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Build Up Your Gang

BUYG: Build Up Your Gang

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Chapter 2: Investigatin' 'round town



I woke up at Sweet's house. I saw him eating, so i asked him if i can get some. "Ye, sure take some cereal, then you gonna investigate a bit 'round town." I ate some cereal then Sweet told me, "Yo, take my car keys you'll need to drive around. Get over to Emmet, he will give you a gun, if you'll need it." I got out and entered Sweet's car. I started driving to Emmet's. When i came, i started talking to him...


"Yo, Emmet!" I said. He pointed a gun at me and asked, "Who the f*ck are you man? How did you get Sweet's car? I better bust yo' head right now!" Then i replied angirly "Damnit Emmet! It's me, John Stewman." He put the gun down and started talking to me, "John! Damn! Sorry for that, what'cha need?" Then i told him, with happines "I need a gun, Sweet told me to stop by."


"Okay man, take this one. See ya' 'round!" I went back to Sweet's car and started cruising around the city. When i got to the Santa Maria beach, i saw some Ballas under the bridge. They were putting some stuff in a van. Looked like weapons. I started driving fast towards them, they started shooting. Luckily, i wasn't shot. I roadkilled some, and shot some. I went out of the car and picked up their ammo. "I'll take the van." I said to myself. But i can't leave Sweet's car here, so i called CJ.


"Yo CJ, it's me, John."

"Hey John. What'cha need man?"

"I need you to come for Sweet's car, down at Santa Maria beach, under the bridge."

"Sure thing. Wait for me there."


I waited for CJ, then he came, "Yo CJ, here's the keys man, get the car back to Sweet."

"'K man. See ya' 'round."


I got into the van and started driving to Grove Street.

When i got there, i entered Sweet's house and told him that i have one of the Balla weapon vans. We walked outside, and i showed him the van. He called up the homies and told them, "Yo homies, we have one of the Balla weapon vans. So everyone take your weapons. John, you take the Tec9. You got the weapons here, so it's yours." I took the wep' proudly. "See ya'll 'round homies. We'll meet up back tommorow. Now rest everyone! I gotta talk some sh*t out with John." We entered the house and started talking...


"John, i need you to waste some drug dealers for me and the gang

"Sure thing Sweet. Where do i find 'em?"

"They are walking 'round the Grove. You can find some in Ganton too, and be sure you checked the Ten Green Bottles bar."

"Okay, i'm goin' right away." I went out of Sweet's house and took his Greenwood. I saw one dealer and started shooting at him. He dodged a bit, but then i shot him in the head. I pulled over and took his gun. I was going to the Ten Green Bottles, i parked my car and looked up the window. There was a bunch of drug dealers in there. "I can't take 'em out alone..." Luckily, a GSF homie walked by me, "Yo homie, can ya' help me a bit?"

"'K John, what do i have to do?"

"You gotta help me clear out the Ten Green Bottles of drug dealers. Okay here's the plan, when we enter, jump behind the pool table and start shooting at 'em, i'll get behind the wall and shoot 'em. Ready?"

"Ready." We entered the Green Bottles and did according to the plan. We shot everyone, but then a guy with a shotgun came from the back door. He killed my homie, but then i blasted his head and took his shotgun. After i got out, Sweet called me...


"Oh sh*t! John come to Mullholand! The Balla bastards are shooting at me! Oh f*ck!"


The line suddenly broke. I got into Sweet's Greenwood and headed to Mullholand as fast as i could. When i came there, i saw Ballas shooting at Sweet. I ran into Sweet's aid and started blastin' those Balla fools. When they were dead i took some of their ammo and started talking to Sweet, "You OK man?"


"Ye thanks for coming, now let's go home to sleep"

"Sure thing man"


We got to Sweet's house and went to sleep. Who knows what will happen tommorow...


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Can i buy molotovs,Tec9 and a Ruger


im from GSF

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Build Up Your Gang

devilrock28: $29

GTASA_passer: $26

Stefan.: $40

GhostGlendale: $30


Rated by Masterkraft. Note that radicell's story still needs rating and that GTASA_passer requested to buy Molotovs, a Tec 9 and a Ruger. This totals up to $155, leaving GSF with $161.


EDIT: All of the above done. However, with the added money from the story, GSF now has $217. GTASA_passer, please don't make posts like the one below anymore, it will all be taken care of eventually.



Edited by Build Up Your Gang

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someone needs to add money to our account

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Yeah, to reiterate what was said above, while it may seem you're out of pocket at times, it'll all get added to the list. If you do spot a mistake, don't hesitate to PM the Build Up Your Gang account.


And with that, here's my next chapter. Expect quite a few in this coming week, I've been on a writing frenzy.



Da Nang Boys - Easter Basin Docks


Chapter III: Battered Fish


With the rise of activity from all gangs in San Fierro, the streets were deemed no longer safe. With the haze of sadistic gang members descending upon San Fierro and it’s outskirts by nightfall, it seemed almost like suicide to stand in their way. This was re-enforced even more by the fact they were simply bored, with no real purpose for their mindless beatings and nonsensical vandalism. Despite gangs proudly displaying their names upon the beautiful structures of San Fierro, the SFPD could do nothing except pray they’d exterminate each other in a frenzy.

One gang seemed to stand above the rest in this activity. With several hotspots in San Fierro seemingly pleading for a mindless display of vandalism, there was one gang unafraid to hit it, no matter how far into the city it was and away from their own turf… and their fish vans could hold a lot more paint than you’d realise.


The sun dipped behind a disused warehouse on the Easter Basin Docks site. Hard working labourers threw down their sweat drenched rags, still dripping from the harsh day they had endured and set off home. This would usually be the time that the Da Nang Boys would be scattered all over the import ship, drinking metholated spirits and displaying a firm community spirit like no other gang in San Andreas. Tonight was different. Tonight was the night an arranged hit was to take place, deep in the heart of Triad territory. Lee and his boys had been far too passive to ensure their name was feared among Triads, so a surprise slaughter was just the ticket. Lee and Nong were welcoming the arrival of several baseball bats. No need to arm to heavily; the Triads were armed with little more than boxes of fish and cigarettes at this time of night and guns would surely hinder the getaway of the Da Nang Boys…


Lee turned on the TV in his apartment to be greeted by the warm and friendly tones of a female weather reporter.

“… and as San Fierro settles down for the night, expect light showers in the North and the East…”

“Perfect fightin’ conditions, Nong!” Lee shouted over the television while he took a practice swing at thin air with his bat.

“Rain? You got that right man… washes the blood clean off!” replied a very enthusiastic Nong, who was still getting ready.

This had apparently already dawned on Lee, who was now drawing ever more impatient.

“You alright in there? You’ve been in there for over half an hour now…” Lee shouted as he checked his watch, “We’re meeting the boys in 5 minutes, you’d better in the mood for running as well as fighting.”

“Calm the f*ck down, I’m comin’, I’m comin’…” a small voice replied again.

As Lee turned the TV off and picked up his baseball bat eagerly for the hundredth time that night, Nong finally emerged, wearing his favourite cargo pants and his slightly ravaged “ARMY” T Shirt.

