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Build Up Your Gang

BUYG: Build Up Your Gang

Recommended Posts

Build Up Your Gang


@ GTASA_Passer


18th story=$26


total amount for GSF=$215


A SolidusSnake


~Distillery bought~


$50 left in the kitty



all done by spursfan(again) smile.gif

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Part 2:Mickey"The Bull" D'Maico


Joey, Mickey, Carlo Dello, Big Fat Paulie, Giovanni Stracicci, Luigi Gotereli, Vito Cipriani. All There for young Al's Made Ceremony. Al is Made and The Family Celebrate,Al Notices a Funny guy walking towards Joey....



Al:Dad!! Get Down its the Cops!!


The Club panics and rumbles as cops run in and peds and Mobster Run out. Joey Was Arrested for Racketeering and Smuggling. Joey's Trial Had been on for about a year an then he was Sentenced 2 years,by 2006 Joey was released but when escorted to a Car, a hitman shot joey

Twice, once in the Kidney and again in the

shoulder. Two weeks Later, Joey is out and wants to find out who sent the hit. (Sorry i Log off and Forgot to continue my story).

Vercetti Compound

Chapter 2: Part 3


Joey arrived at the Vercetti mansion to make him a offer he can not refuse.


Tommy:Joe Has it Going,What can i do for you?


Joey: Here is 675 million dollars cash now we hav a place for you in Vinewood,Los Santos And Venturas Strip. Get on the helicopter with Willie and he will take you to the airport.


Tommy: Wait...


Tommy is in Los Santos now buying his $123 million dollar home.


Joey then has the vercetti Estate taken off from VC to Venturas and has it converted to a /Casino/hotel/club. Joey then meets the Yardies and Southside Leaders-D Ice and King Courtney, To show that he wants them to become friends Joe gives the Southside Glen park and Idlewood,Jefferson. Yardies get Ocean docks and Ganton, Also Los Flores. GSF still active is lead by Lil D's, They control Temple,Seville,East Los Santos. The Forelli's hav Rodeo,Vinewood,Downtown,Persuring Square.

Joey then goes to venturas where vercetti became a public figure to the people of venturas.

JD O'Toole and Ricardo O'Toole both Soldiers for the leone venturas fraction of the family. JD is becoming well known in the drug business of the family,being made after assasinating Mike Forelli and Paulie Fibanucci.(Don Of the Fibanucci). Joey hears about the war in santos.

Yardies are Against Ballas and Vagos for drug turf.


(Los Santos)

32 Ballas in Little Kingsten(Ganton) plan to cut off the yardies by killing king courtney.


Balla 1: Ok where's Bup?

Balla2:Dawg i don't know where that f*cking nigga is at. Lets just start this now.

16 Ballas Go into a house and starts shooting(five blocks away king courtney knows and tries to run away.) But is shot by Bup who was on a bike.

Courtney was 39 Years Old.

Edited by VinnieLeone

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Maybe you should add a bit more than that confused.gif

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Build Up Your Gang


VinnieLeone: I will mark that if you wish but I strongly recommend you write more on it as it will not earn you as much money as your other stories. It's more of an introduction. Build on it and I'm sure you'll recieve at least 3 times as much money as you would as it is. Then again, if you do want it marked regardless, do let me know. smile.gif

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This one's a two part chapter, though each segment is a chapter on it's own, so please mark this one seperate to part II. smile.gif



Da Nang Boys - Easter Basin Docks


Chapter V: Unfamiliar Territory


The death of a fellow Da Nang soon spread across the gang scene. Word spread rapidly, and even on the day of the tragic event, everyone in the Da Nang Boys caught word of Razor's death. While nothing changed in terms of activity, the mood was certainly a sombre one. Even the arrival of new armaments from the East Coast thanks to Lee’s valiant efforts did very little to lift spirits, as it was on everyone’s thoughts that Razor wasn’t here to see the uprising of the Da Nang Boys.


Another heavy crate was dragged further inland from an unmarked dingy. As the waves lapped over the docks, Nyugen approached the sodden box with a slightly flattened crowbar. With a flick of his wrist, the lid split in two and the contents were laid bare. Eight of the finest MP5’s, courtesy of the East Coast gleamed thanks to the later afternoon sun.

“There they are, boys… that’s the East Coast effort!” Nyugen proudly exclaimed. “As long as we keep in good contact with our friends over there, we shouldn’t have any more problems.”

Lee reached into the box and pulled out one of the MP5’s, holding it on his forearm with pride, while other Da Nang Boys were aiming them at imaginary targets in the sky and even firing a few rounds into a nearby freight container, decorating it with holes.

“The reason that we’re getting tooled up is simple.” Lee went to explain, “Tonight there’s a meeting concerning every gang in Los Santos. While we’re not welcome, that doesn’t stop us from turning up without an invite.”

A mixed reaction echoed throughout the Da Nang Boys, expressed by murmurs, nods and general discussion. It was clear this was high risk. Not only were they going to be out of their own turf, but they were going to be in a completely different city, uninvited and unwelcome.

“While I know this may sound like suicide, if this goes down the way I’ve planned, we’re going to leave with more ammunition crates than we can imagine… and I know you can all imagine quite a lot!”

While disapproval was still in the air, some were clearly getting accustomed to branching out. Lee took a seat on a nearby forklift truck and polished his MP5 while Nong briefed the gang further.

“Me and Nyugen will be in an Esperanto each, leaving two spaces in passenger seats. Lee will be making his own way there and back by train.”

To some of the Da Nang Boys, this plan was sounding more and more dangerous. With only one way there and back, getting home would be treacherous if something went wrong. Regardless of their doubts, they continued to listen to Nong’s plan.

“While the talk is occurring, me and Nyugen will drive up to the depot’s rear entrance, sneak in and carefully carry each crate back to the car. Lee will be our gatekeeper, making sure we run into no trouble.”

Lee lifted his MP5 up in friendly gesture.

“Lee’s position will be a fire escape across the street, and when he leaves, we’ll have no contact with him other than his hand signals and two gunshots if someone is too close for comfort.”

At this point, some Da Nang Boys voiced their displeasure at what seemed a badly organized mission. Some even shook their heads and kicked nearby objects.

“Now, now! Settle!” Nyugen stepped in, raised his hands and yelled for order, “I know it may seem dangerous but the boys at Pier 69 have their plates full from what I hear, what with the death of a fellow Da Nang Boy and all…”

The group fell instantly silent, almost as a mark of respect.

“Those who are willing, speak to me. Those who aren’t, that’s fine.”

As the group dispersed, two gang members remained, MP5’s loaded and ready. Nong smiled at such bravery and beckoned them over to the car while the rest of the Da Nang Boys went about their regular evening activity.


Night fell, and two Esperantos crawled along Vinewood’s streets, many miles from their usual asphalt playgrounds. Nyugen nearly turned up a one way street, but soon realised his mistake and turned awkwardly into a supermarket car park.

“Focus, N, my man…”

Nyugen’s passenger was a young Da Nang Boy named Michael. He wore a tight fitting black T Shirt and a bandanna to match. His pants hung as loose as his attitudes however, and as a result he was a very laid back (yet alert) gang member. In the other car, with Nong, was a veteran gang member that went by the nickname of Feathers. While his clothes were similar to Michael’s, the experience Feathers had acquired was clearly visible through his scarring and his ripped jeans.

