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Last.FM Error?


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I've noticed on my profile and a few others, the top artists section has been completely changed, and at least 1,000 plays for my top artist has gone. Has this happened to anyone else?


I think more importantly, does anyone know why this has happened, or how it can be fixed?


I like seeing who I dig!

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Oh, there's now this update;



Don't worry everyone, we do have backups and it looks like no data has been lost. What seems to have happened is that the daily chart update which ran yesterday messed up everyone's overall charts. We're not entirely sure why but in the meantime we are re-running the weekly chart generation so at the very least all your charts will be back to the same state as they were yesterday. This takes quite a few hours to run as there is a lot of data to get through so please be patient. When it is finished I will post here again to let you know so there is no need to keep on adding posts to this thread.


Fair play.

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just another thug

I guess it didn't effect my profile, my numbers look correct.

user posted image
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Yeah my numbers are all silly, looks more like my running 3 month chart than my overall one.


But srsly - music chat?

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