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Build Up Your Gang

BUYG: Build Up Your Gang

Recommended Posts

According to Queens of Hearts profile, she's a female. tounge.gif

Why thank you, Captain Obvious. Did Queen of Hearts not give it away though?




Also, as I've already stated, the current variety of weapons adds to creativity and gives people a nice choice. They're doing no harm as they are, so I see no need to waste my time in getting rid of them.

Well then at least fix the links.

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Omnia sunt Communia

The Yakuza at Hyaku Dojo

Chapter Seven: Pay Up Or Drop Out


Moss clung to the walls of the dank alleyway, thriving on the cold damp that encompassed the concrete corridor. Pieces of rubbish, discarded wrappers and half-eaten food amongst the most common, floated along the floor. The strong winds swept through the tunnel blowing them in all directions. A foul stench hung over the parting, burning the hairs of your nostril and spewing out onto your taste buds.


Hajime choose his steps wisely, narrowly avoiding the murky puddles that the heavy rain brought with it. He peered through the darkness towards the end of the alleyway. A strange figure matched his gaze and smiled menacingly at his presence. Hajime shook his head and continued on forwards, quickening his pace he reached the man and stood before him with his hand rested uneasily on his waist.


The strange man fidgeted violently and bared his teeth at Hajime in a way, that if he were to be in Hajime's country, he'd be dead by now due to the offensive he would of caused. He ran his hands up and down his arms and across the dark green raincoat that clung to his torso. His eyes, blood-shot and sunken so deep into his complexion they were difficult to make out, darted across the horizon.


"Hi man!" the figure shouted, not knowing the own volume of his voice.


"Keep it down Frank, you idiot," Hajime replied, furrowing his brow with anger.


"Sorry man, sorry," Frank stuttered, "I haven't had a hit in days. You got it?"


"Yes Frank, now calm the f*ck down," Hajime reached into his back pocket and pulled out a small bag filled with a brown powder. Tossing it at Frank Hajime watched him frantically scramble to grasp it before gnawing on the sack like a starving rodent on a piece of cheese.


"There's just the small matter of my money, Frank," Hajime spoke with a authoritative tone to his voice, demanding and cold.


"About that Hajime..." Frank pause for a long period of time, sweat forming on his forehead as he nervously looked around the alleyway for a possible route of escape. He tightened his grip on the plastic bag and quickly ran off in the opposite direction to Hajime. "...I don't have it! Sorry!"


Furious; Hajime followed Frank along the corridor taking no time to avoid the small reservoirs of water that now erupted around his feet as he charged through them with breakneck speed. He gained on Frank within a matter of seconds, throwing his hands outwards to try and grasp his long coat that danced around behind him.


His fingers wrapped themselves around a chunk of his coat causing a sinister smirk to creep onto Hajime's lips. "Got you, you little f*ck-" his words were cut short by a suddenly tumbling to the floor that was caused by Frank tossing a overflowing dustbin into Hajime's path.


Hajime hit the floor back first, winding him in the process. His let out an agonizing cry of agony as lightening bolts of pain shot up his spine. Biting his bottom lip, he took no time to reflect on his injuries, instead choosing to take to one knee and finish this once and for all. Reaching into his suit jacket he pulled out his trademark MAC-10 and aimed it at the running dead man.


He opened fire on the deadbeat, spraying his body with a downpour of his own. Frank's body flung itself forward towards the ground leaving a trail of blood still floating in the air behind him. His bullet riddled body hit the ground with a loud thud and slowly drained itself of all it's juices, leaving a bright vermilion sea upon which to float itself to Hell.


Getting back up, Hajime stumbled over to the corpse and stared down at him with disbelief. Frank had always been a loyal customer; Hajime didn't understand why he'd decided to go against them after so many years. That's what drugs must do to you, Hajime through to himself as he rooted around his lifeless body for anything of value.


The drugs were useless to him now, his barrage of lead had split the bag, spraying the contents out onto the blood-soaked floor. Hajime removed Frank's wallet from his back pocket and opened it up, pulling out a wad of money neatly tucked inside one of the many folds, "You lying f*ck," he spat.


Hajime took the cash and slid it in his pocket. Standing over Frank's cadaver he snarled menacingly; bearing his teeth and growling viciously. "Lying f*ck!" he barked. He struck Frank's expressionless face with the top of his foot cracking his neck and breaking his nose in the process. Not that it'd make any difference to him where he was going.


Walking away in disgust, Hajime took no time to look back.





Yakuza sell 1 gram of Heroin for $140.