“Alright… let’s get going!” Nong roared, swinging his bat over his head and clumsily knocking over a coffee table as he brought it back round.

“Let’s just go, before you wreck anything else…” Lee uttered, being sure to give Nong a playful punch on the arm on the way out.



As rain fell, the slopes of Chinatown never looked so dystopic. While its buildings were very well built and looked stunning at night, they looked all the more eerie when the streets were dead. As two Esperantos quietly purred up one of the many hills surrounding Chinatown, Lee was clearly not the only one uneasy.

“It’s too damn quiet!” whispered Nyugen as he gripped the steering wheel as if it would detach and start flying around the car.

“Relax… just try to relax.” Lee reassured everyone in the car, all the while gripping his own bat. Nong was in the other car several metres behind the first keeping watch just in case.

“I will relax…” Nyugen whispered, quieter still, “I just feel like…”

A deafening roar made both cars’ occupants run cold, and at the foot of the slope they were traversing, 2 Triad Vans blocked their path. As quick as he could, Nyugen whipped the car round and bolted down the slope as one of the Da Nang Boys yelled “AMBUSH!”. Lee was horrified to see 2 more at the bottom of the slope… they were trapped, armed only with baseball bats. He gulped, and realised the Triads may be armed with much worse.

Back in the other car, which had come to an unexpected skidding stop due to the fine rain now pounding the streets, Nong voiced his disapproval.

“F*ck this, we should be out there, not sat here like dicks!” and with that, he gingerly pushed open his car door and raced towards a Triad who had left the steel barricade safety of his van. This was all the confirmation Lee and his boys needed.

“They’re unarmed!” one Da Nang Boy screamed to the other car, “Go, go, go!”.

As quick as that, a flood of 8 bloodthirsty Da Nang Boys spilled out of the car and took to the vans, hoping to feel the satisfying crunch of bone against wood. They were granted just that, and soon, a full scale brawl errupted on the inconveniently sloping streets of Chinatown. As the baseball bats collided with the faces and torsos of the Triads, blood gushed from any orifice and was quickly diluted by rain. Two Triads ran to their vans and opened the back to reveal several bottles of methalated spirits.

“Nyugen!” Lee called as he delivered a powerful and uninhibited blow to an unlucky Triad, “take them out, they’ve got flammables!”

This was all Nyugen needed, and immediately left the bloody mess of a Triad he had been beating to take care of the potential fire-bombers. A quick swing round the legs of said bombers rendered them lying in their own vans, howling in pain at their near broken kneecaps. Nyugen leapt back out and by this time, a small cluster of Triads lay bleeding in the cool yet painful rain San Fierro had to deliver. The final, crippling blow to a Triad’s face was followed by the piercing scream of a Triad who was reduced to a toothless heap in the street. Lee cast down his weapon and panted heavily with the sudden fatigue he had experienced. Soon after, this feeling was shared as the adrenaline wore off and without a sound, the Da Nang Boys gathered their weapons and swiftly left the scene triumphant, bleeding and moist with sweat and rain.


EDIT: Sorry, can I also request to purchase a knife and an MP5 please?

Edited by Masterkraft

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Build Up Your Gang



Masterkraft: Chapter 3: $52 very good, full of excitement and good story-writing.


Knife and MP5 = $98


$282 + $52 = $334


$334 - $98= $236


Radicell: Chapter 3: $43


Da Nangs have $279


Money, weapons and story count (only for Masterkraft, radicell's story count is correct as it is) needs updating.


Rated by mark-2007


All done. Congrats Masterkraft. icon14.gif


radicell's story count is correct as it is

I also had a 'prologue', which should count as a 'story', no?


Edited by radicell

Edited by Build Up Your Gang

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Chapter twelve : Twisted Transistor




When i got up, my arm felt better than ever. I went into the small bathoroom and washed my face. The water that got of it was black as naftaline. I musta' had much dirt on my face from the floor of the airstrip, i cant belive i was kindapped for the which time? When i got out of the bathroom i saw that Truth is still sleeping. Actually, this is my first time in the last few months that i woke up earlyer than 10 am. Took a slice of bread, butter and a glass of juice. Eat that small breakfast, put on my clothes. And went outside. I saw magic, the sunrise in the desert is more beautiful than anything in this world. The Sun's light broke trough the desert sky making it a beautiful picture. Went back inside, maked my bed and turned on the TV with the volume down. There was no signal, so i turned it off. Truth now woke up.


"Good morning fellow traveler."he said




"I see you are an earlybird."


"No, actually. This is the first time in the last few months that i woke up before 10 am."


"Oh, i see. Say, did you have breakfast?"


"Yea', some butter on a slice of bread and a glass of juice."


"Thats the usual breakfast here."


He got out the same engreadients i used and he eat some breakfast. I got out so i can look at the airstrip more carefully. There was a big control tower, some tankers full of plane fuel and Truths hippy van. There were also two little hangars. There was a little old Rustler in one, the other one was empty. It was getting pretty cold so i went back in the little house.


"Hey Luke, today we are going to do a serious mission."


"What is that?"


"Did you ever hear about the place thats not on the map?"


"Yeah, there are some rumors."


"The rumors are true. It exists, its about a mile away from here."


"So, what exactly do we have to do?"


"There is some old radar equipment upstairs. Four small satelites. We need to place them on the corners around Area 69."


"Riiight. How do we do that without getting blown to bits?"


"We wait until its dark, then go and place the sattelites."




"Until then, we have to enable the satelites and connect them to the radar."



We where setting up the satellites for hours, i didn't realise how hard it is. When we finally got the work done, i was glad it was over. I knew that the next task isnt going to be any easier. I mean Area 69 is a heavily guarded area, its going to be hard to do it unspotted.


"Okay, the transistors are set up. Take two of those, and put them in your backpack." Truth said and shoved me a large backpack




I took the backpack, it was mega heavy. It was like i have dry cement in my backpack. He took one too and we got in his van. He drove us to the Area.


"Alright, you take these two corners, ill take the other ones."


I look at the base. There were searchlights all over, guards with M4s were patrolling in the fenced area. Setting the first transistor was a breeze. But when i gone to get the other one, a searchlight spotted my leg. I instantly ran for cover. I heard from a speaker : "Code blue, code blue. Possible sighting of civilian!"

I stayed behind cover until i heard : "Sighting unconfirmed, code green."

Thats when i carefully put the transistor in place and went back to the van. Truth arived in about 10 minutes.


"Hey man, i heard something from the speakers. Was that you?" he asked


"Ye, it was me. But after code green, i went back and put the transistor in place."


"Cool, now get us out of here."


I drowe back to the airfield. We went into that litlle house and went to bed. I was tired of todays work and mission.

I felt to sleep as soon as i got in my bed. I was realy tired.




This topic has to be more active. Its active for a day, the next day its deserted!

Edited by GTASA_passer

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Build Up Your Gang

GTASA_passer: $24.


marked and edited by radicell

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Chapter 3: Dealer Meet



I woke up in the morning. I was walking around Sweet's house, but i couldn't find him. Suddenly my cellphone started to ring. I anwsered, wandering who it is...