“Unfamiliar territory’s a bitch, eh?” Michael cooed as the second Esperanto cruised gently passed, turning onto the highway. Nyugen picked up speed again, exited the car park using the entrance ramp and swiftly got back on track, albeit a rather shaky one.


Lee had arrived early, and sat on the fire escape, legs looped round the railings of the fence. Being sure to keep a low profile, Lee took a good look at the gangs arriving. From the looks of it, a mysterious gang dressed in purple were into something deep. No doubt that in this city, nothing would move unless the gangs allowed it to happen. Lee’s investigation was cut short when he saw the two Esperantos pur slowly against the back wall. With all the external noise going on at the meeting, the cars were quite safe and remained undetected even when Nyugen and Nong took their partners on site. Lee watched as what looked like a leader approached a tall, skinny man clad in a black suit, holding a briefcase. In the ultimate display of stealth, Nyugen and Nong crept behind each small warehouse, paying close attention to what was being said at the deal. Just as they had both reached the ammunition crates, things went awry…

Two LSPD cars demolished the chain link gate to the site, sirens filling the faces of those present with a harsh red and blue glow. The two gangs hastily fled the scene through one method or another. Some scrambled desperately over fences and some took shelter in the warehouse. Lee thought it was utterly useless to fire two shots into the air at this point, so he took aim at the police cars which still filled the air with shrill sirens. As the police swarmed the site, Nyugen and Nong were left in a state of utter panic. Lee watched in horror as a helicopter flew feet away from him and hovered over the warehouse, a large light drifting over the scene. Lee saw his chance and shot at the helicopter mercilessly. As bullets hit, the helicopter was sent severely off course. Amazed by his own success, Lee took shelter and reloaded. Nyugen and Nong had also caught on and were both fighting their way through the police barricades. One by one, the incompetant officers of Los Santos Police Department dropped like flies as the two Da Nang Boys fought through as the two gangs took refuge. Nyugen and Nong leapt behind a police car and took aim the helicopter’s spotlight. In a brilliant explosion, the MP5 emptied it’s rounds at the light sending shards of hot glass everywhere.

Lee emerged from his cover, MP5 in his sweaty palms. He took aim at the gunmen perched on the helicopter and opened all he had on them. Several fell, screaming as they hit the concrete with such force that their bones cracked instantly. Nong winced as he climbed the very fence he scaled minutes ago, being sure to help Nyugen over too. As soon as they were on their feet again, their attention was turned to the helicopter which had taken a particular interest in the two Esperantos parked right next to wall. Michael and Feathers had left at the slightest sign of trouble to collect the cars. As Nong and Nyugen raced to them, a gunman fell from the helicopter above, full of rounds from Lee’s shooting skills. In a second, the gunman landed straight on top of the windscreen in a crumpled heap, crushing Michael. Nyugen felt numb. The man had been joking about his inability to navigate Los Santos less than 20 minutes ago and here he lay. Bleeding, crushed and littered with shards of glass. Lee held fire for a brief moment to see what had just happened when the unthinkable happened.

The helicopter collided with a nearby telephone pole, sending shards of wood everywhere. The police chopper then swerved right and left to maintain altitude before plummeting to the ground.

“Move! Move!” Lee barked, kicking the fire escape ladder down for him to descend.

Quick as a flash, Feathers leapt out of the car, pushing Nyugen and Nong with him who seemed to be paralyzed with fear and shock. All three of them then turned on their heels and leapt away from the devastating explosion, completely destroying the two cars and the helicopter. As shards of charred metal fell around them like harsh, metallic rain, Lee ran up to them to help.

“Jesus F*cking Christ!” coughed Feathers.

No-one else could speak. As all 4 of them looked back at the wreckage mere metres away from them, the realisation hit home.

No transport, no allies, no way of getting home. In the heart of Los Santos, gangs were in great numbers and their MP5’s seemed like no match. The only route back on foot was through the countryside. This didn’t seem like the best option in the dead of night with not a car on the streets, let alone in the country. Without a word, all 4 men walked down one of the many streets they would have to cross on the way home, and come hell or high water, all 4 men would make it back alive…

Edited by Masterkraft

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Struff Bunstridge

Can I join the Ballas at Glen Park, please?

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Build Up Your Gang
Can I join the Ballas at Glen Park, please?

Done. smile.gif Start writing whenever you're ready. Have fun! icon14.gif

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Struff Bunstridge

OK, I think first installment's ready to roll:


Ballas - Glen Park


I guess it was maybe 3pm when the first explosion rocked the bridge over Glen Park. I stood on my front porch, overwhelmed as I watched two more fireballs mushroom beautifully into the sunny August sky. From my house overlooking the park, I could see people running this way and that as debris and rubble began to fall in a deadly shower. Several people lay horribly still on the grass, limbs twisted at grotesque angles. I dropped my 40oz in shock as a chunk of masonry the size of a table fell on my brand new Remington; I'd only jacked it last week from the Wang Autos showroom in Fierro. Had a hell of a chase all the way round the Panopticon before I finally lost the pigs by ducking into a spray shop near Santa Maria beach. f*cking pigs. Always trying to keep a brother down.

It had been a dry summer so far, and fires were beginning to catch in the arid brown grass in the park. Three fire engines came screaming round the corner, almost creaming some old bitch staring at the chaos, her jaw on the floor. They set to work extinguishing the multiple blazes, and were soon joined by paramedics tending to the wounded.

My phone was ringing. I ran into the house and picked up.

"Yeah." I deadpanned into the receiver.

"Hot Rod, it's Curtis. What the f*ck is going on over there?"

My name is Rodney, but I'm better known as Hot Rod, because I pretty much have a new tricked-out car every week. The pigs would love to catch up with me, but I've been good enough to not get caught jacking rides so far. Curtis is my baby brother, 19 years old to my 24. He lives over in Idlewood, and evidently he could see and hear what was going on in Glen Park.

"It's gotta be the f*cking Vagos, Curt. They've bombed the bridge. People are dead, my car is f*cked...someone's getting stomped for this, little bro."

"I'm always down, bro. What are we gonna do?"

Through the window I could see Balla homies, tooled up and ready to go, approaching my house, their faces dark with fury, bloody revenge in their hearts.

"Looks like the set's already decided, little bro. We're taking the fight to these spick motherf*ckers. Get your ass over here."

I hung up and went to the door, just as my man Tre from down the street arrived. There was blood on his face, and I'd never seen him so angry. Behind him were another eight or nine Balla OGs, wielding bats.

"Goddamn greaseballs are gonna wish they'd never f*cked with us", I muttered, stepping aside to allow my brethren inside.

We needed a plan.

Edited by Struff Bunstridge

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Struff Bunstridge

Part two:


Sitting in my now pretty crowded den, Tre, Curtis and I contemplated the OGs before us. Several of them had been caught up in the blasts, and looked shocked. One or two were missing, and I hoped to God they hadn’t been on the bridge when the bombs went off. The houses around the area seemed pretty much untouched, but the park had been scorched heavily; an hour on and the fire engines were still putting out the last of the fires.