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Build Up Your Gang

Hello all,




Queen of Hearts

The Sindaccos

3rd story


$200 + $18 = $218

Poor description, bad dialogue, basic narrative. There's a lot of "I did this, then that. I went here and did this, then shot them all.", which is bad since it gets tiring. Also, I've already tried to tell you to work with what the GTA writers have given you, so how come your modern day Liberty City features Asuka Kasen alive and well, even though she died seven years prior to the evnts of your story? Try be imaginative and use your own characters. Also, what's with the out of place pop culture references in your stories? They sound all too familiar.




Jacky Fiend

The Yakuza

7th story


$243 + $47 = $290

1 gram of Heroin sold


$290 + $110 = $400

Great, as usual. A few tiny errors, but nothing in the grand schemes of things here in BUYG. Writers who are hitting around the $30 and below mark should really read some of his stories and pick up tips. Other writers, though they haven't posted in a few days, to check on are radicell, ~PhusioN~ and Wanted Assailant.




Okay, all done, g'dnight.


rated by mark-2007

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Queen of Hearts

@BUYG, I edited my posts and changed it from 2008 to 2001.

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Omnia sunt Communia

@Queen Of Hearts: On top of what Mark already said, I'd also like to remind you not to try and control other people's gangs. I'm the writer for The Yakuza, but you're using my gang and dicrating what they can and cannot do. You're saying that they do not usually deal in anything other than weed, yet I've just finished two stories were I sell some heroin and MDMA. Just be careful when writing about other gangs.


Flesh-n-bone is the Triad writer, he may have a few problems with your story too.

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Queen of Hearts

@Jacky Fiend, I understand what you're saying, but I've been reading your stories and we have different canons. Mine is set in 2001, yours is presumably in 2008, and Flesh-n-Bone's is in 2003.

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@BUYG, I edited my posts and changed it from 2008 to 2001.

These quick edits don't help your cause. The Doll House, which you used in your first story, was blown up in 1998. Just accept GTA canon for christ's sake, everyone else has.



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Queen of Hearts

Mark, I did state that the Doll House was rebuilt. Also, I am taking your advice and will post a fourth story.



Chapter IV


Today seemed like a good day. The Triad threat was seemingly gone, the sun was shining, and I was a Sindacco associate. Finally, I would get respect, no longer a two-bit weasel. I was sitting back, drinking some Diet Pepsi. Regardless of calories and sugar, I always preferred Diet over regular. It was sweeter and left no after-taste. The soda was good. But I heard the electronic beeping that was arranged to sound like the Star Wars theme. My cell phone was going off again. I looked at the caller ID, it was Vinnie. What did he have for me this time?


Vinnie, in his rough Jersey accent, said "Kid, I got another job for you. You still got your gun?"


"Yeah" I said, with a bit of worry in my mind.


"Kikyo, we still got trouble. The Triads are gathering against us. Billy Wong was a warlord, but he was just a small fish in a big pond. The real leader is Wu Zi Mu. If we kill him, then that will deal a permament blow to the Triads. Wu, or Woozie, as his Triad friends call him, runs the largest Triad clan in the country, with San Fierro as his base. He came over here for Wong's funeral. He's stuffing his fat face at The Han Garden Buffet in East Chinatown on Huang Street. He's leaving via the back door. Kill him, stuff the body in my car, and take the car to the crusher. Listen, this wannabe wiseguy is blind, and needs an assistant, so this should be easy. My car's outside. Use it, I've got two more. That way, they can't trace the crime to your license plate. Kill Woozie and make sure there are no witnesses. Capiche?"


"Capiche, I'll be there."


I reloaded my gun and walked outside. The sun shone in my eyes, but other than that, it was beautiful out. After ten minutes of stumbling, I got in the car. Fortunately, Vinnie left his sunglasses on the dashboard. I put them on and began driving down the hills of St. Mark's. The traffic was light until I hit the crowds of Chinatown. A Sindacco Argento was easy to spot, but I was lost in the crowd. But I noticed an alleyway and parked near it. Crouching, I drew my 9mm and crept about. The sad sound of water dripping from pipes and the disgusting squeak of scurrying rats was unsettling. But I found my quarry's location. There was a brick wall and on it were a short set of concrete stairs and a steel door with "HAN GARDEN BUFFET" written on the back. I hid behind a trash can. The smell was horrid and rotten. But I heard the door open and there was a tall Asian man in sunglasses and a suit. His hair was spiky like an anime character and he walked with a straight cane. This was it. I aimed my gun at the man and fired, hitting his gut. Blood stained his white dress shirt crimson and he let out a bloodcurdling scream, so I shot him in the face, shattering his sunglasses, melting his face, and cracking his teeth. I tucked the gun into my panties and flung Woozie's corpse over my shoulder. I walked, but his corpse was heavy, and his blood was all over my clothes. Finally, I left the dark and twisting alley, stuffing his corpse in the back, just like Vinnie said. Wiping my face with a tissue, I got in the car and drove off. But the traffic slowed me down, and I grew tenser and tenser at every red light. But finally I reached Harwood.