"Hello?" I said, wondering who it is.


"Hey John, it's Sweet. There is a job i need you to do."


"Okay man, what's it about?" I replied taking my coat.


"There's a dealer meet over at Vinewood, at the movie studio. The leading drug dealer from Vice City and some new leader from San Andreas. They will be guarded, and heavily armed. To take 'em out, i left an M4 in my closet and a body armor, in case you need it. Call me when you are finished. Bye.“




I went to Sweet's closet and took the equipment he gave me. Before i left, i made some molotovs.

I went out and took a Greenwood parked on the street. I drove to Vinewood, looking at people walking on the street. I saw some beautiful women, but i was on a mission, i couldn't stop and introduce myself. I got to Vinewood. I saw some guy there. I parked my car a bit farther so

they don't see me. I walked to the studio, when i came there i hid behind a wall. I needed a tactic, but i had no time. I threw a molotov in. I killed ten guys with it but there was more. They started shooting with AK-47-s at me. When they were reloading, i started shooting and killed some more guys. And that's how i killed 'em all. But still there were those dealers left. I killed them with a molotov. I picked up their cash. I saw a totally pimped out Sultan there. I took the dealers keys, and entered the Sultan. It had nitros and everything. Totally cool. I started driving to Grove Street, i parked the car in Sweet's garage. I'll need it for later. I entered Sweet's house. Suddenly, someone pointed a gun at my head. I was scared. A strange voice started talking...


„Ah John! I was waiting for you...“ He said, pointing a gun at me


„W-who are y-you?“


„My name is not important. I can just tell you, i'm one of the Leones. Your going with me now.“


„Where are we g-g-going?“


„'Nuf questions! Now walk b*tch!“


We went outside and we entered his black Feltzer. I was scared like hell. Who knows what will happen next...



To be continued....

Edited by GhostGlendale

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Another chapter from me. Something a bit different this time, and it's only short so I don't expect much.



Da Nang Boys - Easter Basin Docks


Chapter IV: Boil In A Bag


The Triad’s morale was considerably lower after the confrontation experienced earlier that week. With Chinatown’s finest now reduced to a more tender build, the Da Nang Boys were slowly building up confidence and strength. However, since the metaphorical traffic of narcotics and armaments still remained dead, tension was as high as ever… unlike some very desperate Da Nang Boys. When the news of a potential cocaine deal at Hilltop Farm in Red County came hot off the streets, Nyugen decided to see exactly what was going on.


Nyugen emerged from his apartment, fresh faced and ready despite it being almost 2 AM. With a freshly salvaged MP5 he had acquired from his van raid earlier in the week, Nyugen took one last draw on his cigarette and discarded it. As he got into his car, Nong was already waiting for him in the back seat, deeply engrossed in K-DST.

“No Lee today?” Nyugen said, turning down the radio so he could hear and be heard.

“Nah man, he’s out of the state for the weekend, trying to score us some yay…” Nong sighed, reminiscing.

“I hear that dude, it’s been a long time for sure!” replied Nyugen, taking a seat and turning the ignition key, “it may seem pathetic, but I can’t wait to get high.”

Nong sat up as Nyugen slowly edged his way out of the car park and onto the roads, eventually taking the turn off to the highway. In comparison to Lee and Nong, Nyugen drove slowly and carefully, allowing Nong to roll another cigarette and even smoke it before reaching the Hilltop Farm. As Nyugen pulled into the desolate farm, Nong swiftly made his exit and took a liking to a nearby haystack. With the radio still playing, Nong lay down and tapped his foot to the sounds of CSR Radio.

Soon enough, other cars had started to arrive and as Nyugen had just hidden their car in a nearby bush, it was not a moment to soon. Nyugen slowly lowered his MP5, disregarding how tense he was. Even Nong could see that this was out of the ordinary, and as the packages were presented from one of the cars, Nyugen could hardly believe his luck.


White gold. Pure cocaine. The streets never lie.


Nong seemed to catch on, and the sweat was really starting to drip.

“So what do we do now? Rush in? Ambush? Or take it easy?” Nong whispered.

“Well we can hardly storm it with just the two of us…” replied Nyugen, making sure to be just as quiet, “I mean look at what they’re packin’. M4’s dude. M4’s…”

Nong rubbed his chin with the palm of his hand, evidently trying to think of an idea. A strange sound disrupted his train of thought soon after however.

“What’s… what’s that sound?” Nyugen hushed, though the sound was now so loud it was masking their voices with ease.

“I don’t know man, but it’s certainly got me rattled. I’m not hanging around!”

Nong didn’t even have time to turn round, as a low flying helicopter whirred right over their heads, catching low hanging foliage and spewing it back into the night sky.

“Holy f*ck!” Nyugen yelled, obviously having no need for keeping quiet anymore.

“Agreed, let’s go! Back to the car!” Nong added, leaping off the barn and straight onto the roof of their Esperanto. Nyugen took a clean leap through the driver’s side window. Scattering the gravel, the car took off while the helicopter gently drifted over the cocaine meet. In a flurry of beautiful orange stripes, embers burst out of the tip of a concealed flamethrower. In a harsh, unforgiving sea, the dealers and the cocaine erupted in a blaze. The noise of the helicopter seemed to drown out the piercing screams of the mysterious men and the packages were rendered silently charred.


Just another failed deal in San Andreas.


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Build Up Your Gang

Hi all,


GhostGlendale - $21


So GhostGlendale's story count needs updating to 3.


And GSF now have $241 + $21 = $262


Masterkraft - $36


So Masterkraft's story count needs updating to 4.


And Da Nang's now have $279 + $36 = $315.


Someone needs to updating all this thanks.


I'll be posting a story sometime soon, been preoccupied.


And to all writers, please put a link in your sig and make sure it's to this new topic and not Stefan's old one.


To all people viewing it and thinking of joining - GO AHEAD! biggrin.gif


rated by mark-2007

edited by radicell

Edited by Build Up Your Gang

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Chapter thirteen : Delivery



The morning was same as all the other, exept that this morning i found some coffee so i drinked a cup of hot coffee while i was watching the sunrise. Then i went back inside and Truth woke up.


"Good morning Luke."




He ate some breakfast and started talking again.


"Today some new deliveries are arriving."


"Cool, whats coming now?"


"Tec-9s,Rugers both with 10000 ammo, some Molotovs and some food and drinks.Oh and, some Body Armors."


"Oh man, we are more armed than the army."


"While we are at the army, the satellites we put last night traced the patrolers. Now we know there path."




After that i heard that same loud noise, this time i knew what was it. It was the delivery. This time there were more crates. This time there was 10 small crates, 30 medium crates and one giant crate. In the small ones there were weapons and ammo. In the medium ones there were Molotovs and a few body armors. The big one was containing food. We put it all in place and went back in to the house.


"We need some more people on this if we are going to intrude Area 69 and similar things."


"Yeah, but how are we going to do that?"