We could hear the news chopper overhead, the steady blatting of the rotor blades echoed on the TV as the live report came in. The guy in the heli said only two or three people had died, but maybe twenty were hospitalised. Local gang members were suspected to be the cause.

“What?” screamed Tre, leaping up out of his chair. “Local my ass, motherf*cking Vagos be setting off those bombs! They can’t be laying that sh*t on us! How we gonna blow the f*ck out of our own front yard?”

“Easy Tre, easy”, I said, trying to calm him down. My mind was racing; it wasn’t just Tre who was in danger of losing it. All of us were in shock, and wanted revenge, but we weren’t getting that without cool heads.

“How many soldiers can you bring for a rumble, boys?” I asked. The answers were encouraging; between the eight or nine guys who had come over, we could have a fighting force of maybe 140 Ballas to pound on the Vagos scum who laid those bombs. Things were looking up; a street fight was just what I needed to unwind.


I was young, too young, when I started gangbanging. It wasn’t long after my fourteenth birthday that Pops passed away. He was gunning through Ganton, being chased by drunk Grove Street pussies in a stolen Clover. He flipped his truck turning onto the bridge by the Ten Green Bottles, and it landed hard. He died instantly. GSF motherf*ckers didn’t even give him a second glance, just drove off and left my old man to die.

Moms died soon after. They said it was a broken heart. My older brother Dion went nuts and went to Vice City; that was ten years ago, and I haven’t heard from him since. I was left to raise Curtis and me on my own. What the f*ck you expect to happen, two kids, no parents, no money? The Ballas took us in, got us running dope for them, and we’ve been hustling ever since.

Neither of us sling dope any more, not with the skills we have with automobiles. They got other junior soldiers to do that dirty work. I’m the man to talk to if you’re looking for wheels. I can get you anything you want; bikes, cars, you name it. Me and Curt tried to set up in Fierro, but that Grove Street f*ckhead Johnson had the market in stolen cars over there, we couldn’t touch him. We do OK in LS, I guess, me looking after Glen Park and Curt in Idlewood, stealing, fixing and selling cars. Me and Curt, we’re rising through the ranks. We command some respect, even amongst the OGs, after several bust-ups with GSF and Vagos. Me and Curt have both taken lives, but it’s all for the hood, and we’re proud of who we are. This respect is the reason everyone meets here when sh*t’s going down, and today is no exception.


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Thanks for the advice, though I'm still attached into writing script form so it's a little bit new to me

Chapter 3: Cruisin'

It's been a week since JD got kidnapped; and he's still recovering from the Vagos incident. His legs were broken and some of his flesh were torn. I never knew those Vagos muthaf*ckas got that in them. More and more I was hangin' out with the GSFs, my personality was a lil' gettin' a bit loose so to say. I smoked weed, drank the night away and stole some random sh*t from some convenience stores.



Anyway me and Dre went to see JD to see if he is ok now. We walked to his house when we some some drug dealers selling in front of the railway. "Wanna make some easy money man?" said Dre as he was fiddling his thumbs. "Yeah sure why not? I'm always ready for some dough." I said. "Those cats always carry at least a thousand dollars in dem pockets." said Dre. "Fo sho' but how do we do it without attracting the po-po?" I said. Dre began thinking and said "Well we could lure him to an empty place and kick his ass!"

So we went to drug dealer and accompanied him to the train tracks by the docks. Dre said he had to take a piss so he went to some plants while I was busy distracting him. Dre got out his knife and slit the dealer's throat, his eyes were almost gonna pop out, must be all that crack. "Like taking candy from some stoned gangstas" said Dre as he was counting the money. "Woah! We almost got 5 thousand dollars in here!" I said while I was thinking of ways spending the money.

"See! I told you this base heads were loaded."


After that we jacked some wheels from an old lady, poor girl, never know what hit her. So we drove all the way to JD's house in Playa Del Seville. I got out and knocked on the door. JD opened and said "Ey homies, hows the trip?" Dre got out of the car and told him "Beat up a dealer and stole some ride, nuthin' big,"

"That's some nice lookin' Picador, maybe 90's." JD said as he was checking every angle of the car. "We stole it from some old lady!" I said, being all excited and all, d*mn I was some p*ssy back then. So we got in his house and played games on his old TigerX299. JD looked solemnly from the couch. Of course he wouldn't be here if it wasn't for us, d*mn straight he owes me a car. So I said "Hey JD, when the f*ck are you gonna give me a car? The frickin' races is a week away dawg." JD replied "So let's go to the shop! I got some spare cars I stoled back when I was workin' for LB."


We got into the Picador and droved back to my neighborhood. We stopped at the front of the shop and JD got out. "I'm just gonna open the back door and y'all get in the garage." So we waited, suddenly the garage opened and a sweet lookin' low-rider got out. "Man! that's a Blade? where the hell did ya get it?"

said Dre. "Man, I got it from some Vagos fool who went into Roboi's, stupid ese leaved the keys inside." said JD. We went to the garage and started workin' on the car. The day was done and everything seems alright. The three of us hopped in the car for some test drive.


We were cruisin' by East Los Santos when some Ballas were hangin' around a dope spot. Dre flashed his gat and said "Yo, want us to do a lil' drive by?"

"Sure man, let's test this car's speed." said JD as he was speeding towards the Ballas. Dre fired the whole clip and two Ballas were on the floor by the minute we passed them. Just then, a police cruiser came in and chased us.

"O sh*t! the 5-0!" I said while the cops were almost behind us.

"Pullover now! or we have to do this the hard way!" screamed the trooper. "How hard?!?" said the other one. "Deepthroat hard!" replied the other guy. "Damn! I'd rather get shot than being with these two fags! I screamed as the wind blazed through the night.

We turned around into Jefferson then to Idlewood when the police fired at us.

"Uhh f*ck! them snitch ass fools! they gonna pop a bullet hole through my car!" I said when we reached the corner by Little Mexico.

"Turn here at the train tracks!" said Dre as he was firing more shots at the cruiser. "Why?" I asked. "So we can let this b*tches know tha real definition of bangin'."

We head through the tracks with the cruiser still following us until we got into the tunnel leading out into the badlands. "Now here we go! stop the car when we're almost at the tunnel" said Dre. When we got infront of the tunnel, a train was almost coming out of it. We turned right and braked when the police cruiser went straight right into the tunnel. When the train came out, the police car was in it's front and the troopers were already dead, most likely from sh*ttin' themselves haha.

"Woo! that was a wild ride! I said when I turned on the radio and N.W.A was playin', I couldn't find another more appropriate song. So we began to go back to Willowfield, It was a tiring day; but fun nonetheless. "Nice drivin' right there JD!" hollered Dre.

"Thanks dawg, got some skills in ma pocket." replied JD. We got back to the shop and decided to respray the car in the morning. "Y'all hide for now until the heat lowers." I said coming out of the garage. "Fo' sho, see you tomorrow Cam." said JD.


I went back home and walked immediatly straight to bed. I got enough action for one day.