At the junkyard, there was a greasy man at the booth, wearing a ball cap and a blue jumpsuit, with brown hair and blue eyes, his face smuged with soot. He asked me "What are you scrapping?"


Cold sweat ran down my head, all I could say is "This 1998 Argento. I need to get rid of it, the transmission is on its last legs."


Hoping he'd buy the lie, I began to get sick to my stomach. My stomach ached and vomit gathered in my throat. The raw meaty smell of Woozie's gored corpse didn't help either. The man at the booth said "Okay, I'll give you $127 for the car. Just park it in the paved square and we'll crush it."


With relief I parked the car and got out. The loud drone of the magnet gave me a horrible headache. I ran out to the sidewalk, finally vomiting on the grass, I could no longer tolerate the smell of death, flesh, and garbage. As the vomit gushed out of my mouth, my mind was relieved. Then, a Sindacco Argento, my Sindacco Argento, pulled up. Vinnie was inside at the driver seat, wearing his formal clothes. I got inside and we drove off.


Vinnie said with a kindly tone "What you just did was very big. The family thanks you for it. You've just made your bones. Do another job and you'll be a made woman."


He dropped me off at my apartment, stripping naked and washing all of my blood-stained clothes. Then, I showered. The water hit my body with a soothing splash. I felt good, but tired. After drying off, I slipped on some undies and crept to bed, sleeping like a baby while Wu Zi Mu slept with the fishes.

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Grove Street Families

Chapter 2-Drive By



It was 7:30 AM when I woke up and there was some noise in Sweet’s kitchen.

I put on me clothes and went downstairs and there was CJ, Sweet and some others Grove Street members, I sit down on a chair and CJ started talking about that factory that we saw yesterday.Sweet agreed with getting a plan and then CJ picked up is cellphone and called one of is friends:

“Hey Woozie it’s me Carl.I need you to do me a favor, there is this Vago vans passing around Los Santos and stopping at a old factory and I need you and the Triads to find out from where the vans come from and what they have inside.”Said Carl to Woozie.


“OK Carl, what hours were when you seen the vans and where they were?”


“It was about 5:23 PM and they were passing by Market Station.I have to go now see you later.”Said Carl.


The Triads were now trying to find out about those vans.


11:15 PM


I was sleeping and then Sweet entered my room.He told me about some Balla dealers selling drugs at the end of the street.


“Hey Mike we are going to Glen Park to show the Ballas with who are they messing whit.But we better take some guns, here take this MP5 I’ll take a desert eagle”Said Sweet to me giving me a MP5.


I entered Sweet’s car and he started driving to Glen Park, when we arrived there it was two Ballas talking under the bridge.

“OK Mike this one is yours get in there and kill the f*ckers.”Said Sweet to me.


“How do I shoot this ting?”Asked I to Sweet.


“You don’t know how to fire a f*cking weapon?Just aim and pull the trigger.I will do this one wait here”Said Sweet to me


Sweet get out of his car and shoot the two guys,I walked to him and one Balla was running towards him with a knife and I said “Watch out!” and shoot him in the head.


“Thanks Mike, we better get out of here”


I entered Sweet’s Car that was on the left side of the park near the road and he started driving and then two Balla cars tried to do drive- by on us, and Sweet give me a Molotov to trow at one of the cars.


“Are you sure this is save?”Said I to Sweet.


“Yeah,now trow it”Said Sweet to me.


I trowed the molotov to the car on the left and he now on flames but there was other Balla car on the right and we were passing by the bridge in the middle of the park I picked up my MP5 and shoot one tire the car was out of control crashed to the bridge and fell down to the lake.

Our car was very damaged and we get back to the grove to prepare to the next day.

Edited by Trouble

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Omnia sunt Communia

Looks like Queen Of Hearts has been banned, I wonder why? rolleyes.gif

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Probably a PBM. For some reason at first I thought she was Angelo Leone again, because I noticed the lack of space after commas in some of her posts. (Appeals to the very first posts in her profile though.)


I also got in my mind something new we can add to the drug rules.

Here: If I (Triads) and Yakuza would cut a deal, then we both write about it and explain how our gang does after the deal is cut and escape the cops or anything alike. It's like the buyer gets the drugs and the money the sellers get goes from your gang to the other. It only appeals if two writers agree upon a trade.

