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time passing calendar


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please dont flame me if you dont like the idea but i think it might work if people cooperate with me,

the idea is to create a calendar of what to do, cinema, watch a movie(at home), swimming, sea, mall etc, long time entertainment,

people will post theyre ideas and the date and i will add it to the calendar, each time we enter a new week of the plan(7 ideas) i will add a whole new week, i will also add events regarding GTA, ofc ill also remove the days we passed...


Wednesday, march 26th:


Thursday, march 27th: NEW TRAILER


Friday, march 28th:


Saturday, march 29th:


Sunday, march 30th:


Monday, march 31th:

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Wednesday, march 26th: Live life


Thursday, march 27th:Live life watch NEW TRAILER


Friday, march 28th:Live life


Saturday, march 29th:Live life


Sunday, march 30th:Live life


Monday, march 31th:Live life....

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