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Russian Mafia: Grey Imports: The Deal

We pulled up to the island, it was basically a small patch of dirt with some bushes, it was overshadowed by a warehouse. And completely out of view by people passing through the area. I went to unload the crates, by Andreas tapped me;


"You've got a lot to learn in the arms dealing business yet, just do what I tell you. Never unload the crates until you get the money, as you could get ambushed and have to flee, leaving the weapons in the enemies hand." he continued lecturing me about a few more things, such as never pull out heat until you are threatened, and that the easiest way to deal arms is to use boats, as theres less traffic. Soon two speeders pulled up, with about 8 armed Da Nang boys and an older man with a briefcase, of course all were of Asian descent, and some had heavy accents. The older man and three of the gang members got off the boat, I slid my gun up my coat pocket, Andreas walked up to them, I stood right next to his shoulder as we met them in the middle of the small island.


"Ahh, Mr. Juan, do you have the $25,000?" Andreas was extremely friendly and it seemed to lift the mood of the Da Nang.


"Yes Valercitti, yes yes we do." Juan was excited, he opened up his briefcase, this was my only involvement, I was too count the money. Every bundle should be $1000, I counted 24.


"Is it all there Derek? We can't keep these boys waiting." Andreas turned to me,

"Theres only 24 bundles." I muttered, I was worried it was going to get hostile,

"What?! Count again!" Juan overheard us,

"That won't be necessary, Juan, please count each bundle for us and show them clearly to us." Andreas asked, still keeping his friendly tone,

"1, 2, 3..." He went on, he got to 24 and stopped,

"This is impossible, we counted all of this before we came!" Juan was getting angry, fast.

"Its alright, I'll tell you what, next time you will bring $26,000. And be sure you do, my boy Derek is not one to mess with." Andreas smiled, took the briefcase off Juan. He pointed at two of the Da Nang boys,

"Go with Derek and get the crates off the dinghy." he commanded, I waved the boys over to me and they followed.


"Hows your night been boys?" I was showing good manners towards them, they didn't answer, I turned to see one stopped, awestruck, I looked up and flashing lights were going off, the police had found their sinking comrades,

"Help me get these crates off fast," I said quickly, I then yelled "Andreas, we need another man over here to get these crates, the police have arrived." Soon two of the Da Nang boys ran over and we got the crates onto their two speeders, the police had nearly made it onto the island, Andreas turned to Juan;

"Good luck getting out of here, we'll have to organize a safer meeting spot." Andreas ran to the dingy, I was still at the speeders, the police had landed on the island, I pulled out my gun and ran, letting off shots at the two police boats and keeping the occupants diving for cover, the Da Nang boys got away safely, I started the dinghy and carved up the water, we turned to see that the police were moored on the island, I could hear the curses and screams from them. We laughed back to the coast, when we got there I loaded the dinghy onto the trailer and got into the car, Andreas pulled out his phone,


"Peter, we need a place to put this dinghy, its too much effort driving it through Los Santos. Yes, yes it went off okay, yes... Damn" he hung up,


"Peter said hes organizing something but theres no place to dump the dinghy right now, put the tarp over it and he wants us back at Grey Imports." I got out, spread the tarp over the dinghy, started the car and drove. The car trip was silent as we were both pretty tired, it was around 8 pm. At 9 pm we pulled into Grey Imports, the gate was shut, I hit the intercom button and Peter answered,


"Andreas, come inside, Derek, go home, you've had a big day. Come back tomorrow at around 9 am, I've got a big mission for you." it buzzed back to us, the gate creeped open,


Andreas turned to me, he opened the suitcase and took out $2000, "You did well tonight, you deserve this." he handed me the money,

"Won't Peter know?" I was worried about stealing from the mafia,

"No, always charge $5000 more then what they want you too, its how YOU make profit." he smiled, I took the money and put it in my coat pocket, "I'll see you later." he got out and then into Grey Imports, I backed the car up onto the road, drove to my house in Santa Maria. I hadn't bought any furniture for it yet besides a mattress which had been provided, I decided tomorrow I would need to go get some. I took off my suit, laid it on the floor, fell onto my mattress and slept.

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Build Up Your Gang

VinnieLeone: $21


Masterkraft: $49

Struff Bunstridge: $35, $44

autotheftisgrand: $30


~PhusioN~: $42


Story counts and money have been edited in the second post.



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Da Nang Boys - Pier 69


Chapter VI: Fight the Ocean and You Will Drown

Panic spread across our sinking car as fast as the water was spilling in. Some of the Boys tried to move forwards, towards the open car doors. But they just ended up bumping into each other in vain. It was around fifteen seconds later that they got the idea to move one by one, and by then the water was already up to our shoulders.


The panic had stopped, and there was a silent but mutual knowledge between the seven of us that we had a chance. Getting over to the front of the car, however, was an extremely difficult task. After that, we would have to duck out of the car doors and swim to the shore, which was some twenty metres away.


Normally that would not be such a hard thing to pull off, but given that our mobility was limited due to the restraints placed on our hands and feet, we understood that despite our chance, it was a very small one.


The water was flooding in more rapidly now. The backside of the car was tilting downwards, ready to sink. Two of the Boys had already exited the car, and were flailing their arms and legs, trying to paddle their way to the shore.


I struggled my way over to the front side, where the water had filled the entire car. I shut my eyes just as the person in front of me ducked out of the car. My entire head was wet now, I could hear nothing in the ice-cold waters of Battery Point. I realized that I would never make it out of here with my eyes shut.


So I opened them. The sting from the murky and freezing water was uncomfortable, but bearable. I could vaguely see the shape of the car door, sinking ever so rapidly. Swiftly, I formed my tied-up hands into a V-shape, gripped the top of the car door, and ducked out of the car.


I flailed my arms and kicked my feet. Getting to the surface was surprisingly easy. Below me, I saw the Esperanto sinking deeper and deeper into the ocean, where it would soon hit the ocean floor and startle one of its scaly residents.


Fresh air and clear sight greeted my rise to the surface, which I welcomed gratefully. But my happiness was short-lived. Night had fallen since we had first plunged into the water, and now, with the regular Battery Point winds blowing at their heaviest, the water became wavy and unstable. I caught sight of a few of my buddies struggling against the waves, and some concerned civilians watching from the shore. But before I could see anything else, the water splashed over my head and pushed me down. I moved my restrained limbs wildly, but it was no use – the water current was simply too strong.


I managed to get another gasp of air before I went down a second time. Consciously, I held my breath and hoped for a break in the waves. But it never came. This time, however much I flailed my arms, I stayed submerged. I tasted bile as it creeped up my dry throat.


The urge to breathe was overwhelming now. Resist for one more second, I thought. If you can resist the urge for one second, you can resist it for the next. But in reality, it never works out that way. And with every second, the pressure on my chest was growing and growing.


I flung my arms upwards for one last time, and I seemed to feel – faintly, a strong hand trying to grip my arms. For a split second, I thought that I would be saved. But it was too late; I had opened my mouth, gulped a large mouthful of water, coughed, and breathed. The feeling of icy water trickling into my lungs was horrifying.

I felt pain, but only for one moment before darkness took over.

Edited by radicell

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Part 2 to my chapter.