Edited by Flesh-n-Bone

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Omnia sunt Communia

I think I understand where you're coming from. A literal drugs trade, between two active gangs. I like.

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I actually think that kinda thing would be difficult to implement through BUYG, possibly more suited to a collaboration. For instance, Jacky Fiend buys a kilo of cocaine, he PMs Flesh-n-Bone asking if he wants to collaborate. Flesh says yes, so Jacky Fiendwrites about selling his kilo of cocaine to the Triads in his story. Simultaneously, Flesh has asked to buy a kilo of cocaine of his own. Then Flesh writes a story which coincides with the events of Jacky Fiend's. Geddit?


Sounds confusing, but it'd be far easier doing it amongst yourselves than setting up a load of rules and the sort.

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What I actually meant was collaborations. Yes!


Here's my story number 4 up...


The Triads: No Way Out (Chapter IV)


As usual, I just got out and saw a lot of people going inside a warehouse just across the street. There must be some major party going on, I saw top sport cars parked there which must belong to rich people in this part. I got on my Streetfighter and drove over to Kang's house. He wasn't there, so I decided to give him a call, he picked up, finally.


'Hey Kang, I'm outside your house, where you been?' - I said as I watched around myself.


'Yeah, I'm here at Red Light District. Me, Wong and another one of us are discussing about taking care of our business.' -Kang said quite fast that I barely heard him.


I decided to get over there and when I hoped on my bike, funnily enough it started raining. I drove around Portland and saw the pedestrians walking on the sidewalk quietly. All of sudden a cop car and a SWAT enforcer pulled up and started heading for Atlantic Quays, there must be something wrong about this party, I thought to myself. Something ain't right, the cops wont usually do this so randomly and alert people. The weather got colder as I went past Harwood, there I saw a car being picked up by the crusher. Who must have been buried and somehow killed alive, I asked myself. A couple of Leone's were seen getting out of the car. I drove away to avoid being attacked and finally made it into Red Light District. The rain seemed to stop when I reached the house. I went inside and saw my friends talking.


'Hey you!' -Wong said as he smiled to my face.

'Alright, what are y'all talking about here? I'll definitely get something to do.' - I replied.


We started discussing about a bank heist we shall do sometimes later and plan it but it takes a lot of time to get it right and first a good car picking up a good number must be needed.


'How about our Greenwood?' I asked when we came to think about a 4-door car.


'Yes, you got it, we own this car in our showroom, and we got us some Uzi's which can be used for some drive-by.' -Wong simply replied.


The crew needed a lift into some shop at Chinatown. They had a Greenwood parked outside but I was afraid for my bike and if I'd forget to pick it up. Unfortunately, another Triad was seen walking around. I went over to him.


'Hey you over there, can you gimme your phone? I need you to take this bike over to my garage at Atlantic.' I said winking over to the Triad.


I told him that if he attempts to steal my bike, it's death time.


'There's no way out of this, if you even try then your dead. Got it?' -I told the Triad as he got on my bike.


Me and the crew finally arrived at the shop. They went and bought some suits and other bank robbing clothes. Kang took over the driver seat and I sat and simply watched through the windows. My bike came to mind and I called the Triad who borrowed it. He replied in a cocky way and said that he's cruising away with it, I had an Uzi 9mm in my pockets and told Kang to drive me around the town until I'd find that thief. He was found over at Portland Harbor and I did drive-by's on him.


'I thought you ain't a snitch!' I shouted from my seat in the car while shooting at him.


I did finally hit him in the head, he lost control and died. Kang took me over to the bike and I split up from my crew. The Triad was seen lying on the floor, I drove over to my house and as I was getting inside, I saw a huge gunfight between the SWAT team and the cops against some random party thugs. I couldn't stand outside for one second so I parked my bike inside the garage and went inside.


As always then I turned on the TV and watched the news talking about the raid across my house. There was a camera showing the happenings live, I decided to watch outside from the window and see if anything is going on there. I didn't recognize anybody so I went to bed and slept for the rest of the day.

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Sorry for double posting, but it seems to die off and my internet was closed for a day and I wrote this story yesterday: here's my fifth story up.... I have been reading some book to improve my description and dialogue, lol.


The Triads, Chapter V: Harry Thompson


Today am I supposed to go and see corrupt cop from the police department who's working for us, Triads. Kang had told me earlier to get over to the payphone at Trenton outside the Bitch'n Dog Food factory. I decided to take a short shower and then wear a couple of respectable clothes. Kang called and gave me Harry's number. I saved it on my phone and got out. I saw a taxi drive past and so I got in and asked the chauffeur for taking me to Trenton. "Hey, take me to Trenton" I said "If your kind stop near the payphone over there." I continued. The chauffeur looked serious and didn't seem like what I would expect. I got tired of the Indian music played on the radio so I asked him to change the station. "If you can change the music I'll be grateful to you." I said when I was watching his face. The chauffeur was quite kind and switched the radio to some important news. Unfortunately the news didn't have anything interesting. I finally reached Trenton and got off the taxi. I picked up the phone which has been ringing since I got close.