"There are these guys, Mike and Lou. They own me a favor, plus, they can handle guns pretty well."


"Cool, but where are we going to find them?"


"They own this little place in Las Payasdas. We will take my van."


He gave me the keys and we went outside. His van was pretty cool even thou its a hippy van. I got in. The seats were so comforable. I could sleep in them. I started the engine and we went to Las Payasdas. It was a long trip, took us an hour to get to there.


"This is it.", Truth said


When we went in i saw two guys behind the counter. Then Truth started talking.


"Hey Mike, Lou. Nice to see you again!"


"Hey Truth, what brings ya' here man?", Mike said


"I need you to help me and my friend here Luke, in a job."


"Sure Truth. We ow' you one.", Lou said


"Ok, get in my van and we will drive to the base."



We got in the van, and when we finally all got seated i started the engine. It took a few tries but on the end it worked. I drove to the airstrip. It was deserted as allways. Parked the van in its ussual parking space and went outside with the others.


"This is your base? A abandoned airstrip? Co-o-ol dude!.",Mike said


Mike sounded as Duudy as the Truth. I guess they are old pals


"But, where do we sleep?",Lou said


"In the upper cabin. There are two beds there.",Truth said


"Ok, will unpack our things.", Mike said


"Cool, unpack your things then will meet you down at us,"Truth explained to them.


While they were unpacking and Truth was cleaning downstairs, i went to the garage and polihed the guns. After that i grouped ammo, then i checked if the molotovs were alright, i put gas in the lighters. I changed the lightbulb in the garage. Then i organised the tools on the wall, next in the crates. Dusted, then put four targets on the wall. I put some armored steel behind the targets so we wouldnt shoot trough the wall. Then took My desert eagle and shoot a few times. My accuracy was way off. So i practised some more until i got the feel of power. Then i took a bucket of water and a rag, and of course some polish. Then i went to wash and vax the old planes. When i was finished they looked like new, i was proud of myself. I went to empty the water a few yards away from the field and returned the vax and the rog in the garage. When i washed my hands and got out of the garage i saw that Truth has put a plastic table and chairs outside. We had a good dinner and went to sleep.


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Chapter 4 – Back in LC


We traveled in the car for a while. We went to the highest building in LS. Up there was a chopper waiting for us. The guy pushed me in. We started flying. I knew we were going out of San Andreas because i could see the ocean and us going farer and farer from SA.


3 Hours later...



We landed at Salvatore's home, in Liberty City. I forgot the street names and places beacause of that hard wound i got on my head. We got inside the house. Salvatore was there. After a while we started talking...


„John, nice to see you again. How was your little „vacation“ in San Andreas?“


„Good. What do you want from me Salvatore?! I gotta get back to my friends in Los Santos!“



„I need you to do something for me... You have to kill a guy named, Tony Santen.“


„Tony?! That's my cousin! No way man!“


„I thought you would say that. But he has done some massive murders, he started selling drugs and started co-operating with some gang in Los Santos that dresses in purple. I don't know the name of the gang, but it hates those Grove Street Families, or however they are called...“


„Ballas dress in purple! He has turned against me!“


„He and those „Ballas“ you call them, are planing to attack the Grove Street Families. But no one knows the plan except him. For now... If you kill him, i will give you money.“


„When you put it that way, he will die!“


„Great... You can take one of my Mafia Sentinels, and if you prefer a bike, you can take a PCJ. And take this sniper. You'll need it to kill Tony. He will be watching TV next to his window for a while so you can get a clear shot at him. You can take any means necessary. And take this SMG if you will have to shoot him from the bike.“


„Okay, thanks. Can you give me your number? So i can call you when he is dead.“


„It's 555-9371“


I left Salvatore's house. I took the PCJ because i'm a better bike driver than a car driver. I started driving in Liberty City. I didn't remember the street names, but i did remember how every street looks like. It started raining. The wet drops were falling from the sky, they were blocking my view at some points. I finally got to my cousin’s house. As Salvatore said, he was in his chair, right next to the window. I aimed the sniper from my bike so if he gets away that I can be ready to follow him. “I think I got a clear shot on him…” I said to myself, aiming.

I took the shot, but I missed. Tony was alerted so he ran away. I waited a bit. He got out with some guys. He was in a limo, so he can shoot at me, and his guards were on PCJ-s. I started following them. They were starting to shoot. But I dodged every bullet. When they ran out of ammo, I shot all of the guards. Now my cousin started shooting at me. He popped my tire, but I was still on the road. With high speed, I got next to his limo. I went a little farther from it and shot at the limo. One bullet hit the gas tank. My cousin is dead, limo destroyed, and I get some cash and weapons. I called Salvatore…


“Salvatore, Tony is dead. Where should I meet you for my prize?”


“Great… Let’s meet at the Saint Mark’s Bistro, if you know where that is…”


“Ye’ I remember. See you there.” <BIP>

I drove over to the Saint Mark’s Bistro, and walked inside. Salvatore was waiting for me there. We started a conversation.


“So… You killed him… You will get a prize for that. Cash and another thing I thought about… A Infernus.”

The rain was tapping on the windows. It made an calming ambient sound. I almost fell asleep. I didn’t say a word because of the sound.


“Now, come with me to the Francis Intl. Airport. There will be an Andromada waiting for you. It will carry you and your Infernus, that has some cash in the trunk. The flight will be free. Oh yes, here is your cash.”

We went to the airport with my fresh Infernus. When we got there, we drove through a special entrance for cars.


“Now farewell my friend. Until we meet again…” Said Salvatore leaving the airport.

The plane flew away in a few minutes. I was very happy about going to Los Santos again.


2 Hours later…



Ah! The fresh smell of Los Santos! It’s snowing. Everything is white and shiny. Since it’s night time, I better hurry to Grove Street. I started driving… I was looking outside at the beautiful snow, and listening to the crunchy sound when people are walking on it. I got to Grove Street. I parked my car in Sweet’s garage and I entered the house. I saw a guy inside threatening Sweet. I blew the man’s head with a shotgun that I found in my car. He fell down life-less.


“Hey John! Man, thanks for saving me. I owe you one!”


“No problem.”


“Where were you man?”


“I was in Liberty City. One guy of the Leones ‘napped me. Salvatore Leone, the leader of the Leones, had a job for me. I did it and got 2 prizes.”


“What are they?”


“I got a Infernus and some cash.




“What did that guy want that was threatening you?”


“He tried to rob me”


“If someone comes again, tell me. I’ll deal with them. Now I gotta go to sleep. I’m tired and I had a rough day. Good Night!”




After that I went to sleep. Tomorrow, my girlfriend is coming from Vice City. Good night everyone!



I think im over-rewarding myself

or something. smile.gif


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Da Nang Boys - Pier 69


Chapter IV: Chinatown

The next morning, a small funeral was held for our departed friend. His body had been found lying next to the small condo’s in a pile of overgrown weeds. The Triads had stomped on it the night before.