Da Nang Boys - Easter Basin Docks


Chapter VI: Toothless In Dillimore


Los Santos was surprisingly quiet in the very early morning. The next train wasn’t for another 3 hours, taxi’s were too ignorant too stop for them and ridiculously expensive and the only traffic on the street were gang cars. Each time the flicker of headlights shone brightly in their faces, all 4 of the remaining Da Nang Boys took cover behind whatever was available to them. After all that they had faced that night, a confrontation with local gangs was the last thing they needed, especially when said local gangs outnumbered them by at least double.

The sun rose over the immensely wealthy district of Vinewood, light bouncing off spotless windows and casting shadows of the iconic lettering nestled in the hills. Lee, Nyugen, Nong and Feathers had been walking and taking cover from gangs for over an hour. As they reached Roboi’s Food Mart, emotions ran high as this was the same car park Nyugen and Michael had mistakingly entered. Nyugen simply shook his head, wearing a melancholic expression on his face.

“Come on, man,” Nong muttered, “he’s gone. We’ve got to make it back for his sake. He would’ve wanted us to get away.”

Nyugen was about to murmur a response when Feathers interrupted with a slightly excited tone.

“Hey, this road leads right up to Dillimore! It’s free of gang influence and there’s a diner where we can rest and maybe grab something to eat.”

“Sounds good to me, I could use a coffee.” replied Lee, more enthusiastically than he’d sounded all night. An utterance of agreement emerged from Nong and even Nyugen, who was now back on his feet. With a goal now in mind, the group of Da Nang Boys set off towards Dillimore, with the thought of food spurring them on.


Dillimore slowly crept into their vision, and the smell of transmission fluid, freshly cut grass and free refills instantly hit their noses. The 4 men walked slower than they had all night as they drank the smells of the countryside, free from the dirty air of the city. As the diner slowly became visible, Nyugen burst into a smile which didn’t fade until he’d sat down at a booth next to the window, overlooking the gas pumps. At this time of the morning, tourists and travelers who were using Dillimore as a rest stop were the only ones taking up it’s vintage seating. Not long after they had arrived, a waitress had taken their order and had left cups of coffee. Little did she know these were the best cups of coffee the Da Nang Boys had probably had in their entire lives. All 4 drank deep, and let out refreshed gasps only when their cups had been drained.

As time went by, people came and went yet the diner never seemed to get any more full. Lee took a large bite out of his sandwich and instantly grinned.

“Jesus, these country folk know how to make good subs…”

“You’re telling me!” Nong replied, mouth half full of his own sandwich and Feathers simply nodded as he was trying to cool down his soup. The only one who didn’t react was Nyugen, who was in the back room, on the phone to the other Da Nang Boys in San Fierro.

Just as Feathers finished his 5th cup of coffee, the door next to them burst open and 2 demented looking hicks stormed the diner, sending stools flying. The customers hit the floor as quick as they possibly could to take cover from the crooks, who were weilding very rusty looking shotguns. Nong, who was fully rested from last night’s events, took to his feet and aimed his MP5 straight into the face of one of the hicks, who had started to laugh.

“Well, lookie here, Donnie!” the hick yelled to his friend, who was helping himself to the money in the cash register. “Looks like we’ve got a city guy in here with his fancy guuuuns!”

Donnie pried his eyes away from the waitress’ chest and aimed his own shotgun at Nong. Feathers and Lee both had their eyes glued to the backdoor, where Nyugen had now emerged.

“Whassa’ matter, city britches?” Donnie chortled, “All mouth, no balls, huh?”

Donnie had barely finished his sentence when he fell to the floor in pain, dropping his gun. Blood spewed out all over the diner floor, as the hick clutched his shins in agony. This was the time Feathers needed to grab a nearby fire extinguisher and swing it right across the other crook’s face, who didn’t seem to know where to look. Teeth and blood were scattered across the diner and Donnie was soon joined by his toothless partner, who also lay in a heap next to him. Nyugen was sure to kick both of them hard in the stomach, before joining his fellow gang members. Lee was curiously distracted and when everyone realised what he was looking at, they briskly made their way outside. There, in the parking lot, were two Esperantos owned by the crooks… with the engine’s running and ready to hurtle across the countryside’s winding lanes.

“Looks like these boys thought they were in for a run in, run out job!” Feathers laughed, hopping in one of the badly parked Esperantos.

“They thought wrong! They didn’t even understand the strength of the Da Nang Boys!” Nyugen said, strapping into the passenger side. Lee ran his hand up the hood of the car and smiled, taking his seat and pulling out of the car park, in a haste to leave the criminally inbred town of Dillimore far behind him. Soon enough, everyone was on the road again, the skyline of San Fierro ahead of them with nothing but asphalt in their way.





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D Storted

Chapter 1: Nines and AK's

Part 1: On your mark


I was in the back of the shop, getting my jacket to go home, when the man who stood at the base of the stairs, Tim, approached me from behind. "Hey, Johnny," he asked, "You got any big plans tonight?"


"No," I responded, shrugging into my leather jacket and closing my dark locker door. I turned to face him. "Figured I'd go get something to eat, maybe go see a movie. I hear 'Exploder III'is pretty good. You?"


He almost smiled. "Yeah, I've got big plans for tonight. And if you wouldn't mind missing 'Exploder,' I'd like you to come along. Whaddya say? I won't keep you out too late..."


"Yeah, I'll tag along." I assumed his plans were for the Triads. It didn't sound like he just wanted to hang out. I was a little nervous at the word "big" but he was acting cool, and I didn't want to seem like a punk. He probably could've asked anyone to go with him, but he chose me. That made me proud, and I didn't want to dissapoint him. "Where are we headed?"


"I'll let you know in the car. Come on, we're going with two other guys. You ready?"


I said yeah, and he lead the way back out through the main part of the betting shop and onto the street. A taxi was waiting right outside, and there were two men I'd seen before but never met sitting in the back. Tim got in the front, and I joined the others in the back, which was not as uncomfortable as I'd been afraid of. The driver, a young-ish Chinese girl, pulled away from the curb after I'd shut my door.


The other two Triads in back were named Cy and Kevin, brothers, born and raised in san Andreas, like me. That was all I learned, though, because Tim began to explain our job. Apparently, there was a shipment of guns coming into the Easter Basin docks; Tim hadn't been told who was supplying them or who was buying them, but he did know, as anyone should with a functioning brain, that there would be armed guards for both parties involved.


"All we have to do," he concluded, "is get inside the perimeter and scope out the forces. Then I'll call in for backup, and we with the element of surprise and the coordination of our backup, we should be able to eliminate the opposition, get the money and the guns, and get out of there before the police arrive."


He let the magnitude of the plan sink into our heads. The taxi was now approaching the docks from the North. It stopped at a red light and, instead of asking us if we'd like to reconsider, Tim turned around and handed us guns: The brothers got an uzi each, and I recieved a Colt .45, as did Tim. "Johnny and I will take point as we make our way over to that warehouse, where the buyers should be waiting. The ship with the weapons is to arrive at 11:00. Any questions?" None. "Then let's go."