"Yo!" I answered. "Hey, you must be the Triad, Kang told me about... I'm Harry so stop by the docks and we can talk." was Harry's words to instruct me. I decided to find another taxi to get me over the Portland Harbors. I found one and this time there was no radio stations put on. I decided to keep my mouth shut and only ask the chauffeur to take me over my destination.


When I finally reached the docks I didn't see anybody who actually waited for me, I walked around and finally spotted someone in a cop outfit. It must be Harry, he was surprisingly inside a Greenwood with a couple of other friends he had. I walked over to him and introduced myself. I asked him some questions and he revealed that he's Irish and the friends with him are Ludwig and Peter. "So what made you decide to break the rules as a cop?" I asked. "Well you would do the same, do you really think working for a bunch of pussies inside the government is fun? Hell no, I've always wanted to show up as a bent cop." Harry replied. Harry was in the driver seat and his friends were both in the backseat, so I took the passenger one when getting inside. "Anyways, where are we headed to?" I asked again, "Somewhere unexpected, you'll find yourself as a maniac." Harry said when he took his attention towards me, "So let's go!" he continued. His friends seemed kinda quiet and I didn't see them talk much. Harry drove to Saint Mark's where a good number of Leone's were seen talking to each other. "This don't look safe, does it? What am I supposed to do?" I asked as a yet another question on the way. "Here I got a K for you, grab that gun and take out these pricks" Harry said as he handed the AK, "but hurry up, once you've killed them quick run up to the door and get in then I'll drive away." he continued as he changed the radio station to Game FM. Before I got out to take out the enemies, I said my last things "It's good music, keep it bumpin', I'll be back right there." as I got out of the car with my AK-47. I ran up to the Leone's and they were four guys wielding Uzi's. "I'm gonna take you assholes out!" I said when I walked up to them, "Holy sh*t, kill him!" said a Leone as they all started targeting their guns at me.


I quickly ran up to a tree and took cover behind it to avoid getting shot at and getting hurt. I reloaded my AK and walked over to one of them, I shoot him very hard so his arm was hanging off. "sh*t kill him, we wont lose to you dumb Triads." said one of the Leone's again before getting killed. I received a couple of shots but survived and killed them all, a Leone Sentinel pulled up towards me with three crazy Leone's doing a drive-by on me. They got one accurate shoot at me but I managed to run up towards the Greenwood and the passenger seat. I was still having the AK in my hand but Harry started to drive quickly and more Sentinel's started chasing.


"Take 'em out, we have to make it!" Harry said in a rushing way as he was driving the fastest he could. I started blasting with my AK out of the window and three Sentinel's got destroyed pretty quick. I kept on having my finger on the trigga and even a Maverick started closing in. "Take out that chopper, then we're good to go back..." Harry kept on saying as the Maverick caught fire, one of the shooters standing in the sides of the chopper continued shooting at the car and suddenly Peter got shoot in the back and injured badly. "Oh sh*t! No... Peter... no, f*ck we have to get over the hospital, I can't let you DIIIIEEE!" Harry shouted crazily as the Maverick got destroyed, he started driving towards the hospital. We reached the one at Portland View safely but Peter needed quick help and was brought over inside pronto, he wasn't wearing cop clothes which made it even harder for the hospital paramedics to care. I got out of the car and Harry left me on foot. "NOW, I can make you rich, I'll make you own the prettiest chopper in this town, only you work for me and your going to be pretty rich." Harry said happily as he was delighted with my efforts today. "Yeeeaahh, but the Leone's are strong threats for me and I can't live for too long until they're out." I said while chuckling.


Harry drove away as I found a taxi to get in. I got in the taxi and asked the chauffeur to take me over my house. He was playing some Indian music again but this time I was nice and let it go. He drove me home and I called Kang to make sure he knows about me.

"Hey Kang, don't worry about me, I made it very well with Harry, we're good friends now!" I said happily over the phone as I stood outside my house. "It's ok, I'm happy to hear that." Kang replied.

I hung up and went inside where I started to eat some apple and then get some sleep like how everyday ends.




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Where's BUYG? And why hasn't he updated in ages.

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Where's BUYG? And why hasn't he updated in ages.