A gloomy mood had settled over Pier 69. Everyone was grieving of our losses. Not only had we lost a comrade, but we had also ditched one of our cars. When the Boys went back into Calton Heights to look for it, the Esperanto was nowhere to be found. It was presumable that the Triads had taken it. We only had three cars in total for our section of the gang. Now, there was only two. Hardly enough for almost thirty violent Vietnamese men, with nothing to do but hang out on the streets all day.


As usual, Giáp, our leader, took charge. “Since I was involved in the incident yesterday that resulted in the loss of one of our cars, I will keep my means of transportation limited to my two feet for as long as I need to.” I admired his character and sense of companionship.


Giáp’s announcement brought a cheer, the first one to occur in that morning. The Boys began feeling better, and started congregating in their usual groups, holding bottles of beer and behaving like their normal selves. I was no exception. Trent, Giáp, and I quickly huddled together.


At this moment, Ben, the gang member in charge of weapons, walked through the Pier gate, holding two boxes under his arms. We quickly rushed over to help him. When we opened the boxes, we were stunned.

“This is dangerous, man!” I said, unsurely.

“Dangerous – for the Triads!” said Ben with a hearty laugh.

The other gang members walked our way. Seeing their confused faces, Ben explained, “It’s a batch of weapons that our friends down at Easter Basin bought. Blades and MP5’s for everyone.”


The news quickly spread around the Pier, and by noon, most gang members had traded in their newly-acquired Mac’s for MP5’s. Some, like me, decided to stay with the Mac. Everyone, however, equipped themselves with a knife, as no one wanted to come up short-handed in melee combat.


Later, Giáp rounded up some Boys who were free for the day, and we all agreed to put our weapons to good use. No one wanted to confront the Triads after what happened yesterday, but there really was no other choice. The Rifa were our allies, there were no other gangs around. And it was simply not okay to walk on the streets pumping bullets into innocent civilians.


So, at around two o’clock that afternoon, we began our incursion of Chinatown. I suggested a different route this time. Instead of entering through Calton Heights and facing those pesky slopes, we would walk south towards the Ganton Bridge, and enter Chinatown from there, taking advantage of the nice, flat, roads.


It was not long before we caught a small group of Triads in our sights. There were around twelve of us Boys, so as soon as we got near them, the Triads became aware of our presence, and naturally, started firing at us. It seems that the Triads managed to get their hands on some new firearms, as well, as we were greeted with angry Colt .45 bullets. We dove for cover in an alley.


The three Triad members, thinking that they had us cornered, walked towards us, ready to finish us off. They entered the alley.


I fired three times. The three men fell in rapid succession, their heads blown off by my accurate shooting which had hit each man in the small space between the eyes. Behind me, Giáp said, “Well done, Max. Come on, back to Chinatown.”


We walked through the Chinese style gate, and saw Triads everywhere. On the streets, in vans, walking out of buildings… Despite our continual enmity with the Triads, we had never been in the heart of their territory, here in Chinatown. Now, we found ourselves dumbstruck by the amount of Triads – and the realization that they could easily outclass us.


Of course, twelve Da Nang Boys standing in the middle of Chinatown quickly drew attention to themselves, and within seconds, gunfire erupted and the place had become a battlefield. In the midst of the civilians’ screams, the rat-tat-tat of our submachine guns easily drowned out the rhythmic Bang! of the Triads’ pistols. The Triads were dropping like flies, and we had yet to suffer a casualty.


Now it was the Triads’ turn to be forced into an alley. Their remaining combatants retreated, but it was no use. Sooner or later, they would be hit by one of our rapid rat-tat-tat bullets and go down either unconscious or dead. Little did we know that this was a trap – into which we had unwittingly walked.


The alley was rather large. It was sort of a plaza enclosed between buildings, and there was a corner in front of us. We were sure that beyond this corner, we would find more Triads to kill. Four of our Boys rushed in front of us in their excitement –


- and were immediately ripped to shreds in a flash of red. Their bodies snapped backwards convulsively, and they fell to the ground, a mutilated and bloody mess.


Trent and I exchanged shocked looks. What worried us most was not the dead bodies of our comrades, but the sound that had been made as they went down. The weapon that had killed our friends, whatever it was – it made a sound that was unfamiliar to us. It sounded deep and mechanical, a grim whirring sound.


I peeked around the corner, ready to roll and fire. But what I saw confirmed my fears.

“What is it?” asked Trent.

I was too shocked to speak. It was black and menacing, its gun turret still rotating. Without a doubt, I knew this was minigun.

Someone was holding it firmly. I couldn’t see his face, but he was dressed in green and black. After a few seconds, the man started to walk towards us. At first I thought that he had seen me, but then I realized that he was just coming to confront us.


When he appeared, we all recognized him.

It was Johnson, his eyes hidden behind those dark sunglasses.

He did not speak. The continuous whirr of his minigun was sending a clear message.

We all dropped our weapons and raised our hands.


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I think im over-rewarding myself

or something. smile.gif



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Build Up Your Gang





13th story - $22


GSF have $262 + $22 = $284




4th story - $28


GSF now have $284 + $26 = $310




5th story - $33


Da Nang Boys have $315 + $33 = $348


Oh and by the way, I would like a stubby shotgun for the Leone's.


Leone's have $657 - $60 = $597


Story counts, weapons and money need to be updated please with the figures given.




You can't reward yourself an Infernus without having the money for it. Infernus' are $800 and even after those set of stories you don't even have half the money needed. Fair enough with the PCJ and SMG as you didn't keep them at the end of the chapter.


This applies for everyone, you must purchase vehicles and weapons before featuring them in your stories.



rated by mark-2007

Story counts, weapons, and money updated by radicell. Also fixed and reformatted the weapons list.

Edited by Build Up Your Gang

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Fresh story that i edited a bit.


Chapter 5 – Losing a Loved one


Early in the morning, i went to the airport With Sweet's Greenwood. My girlfriend was coming from VC. I pulled over the entrance to the airport. When she came out, i smiled. Her blonde hair was shining like the sun. Her fabulous clothes dragged the views of every citizen, and her face was beautiful like a sunrise. She entered the car and we kissed.


“Hey Sarah! How is it going? I’m so glad to see you!”


“Hey John, it’s good at me, you?”


“Fine. How was it in Vice City?"


“Nice, but I had to run away. The Cubans started rioting all over town. They said they are coming to San Andreas! Near Los Santos! It’s better to be here with you and the GSF, than there alone with no protection. Please you and the GSF homies must stop the Cubans! Please!”


“Okay Sarah, everything will be fine. Now, when will they come and where?”


“Hmm… I think they will come tomorrow or so. And I think they will come on Madd Dogg’s mansion.”


“Madd Dogg! I got to warn him. And I have to get you to a safe place.”

We drove over to Grove Street. To Sweet’s house. She has to stay with me, I can’t lose her!

After she settled in and unpacked, she had a little nap to rest from her flight. I went out to get a snack and after that, I’ll call Madd Dogg. I’ve gone to the Burger Shot near Verona Beach. The food filled a hole. After that I called Madd Dogg…


“Hello?” Said Madd Dogg over the phone, wondering who it is.