We all concealed our small guns and got out of the taxi, which drove off into the San Fierro night. We were just opposite the fortified docks that the Navy used, and we started walking towards a big yellow crane. There weren't many people on the sidewalk this late at night, so no one saw as we left the light of the streetlamps and made our way between some large containers. Tim stopped at a cement wall and crouched. "Keep alert, and keep cool," he whispered. "Our backup's gonna come in loud and big, so these guys aren't gonna notice us until its too late, if at all. Once we start shooting, we're not gonna have a lot of time to load the guns into the van, so don't dilly-dally. Do what you've got to do, and do it quick. Follow me." And he jumped over the wall, and we followed.

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Colombian Cartel – Panlantic Construction Co.

Chapter Three: The Sentinel


“Hey kid. You’re back,” said a familiar Colombian.

I ran all the way from the docks towards the construction site without stopping once for a breath. I was breathing hard so I couldn’t reply to the Colombian gang member. This time, the gang member was alone because the other Colombian was setting up a deal on the other side of town.

“Were you running or something?” he asked.

“Yeah,” I replied, still trying to catch a breath.


“The police… they came.” Then another gang member approached us.

“So who’s the new kid, man?” he asked.

“His name’s Jose. He’s been doing a couple jobs for us.”

“Hold on for a moment. Let me talk to the kid.”

“All right, man.” The Colombian walked off toward a Colombian gang car. This member was 5’9, medium-dark skin tone, wore the same attire the rest of the Colombians wore, and had a scar on the bottom of his left cheek. I wonder how that got there.

“Who’re you looking at kid?” he asked. “How old are you?”

“I’m… sixteen,” I replied truthfully but hesitantly. The Colombian paused for a moment.

“You ever killed a man before?” Damn. I killed two people a while ago. If I told him that, he might think I’m a serial killer or something.

“No,” I lied.

“Then you’re going to get your first one today. There’s a guy at the Yakuza casino that stands guard all day because he gets paid a lot. The asshole gave me this scar.” Oh. That’s where that came from. “You take him out so the rest of us can move in.” The snitch talked about a big job. It might have involved the casino. “Go kid,” the Colombian ordered.


I finally arrived at the casino using the crude and inefficient bus system Liberty City offered me. It was about noon when I arrived at the construction site. It was nightfall when I got to the casino. I got off the bus and took in the sight of the casino. It stood out easily in the drab buildings near it. A swarm of colorful, neon lights inflamed my senses. I could hear the clamoring of the people inside about their wins or losses. Then I saw the Yakuza guard. He had caught sight of me before I saw him. He was a lone sentinel in front of the lights surrounding the casino.


When he knew that I had seen him, his unfathomable expression gradually turned into a wicked smile. All of a sudden, my vision became blurred. I blinked a few times. My vision became even more blurred. It was as if somehow his evil smile was infecting me. My legs grew weaker so gradually that I didn’t even notice it. I collapsed on my knees, still staring at the man, entranced by that expression. The sounds grew louder and the lights more intense. A flash of blinding light hit me. Then my vision returned, briefly, but long enough to realize that the guard was gone. Then I blacked out.


I woke up with my vision still blurred. I blinked a few times then my vision returned. I took a moment for my eyes to adjust to the light. I stood up then realized where I was. I was back in front of the casino. The Yakuza guard was still standing in front of the casino, still wearing that strange grin. Now I noticed the katana he had. It was shiny and new, but spilt the blood of countless enemies. He was still standing there, not even a nuclear detonation would move him.


I pulled out my Colt .45 in anger; anger that he now controlled. I charged at him, firing a few shots at the same time. He expertly deflected the bullets. My shots were bouncing off the ground and back at me. I ducked as one grazed my shoulder. I kicked at him. He grabbed my foot and threw me to the ground. I slid into the middle of the street. The drivers of cars were honking their horns and swearing. I fired my gun again at the Yakuza sentinel. He dodged out of the way and charged towards me. Pandemonium surrounded me. The drivers of the cars were now panicking and driving their cars into walls. A car came towards the Yakuza sentinel. He leaped on top and drove his katana into the metal ceiling. The driver was dead. I ran towards the sidewalk in front of the casino, shooting at the Yakuza all the while. The guard pulled his katana out of the vehicle and slashed at the bullets. Then my gun jammed.


“Damn!” I muttered angrily. I had no weapon left. The guard approached me with a smile of delight on his face and a gleam on his katana. I backed away, but kept the sights of my .45 on the Yakuza as if it could still fire. The guard approached me more aggressively now. He swung his katana horizontally and cut up my shirt; the tip of the katana barely slicing into my flesh. I yelled and jumped backwards. Then he swung his blade downward at me. Not knowing what to in this situation, I held up my hands and tried to hold off the blade. I clenched my teeth in pain. My palms were cut open, letting the warm blood trickle slowly down my arm. The Yakuza put more force into the katana. Then I kicked him in the stomach. He stumbled backwards and let go of the katana. I was still holding the blade then grabbed the handle. The Yakuza charged at me and threw a punch to the left. I blocked it. Then he threw more punches left and right in sequence. I blocked them all and stabbed him with his katana. The blade went through his back. The guard fell back and died.


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Build Up Your Gang

Hi all,




radicell - 7th story

Da Nang Boys


$454 + $46 = $500




Masterkraft - 6th Story

Da Nang Boys


$500 + $41 = $541




D Storted - 3rd Story



$137 + $39 = $176




SolidusSnake - 3rd Story

Colombian Cartel


$50 + $33 = $83




Nice stories everyone. Keep them coming icon14.gif


If you're new to this then feel free to join up and write, we need more people smile.gif


Could someone edit the coding to fix up the story counts and money for those that I've rated, thanks. Done by radicell.


rated by mark-2007

Edited by Build Up Your Gang

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The Leones

Cipriani's Ristorante


Chapter Thirteen: I'll Help


I finished my account of what Carlo had told me and sat back in my seat. I was in Joey’s dining room where just a few months ago I had become a formal member of the Leone family. Joey, Toni and Alberto sat around the table with me and each wore a different expression. I could see that Toni was simmering with rage and about to explode. Joey was eyeing me up, trying to see if I was lying. Alberto was not his usual cheery self but instead was stony-faced and silent.


“So, are you sure of this?” Joey asked me.

“Oh, of course he’s f*cking sure! Why would he lie?” yelled Toni, as he slammed his fist on the tabletop and sent his wine glass flying

“Okay, everyone just calm down,” Alberto said in a soothing voice.


We sat in silence for a while, thinking of what to do.


“I’ll help out with sorting it out,” I said, cutting the silence with a knife. The three of them turned to stare at me, almost examining me.

“Y’know you don’t have to do this?” Alberto asked me.

“Yeah, but I want to,” I told them. “Carlo betrayed me as well.”

“Okay, you head home Johnny,” Joey told me. “If Carlo asks anything more about it then just go along with it.”


I did as he said and left his house. When I got back to my apartment it was about eight at night, I was mentally exhausted from all the drama of the day so I went to bed after a while and slept through until the morning.


My phone rang, interrupting my sleep. I grasped about for it and accepted the call.


“Hello?” my voice rasped to the caller.

“Hey Johnny, it’s Toni,” it was the Leone under boss. “Get yourself along to the Ristorante.” The line went dead.