BBCodes are temporarily down, so none of the staff have touched the first posts, all the new updates can be seen from about page 50 or something.


And BUYG is actually an account steering this thread and used by the staff to update stuff (radicell, mark-2007, ~PhusioN~ and Scifen)

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Grove Street Families

Chapter 3- Interruption



3:14 PM



Today was the day that we were going to attack the factory, we were already loading the cars with weapons and then Sweet arrived in is car and tell every one that our territory in Idlewood was being under attack by the Ballas.


“Every body stop loading the cars! We got to go to Idlewood and help defending the turf.”


I picked up my MP5 and entered the car to go to Idlewood,, it was just me CJ, Sweet and 3 other members.

When we got there it was Ballas all over the place, we hide behind the car to take cover but there was just to many Ballas so I grabbed a molotov and thrown it were it was more Ballas.


“Take that motherf*ckers!” Said I.


We were doing our best to take out all the Ballas and CJ got shoot down.


“CJ! f*ck! Everybody continue shooting!” Said Sweet


CJ was incapable of shooting and a missile passes above our heads, and it was Vagos behind us we were surrounded.


“Oh f*ck we’re dead!” Said I.


And then a car runs over some Vagos and starts doing a drive-by on them, it was the Varrios Los Aztecas, we continued shooting the Ballas.

The Vagos were out and the car pulled over next to us and they helped us.


“Hey Cesar thanks for the helps but can one of your Aztecas take CJ to the hospital, he was shoot by one of the Ballas” Asked Sweet to Cesar.


“Sure thing holmes, hey Jose take CJ to the hospital homie”Said Cesar.


Cj was on is way to the hospital and the Ballas were almost out.

After the last Ballas were killed we all entered in the car and got back to the grove.

We were setting things up for the next day to attack the factory.


“Without CJ we have to take more members, it will be me, Mike and more 5 members.

I gonna take a Desert Eagle, Mike is going to take a shotgun, John, Sam and Ypi are going to take a M16 and Kam and Daniel you will take a MP5 and some molotvs.

We are going to enter by the back door when a van arrives and the guards help unload the vans so we can enter, but every one be very careful.After we kill all the Vagos in there I’l see what we can do.Ok every one see all tomorrow” Said Sweet.


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Build Up Your Gang

Queen of Hearts, removed.


Trouble: Chapter 2: $29.

You need to work on spelling and grammar.


Chapter 3: $27.

Again, you need to work on stories a bit. It was also a tad short.


Flesh-n-Bone: Chapter 4: $37.

Nice description, but your dialogue is not written properly.


'Hey you!' -Wong said as he smiled to my face.

'Alright, what are y'all talking about here? I'll definitely get something to do.' - I replied.

Should be:

"Hey you!" Wong said as he smiled to my face.

"Alright, what are y'all talking about here? I'll definitely get something to do," I replied.

Quotations use double-apostrophes (").


Chapter 5: $40.


This was better. A rather nice story, good job.


Saturday, confiscations day!


3 gangs were selected for confiscations. All three gangs would get drugs confiscated. However, since none of the 3 gangs have drugs on hand, everyone escapes confiscation for the week! See you next Saturday!


Thanks reading! BUYG radicell.


mark-2007: Are you keeping tabs on the money/storycount changes since BBCode went down? If so, please add these figures in. Thanks.

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Well my money count should be $236.


On my third story I had 3 (24) with $59.

On my fourth I got hundred for multiple number of five stories 4 (25). Plus 37 it would be $59 + $100 + $37 = $196.


And my fourth story got me $40 so that would be $236.


I have not been bothered to count the other written stories and their money. tounge.gif


EDIT: I got a new story coming up below... Here the Triads will buy a ball (3.5 grams) of cocaine in a deal for $200. Tomorrow I'll have a story coming up where I sell the drugs.


The Triads, Chapter 6: The Deal


It's 8:00 AM at Tuesday and I am going to buy some drugs in a deal with three other Triads who'll come with me. I got a phone from Wong coming. "Wasup? Some of our guys are outside in a Greenwood waiting for you. Have fun with the deal. Then we'll sell it shorty afterward and make a profit." Wong said on the phone. I simply replied by saying "OK" and hung up. I decided to wear some Triad clothes again and go out. When outside I saw the three Triads coming with me for the deal. One carried a Colt 45 (pistol), and the other two had Uzi 9's. "Get over to Callahan Point, there's the deal coming in." said one of the Triads.


Callahan Point happens to be pretty close to our Fish Factory and my house so I got there pretty soon. We waited for a couple of minutes and the dealers finally arrived. The deal was done behind some trees to make sure we're safe. All of sudden when the exchange happened one of the dealers got shot in the head with a sniper bullet. "It's the Leone's, hey he's over there on that roof, take cover!" I said as I spotted the Leone carrying a sniper rifle. I took out my AK-47 and killed the sniper maniac.