“Yo Madd Dogg! It’s me John, a friend of your manager CJ.”


“John, John… Can y’a tell me your last name please? I know a lot of Johns.”




“Ah John! Ye what’s happenin’?”


“Tomorrow, the Cubans from Vice City are coming to San Andreas. They will land near your crib, so I wanted to tell you to get some guards or ask some of the GSF homies to come to you.”


“Well, Maccer , Paul and Rosenberg won’t be much of a help. So… Okay. I’ll ask some homies. Thanks for warnin’ me.”


“No problem. Bye now.”


“Bye” <BIP>


I went back to my girl after the call. I entered the house, and something was smelling terrible. I ran trough the house and I found Sarah… Dead… I started to cry.


“Nooooo! Why did this happen?”


I saw a bloodstained note on the floor. I took it and started reading.


Dear John,


We robbed this house, but your ex-girlfriend was in the way.


So we had to get rid of her. I hope you don’t mind.


Have a nice day.


Signed, Ballas


I left the note down. My face started changing from a sad face, to and angry face.


“I’ll kill you, you f*ckin’ Ballas!”


I got in Sweet's Greenwood and started driving like mad to the Balla territory, Jefferson. I came to 9-Rat’s house. 9-Rat is the vice-leader of the Ballas. The house was guarded with Ballas. I drove away to the Ammunation. I bought a rudger, tec 9 and a desert eagle. I got back to 9-Rat’s house. When I pulled over, I got out of my car and hid behind it. My first move was blind shooting. It blew 9-Rat's car, which destroyed a piece of his house.But 9-Rat was not there. His guards started shooting at me with their Uzis. Of course, I shot some more on them. I killed a few but that was not enough. They lost all of there Uzi ammo, but they took their desert eagles and started shooting at me. I had an rudger. When I started shooting, I killed them all. Now, I need to write a note for 9-Rat. But before that, blow his house up. I took a random car from the street and parked it next to 9-Rat's house, then I went behind my car. When I destroyed the car with my rudger, parts were flying all around. After that I wrote a note to him.


Dear Rat,


I tried to get to the clothes shop behind your house,


But your house was in my way.


so i blown it to pieces. I hope you don’t mind.


Signed, John Stewman


Now I felt a little better, but still my loved one died… I will never forgive the Ballas. Not even if they pay me a million bucks. I watched the place burn, and it was really lighting up the night. I thought of killing them silently but it had to be night to do that, so I bought a pistol at the Ammunation and then i silenced it with a metal tube.

9-Rat’s girlfriend passed by my car. I started talking to her…


“Are you 9-Rat’s girlfriend?”


“Yes… What do you want from me?”




I pulled my silenced pistol, and I shot her trough the head. I had no mercy. I had to run before the cops get here.

I went back to Grove Street. It was very calm there. Everyone was sleeping, accept for Sweet. He watched some movie. I don’t know the name. I entered the house , greeted Sweet and went straight to bed. It was an exhausting night.

Edited by GhostGlendale

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Chapter fourteen : Area 69



This morning was different than the last two, probably because i woke up at 10am. The guys were already up, we got outside and had breakfast and coffee. We started planing.

"Alright fellow travelers, tonight we are going to invade Area 69."

"Alright,"everyone yelled

"We are heavily armed, all we need is a plan,"Truth got a blackboard out and started writing."Luke and Mike, you are going to enable the main door. While Lou and me shut down 2 searchlights which are patrolling the midlle."

"Okay, but who will have which weapons?"

"Luke and me will have rugers with silencers. I just found them today. Mike and you will have silenced Tec9s,"Truth said.

We got a few more things straight and then went to bussines. I took my backpack it was a smaller one this time, so i put in it : ruger,silencer,ammo and a code book for hacking the blast doors. Everyone else did similar to me too. Then i took the spare ruger, Truth accidentaly ordered a extra one. Then started practising, i was pretty good but i still practised. The other guys were busy doing their stuff. Truth was getting a printout of the guard’s locations and the searchlight locations and circles. Mike and Lou were playing with guns. It was a hot summer day , you can’t imagine how hot it was in the middle of the desert. I drank a whole bottle of Sprunk. We had to stay in the shadows, I couldn’t wait for tonight. Once we had the waiting over and it was finally 20:00, the sun started to come down and it was cool. A breeze cooled us out. Everyone took there backpacks and went with Truth. The base was filled with searchlights. I put a silencer on my Ruger and shot the nearby guards. Since I was in a row, I f*cked up two more. Then Mike started shooting from another angle, after him Lou shot them from the third angle. When they were all dead, we came in to the base. Truth shot a few searchlights while Mike and I unlocked the blast doors. We all went in. I asked Truth : “Hey Truth, what are we looking for anyway?”

“We are looking for the Black Project and documents of there latest project. They are both in the research lab.”

We started shooting again, silently so nobody heard us. The research lab was huge. We went down the stairs.

“There it is, the Black project! Luke, take it and go trough the launch pad. Land on the airfield. We will take the documents and will meet you there.”

The Black project was a jetpack, I took it. It was hard to fly, but I managed to get to the airstrip. When I got there, I put the project into the garage. Then I set up a table in front of the house and made a apple pie, and lasagnas. I set it all up and waited. Just when I set it up I saw the guys coming.

“You got the documents?”

“We got them!”

“Wash your hands and get here so we can eat!”

“My favorite ,Lasagna,” Truth said

We had a really good dinner and went to rest from todays mission.



Can we buy Distilery (Alcohol) and chromed shotgun?

Edited by GTASA_passer

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Build Up Your Gang

@ GTASA_passer


14th story- $23


GSF have- $333


@ GhostGlendale


5th story- $30(keep it up smile.gif)


GSF have- $363


*Items bought*


GSF have $223


Woohoo I didn't screw up the coding biggrin.gif

Edited by Build Up Your Gang

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The Leone's

Cipriani's Ristorante


Chapter Eleven: York Motel


I staggered home after hours of drinking rich wine at Alberto’s, stumbling from one side of the pavement to the other and ricocheting off a lamppost on my way, which I proceeded to apologise to. I squinted at my watch, I knew that double vision didn’t mean I had two watches unfortunately; it was just gone midnight. I stumbled up the steps of the Hepburn Heights tower and heaved my weight up against my door. It opened with the force and I went crashing in, tripping over an empty pizza box and landing, conveniently, in a tangled mess on my sofa. I jumped up and had enough sense about me to close and lock the door, then made my way to bed to blackout for a while.


Hours later, I awoke with a thud at the door. I got up and, bleary-eyed, went to check who was there. Through the fish-eye was the face of my overweight best friend Carlo and to his left was my fellow soldier in the D’Amico crew Domenico Cerrazino.


“It’s open,” I said, leaving the door to fetch myself some dissolvable Ibuprofen to cure the throbbing hangover I had.

“Hey Johnny, you feelin’ alright?” asked Dom.

“Yeah, I’m over my shooting, but now I’ve got a huge f*cking headache!” I said with a grimace.

“Yeah, I was pretty worse for worse for wear myself when I got up,” Carlo said. “Fine now though.”