I pulled on some clothes and got along to the Ristorante as quick as possible. Getting out of the car, a warm breeze hit me and brought the smell of Italian food from inside the restaurant. I walked round to the back and inside the place. Round the table was Toni, Alberto and Joey and standing around them were Jules and some other guys, who were shooed from the room so that it was just the five of us.


“Hey, what’s up?” I asked, looking round at the glum faces of my fellow Leones.

“Hey kid, take a seat,” Alberto said, I did what I was told and he went on. “Okay, we’ve all thought through what you told us and we’ve decided the course of action.” I sat up to listen carefully.

“Yeah, we’re gonna have to whack ‘em,” Joey confirmed my worst fears, Carlo was going to have to go with Little Luca.

“Your friend Carlo, Little Luca and some of his guys; they’re all getting clipped,” said Toni.

“Okay,” I said, acting calm but in my head being anything but. My mind whirled and I felt dizzy. “I’ll help do it.”


They were shocked at my offer, but I remained determined. We talked some more and decided who it was exactly who was going to be killed and how. I'd get help Vinny Gillo and Jules kill some of Luca's soldiers, who'd be at a warehouse in Atlantic Quays. Then me and Joey were going to kill Luca and Carlo on Joey's boat in the Portland Harbour.


So that was that, tomorrow was the day I'd kill my best friend.


EDIT: I've changed the ending as I didn't like how I'd set up the killing of Luca, Carlo and them.

Edited by mark-2007

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Russian Mafia: Grey Imports: Too War!

I woke up, I had no idea what time it was but I knew I was going to be late if I kept lying around on my mattress, I had worn my suit for 2 days in a row and decided to put on the old rags I came into this country with, a sports jacket, teared-skin tight denim jeans and a brown shirt with "Victim" printed on the front. I searched under my mattress for my wallet and keys, I continued this search until I found them in the pockets of my coat, I took out the $2000 Andreas had given me, I also had the $500 that Peter said I could keep from the protection racket, I took $100 dollars worth of twenty dollar notes from the $500 clip, then I hid the rest in the closet under a pile of sheets, I would have to invest in a safe way of keep all my money.


I ran onto the street, jumped over the hood of my car and got into the drivers seat, planted my keys into the ignition and with a vrooom headed over to Grey Imports to see what the day held for me. As I pulled around the corner to enter the factory, two Greenwoods were parked outside, a group of green-hooded members were opening fire on with weak submachine guns, I skidded the car to a halt, grabbed my gun from the glovebox and rolled out of the car fast. I could see the Russian's firing back, but no one was getting any hits, one of the GSF homies got into his car, revved it up and rammed open the gate, he was shot in the head but that gave the rest of the group a chance to move in, screams could be heard. I knelt behind the car and got the courage to run behind them and shoot them in the back. I rolled over the hood of my car, it didn't go to well as I landed on my shoulder, I whelped in agony but kept going. As I got behind the other parked Greenwood on the street, I took cover. I had a glance at what was happening and we weren't doing so well. I jumped up and left off a clip, taking down 3 homies, I counted that there was 4 left, and there was only 2 of our guys left out in the open. They ran for cover as the GSF approached, I ran into the compound, letting off a few shots before diving behind some crates, luckily taking down 2.


As I reloaded my gun, another car of the GSF pulled up and four more men got out. They took out the two Russian men, I let off some more shots at them, and managed to shoot one in the leg, two turned around and opened fire on me, I ducked behind the crates again. I heard a screech of wheels, a familiar red Saber pulled up, Jarker drove into the compound, let off shots from his MP-5 and the gang of hoodlums dropped like flies, I ran out of cover and waved at him. He parked the car and got out,


"Go get your car off the street and drive it in here now." he ran upstairs to find Peter.


I ran onto the street, and drove my car inside. Peter and Jarker were talking,


"sh*t, they are probably after our weapons!" Peter was furious, but he looked like he had been crying all night, "How dare they attack MY family and kill my friends."


"Here look, we need to get all the mafia here together and sort something out, they plan on hitting us again tomorrow, harder." Jarker responded, taking a draft from his cigarette, Peter turned to me, fished some money out of his wallet and handed it to me,


"Go get some new clothes and a cellphone, then come back here straight away." I took the notes out of his hand, it added up to $300. I drove into Downtown and got my phone, I headed over to Didier Sach's, I had no time to talk to Vincent, so I threw $200 at him and grabbed the nearest suit, it was a brown one with a black tie. I got back into the car and headed back to Grey Imports, a group of Sentinels were parked there, about 20 men altogether gathered there, and a crate of weapons. Peter was distributing them out. I pulled my car up and got out, Peter looked at me;


"Derek, I've got a special surprise for you later, but right now I've got to address the whole group." he stood up on the crates,


"Tonight, we attack GSF and take vengeance for those who we lost this morning, you will split up into 6 carloads and attack several spots. You all have the right amount of supplies, please head inside and I will inform you more of where you groups will attack." I could see tears forming in his eyes, he pointed to the factory doors, everyone trooped in. "Derek, come here." he beaconed me over, "You and Jarker are working together, but we've got 3 new boys over from Russia, they'll be riding with you tonight, treat them how we treated you, I'll introduce you later." we both walked inside, I took a seat on a pile of crates next to Jarker,


"Whats going on exactly Jarker? I know Peters pissed about GSF, but why a full-blown war?" I turned to see him with no emotion on his face, he took another puff from his smoke, then turned to me with a look I will never forget,


"Last night, Andreas Valverciti and his family were both killed in two seperate incidents, his head was hacked off with a blunt pair of scissors while his wife and two year old child were both shot in the head with a shotgun. sh*t Derek... A f*cking two year old died."


My stomach dropped, "And that is why we are going to war with the Grove." he stubbed out his cigarette and brushed his coat down.


"Oh..." was all I could manage to say.



I would like to buy a M4, I would also like to declare war on the Grove Street Families.

Edited by ~PhusioN~

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I'm not posting a story, but on behalf of the Da Nang Boys, could I request to buy the alcohol distillery please?

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Joey’s Garage

Story # 11


Part 2


“Hello sir. Are you Mr. Leone?” the waitress at the front counter asked Grandpa.

“Yes. I’m Salvatore Leone. We have a reservation for the” Grandpa looked around, “room in the back. With the other men.”


“Boss!” the waitress called.

“What? Oh hi Mr. Leone.” the manager said politely.

Grandpa nodded.


I lifted my wrist to look at my watch. 5:23 P.M.

I looked inside of the medium sized ballroom behind the manager’s body.

Luigi, Dad, and some of our gang members were sitting at a table.


We were escorted to the table Dad and the rest of the guys were sitting.

Dad pulled out a chair for me and I sat down.


“Hey Michael, do you want something to eat?” Luigi asked.

“No. I’ll just drink the water at the table here.” I replied.


I took a sip of the water. It was cold and filled with ice.


“So, boys. Why the hell would you try to hurt my little Michael here?”

Grandpa asked Marco ElaFante.


“We wanted revenge from what you did to Sonny Forelli!” Marco replied.


“What are you talking about? That was your own man! Tommy Vercetti!