Suddenly a car pulled over with two AK wielding black-suit guys shooting at us. Me and my Triad friends went inside our Greenwood and the dealer left with his Bobcat and escaped. I was the driver and started driving off as fast as I could to avoid gunshots. My Triad friends started shooting through the window and many Leone Huntley's started chasing us like the last week on my first meeting with Harry. Most of the cars exploded and none started chasing, then I decided to change my seat and sit on the passenger one to message Kang for help. A Leone Sentinel found us again so we started to drive again, the car received a lot of damage but was still safe from exploding yet, I had the coke with me on a bag so there was no worries if the car caught fire.


I messaged Kang and asked him some questions "Hey Kang, it's me - we got the deal, so assure Wong about it, but we are hit and a bunch of Leone's are chasing us but we don't know a way out. Help!" that was all I wrote. After a few minutes I got a message back "If your car catches fire then drive at a good amount of speed towards one of their cars and they'll explode together. Then you are on foot and try to find a car to steal." was the things Kang said to help me. Our car caught fire so the driver went straight towards the nearest Leone car and we all bailed out. Both the cars exploded and we survived. Luckily enough another Greenwood was parked around the block when we were around Harwood, I went inside the driver seat with the others following me. There was, however, no more cars chasing us so we felt safe for a second, but on the way back to the fish factory and my home, when we came to the docks there was a blockade with two Leone Sentinels blocking the path and a few Leone's standing around them with heavy weapons. I decided to drive at full speed and at the heart of the blockade, which made the cars spin out at 180 grade and running over the Leone's, so we survived this time without much trouble.


After a while it was 16:00 and we arrived at the fish factory safely.

"Hide the cocaine inside the factory so they don't get stolen, I'll see y'all later!" I said while instructing my fellow Triad. The Triads walked off towards the factory and I went to my house in Atlantic Quays. "So that was the deal, then we got to sell these drugs as soon as possible or else we'll fall in trouble." I said to myself as I went inside my house.

Edited by Flesh-n-Bone

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Actually radicell, quotations don't necessarily require double quotation marks. Just pointing that out.


I know I've been inactive recently, but is it possible if I can have a fresh start, like with story count restarting? If I can, is it possible if I join the Vercetti Gang at the Vercetti Estate in Vice City please?

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Story count re-starts are very pointless, you should just keep it as it is and join a new gang.


I should start writing for this again soon.

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Alright then, fine.


Can I still switch though?

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No ones going to stop you, well, besides the coding as for now.

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Build Up Your Gang



Stefan: has been moved(as requested) to the Vercetti Gang at the Vercetti Mansion.


You are free to post stories now writing for the Veretti's.


Phusion: has swapped to the Cubans at the Cafe Robina.


Other updates to come.




What to expect:


Weapons list to be re-sorted

New gang war rules

New writers guide

Something big


New Weapons and Weapons Prices


Melee Price
Brass Knuckles $5
Screwdriver $6
Knife $7
Cleaver $7
Hammer $10
Baseball Bat $10
Pool Stick $10
Golf Club $15
Night Stick $15
Machete $15
Katana $45
Chainsaw $75
Hand-Guns Price
Colt .45 $95
Silenced 9mm $115
Colt Python $120
Desert Eagle $140
Sub-Machine Guns Price
Tec-9 $140
Uzi 9mm $150
MP5 $250
Machine Guns Price
Ruger $400
AK47 $530
M4 $675
Rifles Price
Hunting Rifle $50
Sniper Rifle $300
PSG-1 $950
Throwables Price
Molotovs $5
Tear Gas $50
Grenade $65
Satchel Charge $300
Heavy Artillery Price
Flamethrower $2000
Rocket Launcher $3000
Minigun $4000
Heat Seeking Rocket Launcher $5000
Edited by Build Up Your Gang

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It's a coming of a new age for BUYG.


I can't think of the rest of the Yakusa ambush for my story.

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Grove Street Families

Chapter 4- Floor 1



11:30 PM


It was almost midnight and I was loading my shotgun, all the homies and Sweet were loading the cars.

We didn’t know exactly how many guards and workers are there so it will be risky.Sweet divided us in 3 groups, group A was John, Sam and Ypi, they were the first group to enter the factory, group B was me and Sweet and the group C was Kam and Daniel.

The factory was located in East Los Santos and to don’t attract attention we had to pull over 2 blocks away and make our way to the factory.

The two cars were loaded and we were ready.