“So, we gonna go get the pricks that did it to ya Johnny?” Dom asked.

“What? The shooting? Or the hangover?” I said with a grin.

“Haha yeah, they’ve locked themselves up in York Motel in Pike Creek,” Dom chipped in. “One of the receptionists told us their room number and they’re gonna look the other way for a while.”


Carlo and Dom sat down and watched some television whilst I showered and got ready. After twenty minutes I walked back out into the living room and we got up and left. Down in the parking lot for my apartment complex sat a jet black Sentinel, Dom pulled out the keys for it and unlocked it.


“Nice ride you got here man,” I admired.

“Yeah, set me back a bit mind,” he replied. “Come round, I got something in the boot to show ya.”


I walked around and he opened the boot of the car. I leaned over for a closer look, inside was an array of weapons. Baseball bats, Glock 10, Uzis and one smart-looking shotgun. I picked up the shotgun; it was a lot lighter than I thought it would be.


“We just got a few of those in at the airport,” Dom began. “A gift from our suppliers in Romania.”

“Sweet, I’ll use it for this,” I said and placed it back in the boot.


Not much was said on the drive over; we just listened to the modern rock station and relaxed. After about half an hour we pulled up around the corner from the motel. The façade was shabby, with the several of the neon light bulbs out in the sign. A window on the first floor was boarded up and a man hung smoking a joint from another one. We got in and headed for the stairs, past the bribed receptionist who preoccupied herself with paperwork as we passed.


“It’s room 19 on this floor,” Carlo said between wheezing breaths. I had the shotgun tucked in my coat and Carlo and Dom had both chose Glocks, which they kept a hand permanently grasping the butt tucked in their waistbands.


Room 15, 17… finally we reached room 19. The ‘9’ was hanging loosely the wrong way round and if we hadn’t checked, we would have though it was room 16.


“Ready?” I whispered to my two friends. They nodded and I shoulder charged the door. The cheap locks snapped with the force of my body and the door flung open.


Inside four men were relaxing on a sofa, watching television. They must have been high because they barely flinched as we came flying through the door. Upon the sight of our raised guns they soon sobered up though.


“Hey, f*ckers!” I yelled, pointing my shotgun at one of their terrified faces.

“Aw, sh*t. sh*t!” The man responded and wet patch began to form around his crotch.

“Haha, what the f*ck is this? Kindergarten?” I asked and looked round at the sni**ering faces of Carlo and Dom, who also had their guns raised.

“Please,” one of them began. He was wearing a purple rag wrapped round his forehead. “We didn’t know you was there man, homie!”

“Well, maybe you should have done some research, huh?” Carlo said with a laugh. “C’mon, let’s finish these f*ckers.”


I forced the shotgun barrel against one of their faces and let him cry for a moment. Carlo popped a shot off into one of their skulls, and the guy slumped back into the grotty sofa. Dom followed suit and capped two of them. My guy was wincing in anticipation. I drew the gun back a few inches and let go of the trigger, recoil slapping up my arm. The guy was flung over the sofa, brain matter splattered on the opposite wall, and he fell in a heap on the floor.


“Right, let’s get going,” I said calmly. “Before any cops or Nines arrive.”


We headed out the door, past a shocked janitor, and down the steps. The receptionist was snow doodling on a piece if paper with her head down. We quickly exited the motel and left in the Sentinel.


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Russian Mafia: Grey Imports: Chapter 3: Sweet ride.

The Greenwood skidded to a halt outside the over-priced department store, Jarker put a ski-mask over his head and ran to the boot and got out his baseball bat, I jumped out and pulled a stocking over my face and pulled out my pistol. Jarker smashed the glass door and ran into the store, "ON THE GROUND, EVERYONE." he screamed, I ran in and pointed my gun at the nearest person, looking menacingly around at anyone. Jarker proceeded up to the cashier, smashing over a few racks with his baseball bat.


"Are you the manager?" he grabbed the man by the collar,

"Yes... Yes I am... Please don't hurt me!" the feint smell of urine drifted through the store as a puddle leaked out onto the floor as the store manager pleaded with Jarker,

"Wheres our protection money?" Jarker shook him,

"What do you mean? This store belongs to GSF!"


"Not anymore, this is now under the protection of the Russian Mafia, $1k upfront every week or things will get messier." Jarker pushed the man onto the ground and dragged his face into the puddle of urine.

"Do you understand this?" he started screaming at the store manager as he put his foot onto the back of the mans head, pushing him into his own piss. Out of the corner of my eye a man in a green bandanna came charging into the store, I quickly turned around but it was too late, the hoodlum tackled me onto the ground and started beating me, Jarker turned around and went to run in, but luckily during the scuffle my gun went off and shot the man in the neck.


"Holy crap Derek!" Jarker stared at me stunned, he turned back around to the store manager,

"We'll be back to get our money next week, but as a payment you'll be giving me your car."

"Over my dead body! I paid $100,000 for that thing!" the store manager stood up, his whole shirt covered in his pee. I turned my gun on him,

"Do you want the same fate as this man here?" I said, idly kicking the corpse as it bled onto the floor of Didier Sach's

The man looked me in the eyes, knowing that I meant business.

"Ahh..." he searched around in his pockets until the familiar sound of keys jingling in his pocket was heard,

"Its the blue Infernus, please treat her nicely..." he sighed, tears beginning to stream out of his eyes after already having the same of wetting himself then lying in it. Jarker grabbed the keys grinning and walked out of the store, the man then turned to me,

"Why would someone do that? He could of just taken my car, but he didn't need to disgrace me like this! What do you want? Get out of here before the GSF hear of what you've done!" he cried at me, I felt sorry for the man, I went up and shook his hand,

"Its called fear, and you cracked under it my dear friend. This place is under the Russian Mafia's control, incidents like what happened today will never happen again." I turned around to leave, but a black suit caught my eye, and a matching black boater. I grabbed them, "I'm going to keep these, my name is Derek, I'll make sure I come around every week and help you out so you get the most out of the $1000 a week, ok?"


The man smiled, "Thank you Derek, what are you going to do with this body?" he pointed towards it, I dragged it outside and put it into the Greenwood, Jarker pulled up beside it in his new Infernus,

"Hurry up, its midday and someones bound to see you doing this."

"Hold on Jarker, give me your lighter." I asked, he searched his pockets then threw it at me, I drove the Greenwood up to Victim, the store we were meant to hit up next.


I got out of the car, locked it, threw my new suit into the back of the blue Infernus, pulled on Jarker's ski mask and grabbed my baseball bat and ran inside;

"EVERYONE ON THE GROUND NOW." I yelled, Jarker stayed outside in the car, luckily only a few shoppers were instead, I ran up to the register, smashing over a few racks just like Jarker did, grabbed the cashier and screamed at her,

"Tell who ever is in charge that this store is now under the Russian Mafia's protection, if there is a problem tell him to meet me back here next Wednesday when I come to collect my $1k a week from now on, and also pass on this message." I dragged her to the front of the store, as she tried to kick and bite her way out of my grasp, I let go. Walked up the to Greenwood, opened up the gas tank, light the lighter, threw it inside the gas tank and made a run for Jarkers Infernus across the street. A massive boom went out through Rodeo as the blue Infernus sped off.