I never liked that idiot.” Grandpa screamed back in a raspy voice.


“Well, we trusted him. He was our butcher.” Marco replied.


“Yeah, the butcher that killed his boss.” Dad said trying to protect Grandpa.


Marco turned to Dad, “Who do you think you are talking to me like that? Maybe we’ll have to break your legs too!”


I gave Marco a look, “He’s my dad. If you break his legs I snap your neck.”


“Stay out of this, Michael.” Dad told me.


I took another sip of my water. After hours of non-stop talking and debating, we were finally done.

We walked outside and got into Grandpa’s car. I picked up my phone and called Pepe, the man who saved me from the Forellis. He didn’t pick up. I asked Grandpa about Pepe.


“I’ll tell you later Michael.” Grandpa told me in a voice filled with sorrow.


To be continued……………. again.




Part 3 coming soon......


I agree with ~PhusioN~. We should start a BUYG discussion topic. That would be pretty cool.


Can I buy a Desert Eagle please?

Edited by devilrock28

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I'd like to join the Sindacco Family at the High Roller please. icon14.gif

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By the way, the last BUYG discussion topic was locked pretty quickly as it was kinda useless. There's not much to be discussed that we can't talk about over PMs. This topic is alright to post questions on, just keep chat to PMs.


By the way, can I have an M4 for the Leones ($150)?





Can I point out that some people still have the wrong link in their sigs. Could you please change the links from the old BUYG to this new one. And if you don't have a link in your sig, put one in now biggrin.gif

Edited by mark-2007

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D Storted

Chapter 1: Nines and AK's

Part 2: Get Set


Tim crouch-ran to the side of the big aluminum warehouse, and the three of us followed suit, careful not to scuff our shoes on the poured concrete. Still crouched, we pressed our backs to the large structure that from time to time was filled with water to allow a ship to berth there. Cy kept his uzi trained on the side closest to the sea, and Kevin guarded the other side. Tim pressed his ear to the wall and listened; I breathed as quietly as I could.


While Tim was listening, something landed on my head. It jolted me, with my nerves as they were, and I swung my gun up to the top of the structure. The other boys, startled by my sudden reaction, did the same thing, aiming their guns up at...the rain. A few more drops fell slowly down, gently at first. They pinged off the roof of the building and popped on the concrete around us. Slowly. More and more began to fall, until they were hammering on the roof, and splattering on the ground and our heads and our shoes. Cy and Kevin looked at each other, then looked back to the corners. Tim patted my arm to get my attention.


"I can't hear 'em anymore, but I heard a couple talking in there," he whispered. "There's got to more than that around. Let's go take a look." I patted Kevin and motioned for him to follow, and I in turn went behind Tim as he crept to the end of the warehouse, towards the bay. It was pouring now, we were already soaked; my leather jacket could only do so much. But I supposed the rain would mask our footfalls. When we got to the end, Tim exchanged places with Cy so that he could take a look around the corner. Kevin was staring at the far corner, and I was crouched in the middle, on edge, trying to stay cool.


I took a look at my gun; it was used. I'd used guns in the past, but I didn't have my own. The Triads gave me a gun if I needed one, but generally I just acted as security at the betting shop. I'd been sent on jobs before, but I was nervous about this one: Seemed like it could get pretty f*cked pretty quick.


Tim turned back to us and spoke to Cy and I, his voice just loud enough to hear over the forceful rainfall: "Looks like Da Nangs on the dock. I think the delivery's gonna pull up near the crane, which they'll use to unload the crates; they've already got delivery trucks waiting. As far as security, I saw two snipers up with the crane operator, a few patrolling the docked ship, and there's more in this building and maybe the others. I figure we...wait, hold on."


A boat's engine had interrupted him. He angled his head just enough to see around the corner. I saw him lean out a little bit and look up, then to the right. He watched for a moment, then returned to us. I heard Kevin readjust his footing.


"They're here. Can't tell who they are, but they've got a three Reefers with crates and maybe 30 guys total." That was a lotta bad guys. "I'm gonna call our boys, but tell 'em to wait until they've unloaded the crates, to save us the trouble. Then they'll storm in through the gate. In the chaos, try to eliminate as many as you can. It's gonna be noisy, so even after you've fired, try to stay out of sight; they'll most likely be more worried about the two huge vans than us."


"How many we got comin?" Cy asked.


"Two dozen," said Tim. "Johnny, come on the corner and keep an eye on things. I'm sendin' out the call." We switched positions just as the first bolt of lightning forked the night. The thunder clap came a few seconds after, just as I had eased my head into a good vantage position. A small group of Da Nang's were jogging behind a man in a green coat who was carrying a large duffel bag under one arm. As the Reefers pulled up to the dock, six men armed with assault rifles jumped out of their boats and onto the docks. The deal was on.

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Build Up Your Gang

mark-2007 The Leones

13th story


$768 + $48 = $816


~PhusioN~ Russian Mafia

8th story


$156 + $44 = $200


devilrock28 The Leones

11th story


$816 + $24 = $840


D Storted Triads

4th Story


$176 + $41 = $217



Desert Eagle and M4 for the Leones purchased

$50 + $150 = $200

$840 - $200 = $640


Alcohol Distillery for the Da Nang Boys purchased

$641 - $100 = $541

It will earn $10 every day from now for the Da Nang Boys


Purchases, story counts and finances still need to be updated. icon14.gif


rated by Masterkraft

updated by mark-2007 (who has learnt to code... sort of biggrin.gif )

Edited by Build Up Your Gang

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Wait, I haven't been added.

Can I? Instead of the Sindacco Family, can I join the Forellis at the Boatyard in Vice City please.

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Build Up Your Gang

Yeah, I'll add you to it. Unfortunately I don't know how to code it in so I'll notify other BUYG staff members to do that.


Add Who? to Forelli's at the Boatyard




Done all this! I've learnt to code tables biggrin.gif


by mark-2007

Edited by Build Up Your Gang

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NEVERMIND THIS POST! Edited by devilrock28

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My story takes place in 1987.

My main character is the son of Tommy Vercetti.



The Boatyard

The Forelli Brothers




My name is Frankie Vercetti and I am a made man. I’ve been working for the Forellis for 12 years. I moved from Liberty City to Vice City when I was 3.

When I was 11 years of age, my father left and created his own gang. My two brothers, my mother, and I haven’t heard of him since.


The don of the Forellis, Sonny Forelli, gave me the job of alerting him when something good or bad was going on.

After a few years, I was at the rank of a hitman.


I was told to kill many important politicians, gang members, and dons.


To be continued……………..

Edited by Who?

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Build Up Your Gang

Who? - 1st story


$142 + $12 = $154


Sorry for the low rating but it was a bit too short. You might wanna check GTA III series timeline.


Tommy Vercetti is sent to prison in 1971 and released in 1986 where he is sent to Vice City by Sonnny Forelli. Your character said Tommy left when he was 11 to start his own gang (the Vercetti gang seen in VC?) but surely Tommy started the gang in 1986 - two years after your story. I think you've jumbled things up.


Add a bit more length and check your GTA facts for better ratings.


Keep writing icon14.gif


Rated and updated by mark-2007

Edited by Build Up Your Gang

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