“Hey Mike get in,you can drive.”Said Sweet to me.


I entered the car and started driving.


“Ok, stop here we have to go on foot now.Everybody grab your weapons and follow me!”Said Sweet to all the homies.


When we got there we stayed behind a wall to wait for the vans.

The vans arrived and we got to the backdoor.The first group entered first and there was more Vagos than we expected.Then the main doors open and all the workers and Vagos go unload the vans.


“Group A try to hide those machines in front of us, Mike follow me we are going to the left side door and group C stay here and group A when the Vagos and workers return their positions start shooting and we attack them from behind ”Said Sweet to all of us.


I followed Sweet to the door and we entered,luckily there was no one inside.After a while group A started shooting and we get out of the room and started shooting at them.I killed some of them because my shotgun was very powerful but they were very good as well.Finally when we killed all the Vagos and workers no one of us got injured.Then a bunch of Vagos enter by the main door and start shooting at us.


“Everybody take cover!”Said Sweet


After all the other Vagos were killed a Glendale entered the factory and 4 Vagos with shotguns started shooting at us and on of the bullets hit Ypi.


“sh*t, and in there Ypi, Mike take this M16”Said Sweet while giving me Ypi’s M16.


The M16 very good and I shoot down 2 Vagos and John and Sam shoot the other two.

And a Vago Tornado passes by the street on front of the factory and starts doing a drive-by.

“Everybody aim for the gas tank on that car!”Said Sweet.

And Daniel shoots right in the gas tank and the car explodes.

Sweet closed the main door so no more Vagos enter.


“Kam trow a molotov to burn this place down”Said Sweet to Kam.


“Wait there are a couple of stairs over there maybe there is a second floor .”Said I


“Ok lets see what we can find there”Said Sweet.


When we got to the second floor it was full of explosives.


“Holy f*ck!”Said Sweet.


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It's great that the non-GTA weapons are removed, most of them would have been taken away in a FBI or DEA raid anyways as they are illegal. Also good to see the Sniper Rifle added. Bear in mind that my 6th story in a post above has NOT been rated, so next time a staff logs on, make sure you rate this as well as any other story coming out afterward. Anyways my 7th story is up here where I'll sell a ball of cocaine (3.5 grams) which results in a $350 profit.



The Triads [Chapter 7]: Money Maker


It's Thursday and we're supposed to sell the drugs we got a couple of days ago. It contains 3.5 grams of cocaine which we'll sell for a higher profit in the deal and get more money out of it.


I decided to get over inside the fish factory and wait for my backup. Looks like the Leone's don't want to give up in this war, we have to hit them hard before they start going to far, I wont let 'em do shit to my deal and I'll kill them before they get the chance to look back.


Three Triads came out of the factory door with the cocaine in a bag. This time one of them has an AK-47 and the other two have Uzi's carried. The buyers were the Colombian Cartel and they will surely be trusted as we have opened up an alliance with them. They'll come to the docks with the money and our drugs will be given to them. I got in one of our Greenwood with the three Triads following, the coke was hidden in the trunk of the car.


Once we arrived the Colombians came in one of their own gang cars and we got the deal. One of the Colombians spotted a rifle wielding goon on the roof across - it was a goddamn Leone again. "Hey ese, look over there, some Leone pricks there." said one of the Colombians as he pointed at the goon hiding. I decided to turn around and take out my AK, "You piece of shit, I wont let you do anything to my deal" I said as I was looking at the goon as well as everybody else. Everybody started firing at the goon but they barely hit him although he fell down from the roof and held his left arm since there was where we hit him. Everybody continued firing at him only he was dead. The Colombians decided to get in their car and escape and we did the same.


The deal went good and we got our profit out of it, but the Leone's don't know when to stop. We must find a way to wipe these filthy bastards out, I thought to myself for a second. I drove to our factory in peace and luckily there was no enemies coming anymore. I had the money with myself while the Triads walked off. I decided to save the Greenwood inside the factory and walk to my house which isn't too far. I went inside and relaxed for a while.



END. In this chapter I sold the cocaine bought for $350.

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Why there are no shotguns in the new list?

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Why there are no shotguns in the new list?

Yeah, can't believe they are forgotten.

The shotguns used in GTA games are the stubby shotgun (GTA3, VC and LCS), Sawn off (SA), combat shotgun/spas 12 (VC, SA, LCS and VCS), pump action (all except III).

Also you could have added the scorpion uzi from VCS as well as the M60 from VC and VCS. I think that's the guns forgotten.


Also the Mac-10 has been left out as well.


All the missed stuff will be found from page 50 to this one.

Edited by Flesh-n-Bone

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