drummers, but plenty of bands that need em'


GTA is not a skill, I cant wait untill its out, but GTA IV isnt something thats going to stay with you forever. (seriously fanboys, get over it)

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you did the right choose my friend....


but for ska? confused.gif



not the oedal, but i do play alot of ska, think streetlight manifesto, makes it much easier.

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