Jarker laughed all the way home, recounting my face when the GSF tackled me too the ground, re-assuring me every 2 minutes it was the funniest thing he ever saw, as we pulled into the factory, Peter was leaning against a maroon Sentinel. I got out and shook his hand,

"Thank you very much Peter, I will treat this car with respect." I hugged him, he then handed me the keys, I went to get in to try out my new car, but he stopped me;

"Its 1 pm right now, remember to get back here at 4 so I can tell you more about what your doing this afternoon ok? By the way, its time you packed heat. Heres a Colt .45." He smiled, and passed the pistol to me, I now had two pistols and a baseball bat, a small arsenal, but none the less handy. "You should also check out your house in Vinewood, Santa Marina, its right next to the beach. Get moved in, then come back here." Peter left and went back up to his office to take care of whatever other business he had, Jarker came up to me.


"Wow, nice car man, and your house sounds pretty sweet, we'll have to go clubbing then get mindf*cked and stumble back to yours eh?" he joked, I laughed, "I'm gonna go have a smoke, I'll see you tomorrow." he walked off,

"Wait up, whos coming with me to pick up this guy?" I was worried I had to do it solo,

"No one, your doing it alone." My fears confirmed, he saw my face drop, "Don't worry, the way you handled yourself today, you should be able to do this easy, just show the man respect and basically be his bitch, he'll put in a good word for you, I'm out." Jarker walked over to a group of men packing up a truck with crates, he lit his smoke and started talking to them. I went to the back of Jarkers Infernus and got my suit and hat. I got into my new car, put my two guns in the glovebox and drove to my new house, I had a shower, got changed into my new suit, put one of my guns under the pillow of my mattress and then went and got something to eat from Burgershot, the time was only 2:30. I drove to Didier Sach's, parked my car out the back and walked in through the front, the man was busy tidying up the mess we made,

"Would you like some help?" I said politely,

"Ahh Derek, that would mean so much. Please, call me Vincent." the man had a strong Swedish accent.



Could I buy the dinghy please?

Edited by ~PhusioN~

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Oct 23,2001

Salvatore Leone is Shot By Claude Cenzino

a Sicilian-German Wise Guy Who Sal Betrayed.




"Today at 3:45 Pm Local Crme Boss

Salvatore Leone Died at the St Marks Hospital,He was 67 Years Old".


With the Assasination The Forelli's Manged to Take Some New Turf On Staunton island.

Such as Newport and Bellevill Park.


LibertyCity Mayor O Donavan Annouces the other Boroughs are now Open As Such


The Forelli Left Staunton and took Control of Broker.


The Leone's Now Depended on Two Men

Joseph Leone and Toni Cipriani,

Joe Became Acting Boss and Decided to Move to Dukes. Where Bought a Mansion for 10 Million Dollars.


Toni Walks in the Office Along with Mickey Hamfist, Raphel Stracico and Toni and Kiss their New Don on the Hand.


Toni:Don Leone We Need Protetion Money and some new Guys.


Joe: Ok Raphel and Mickey You Two Go and Round Some Men,Toni you go Relax Give Mama My Regards.


Toni:Yes Don Leone.

Al: You Wanted to See Me Joe?


Joe:Ya Come in, Al You hav been good to my Father For Some Years Now I Want to Take a Plane to Los Santos and Try to Reach Vinewood Meet with This Kent Paul ok?


Al: Got it.


(Sammy's Penthouse)


Mickey:Ok Listen Up any men with Guns Step up Now.


56Men Stand up.


Mickey: Ok Follow Me(Outside)

ok Look my name is Michael"Mickey Hamfist" Cuno i work with the Leone Family Now i need Some New Men please Step now.


26 men Come back to the Mansion.


Toni:Where's Raph?


Mickey:I Don't know We Lost Him Somewhere.




Joe:Toni C'mon in here,(Joey's Office) Toni you Served us For a Long While its Time to be a Consiglieri Now.


Toni's Face was Red with Happiness But had to hold it in. Luigi and Jimmy Cenili Run Into the office Saying"Raph is Dead!!!!!".


Joe: Crap(Runs Outside with raph tied to a Hood of a Car With his Legs and Arms Gone) Dammit who did this??


Jimmy: It Was a Forelli Capo he Ambushed him.


Knowing the Forelli are not that Strong Called all out War. Peace was Brought in 2002,Las Ventruras. Joe Now married to Apollolina Faunstino. Joe Has a Son (Born in 1987) And a Daughter(Born 1992). Joe Met With Fredo Azzarancino Don of Forelli and Frankie Luciania Don of Sindacco, Paul Massimo Don of Los Santos Family. At The Johnson's Hotel on Ventruras Strip,


Joe:Nice For Us to Meet

Fredo:Yes i Agree with Joey Nice.., I want to Announce that im Moving out of Liberty to Rachio(Chicago) Or Maybe Navana(Havanna).


Paul:Nice Now When Do We Get our Share of the Money Don Sindacco?

Frankie: When this War Ends its Insane.

The Forelli s and Leones Just Need to Stop Acting Like Children.

Joe: Your Rite,But the Forellis hit us first.

Fredo:Doesn't Matter now we Both havn't made any Money in the past 6 Months.

The Meeting Ends With Joe and Fredo Accepting Peace. But For How Long?

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Build Up Your Gang

Oh lord, took me forever to log onto this account.


mark-2007 - $43, so thats $43 to be added to the Leones, could someone do this?


VinnieLeone - $24, thats another $24 to be added to the Leones, $43 + $24 = $67.


@Vinnie: Your story layout is abit confusing to follow, paste it into word and fix up the spelling the errors, some sentences also aren't structured that great, so read them out loud to yourself to see if it sounds right.


Could someone update the coding?


~PhusioN~'s story needs marking.


Done by ~PhusioN~

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Chapter fifteen: Back in the game


When I woke up, I didn’t want to get out of my bed. I had this idea in the back of my head. Today, we can surely get back to Los Santos. I’m sure the guys would like to see it too. There was a book on airplanes on the night table near my bed. I read it, and then a light showed in my head. There is a big plane in that big hangar. Truth knows how to fly them. We can parachute out and land in the Groove! I asked Truth the same second.


“Hey Truth, can you fly airplanes?”


“Sure I can.”


“I was thinking, can we parachute on the Groove. I wanted to get back to LS for some time now.”


“Sure, the guys would surely like to see it. We go for 4 hours.”


I was surprised of Truths reaction. I had the usual breakfast and went to back my set of guns and ammo. Others did the same. The plane in the big hangar was huge. Truth got in the pilot seat while we got some parachutes. We were over LS in half an hour.


“Parachute on my mark, 3,2,1…jump,” Truth said!


I felt like I was invincible, just flying through the air was a great feeling. The view from up there was worth a 1000000$! The yard was finished, it had its roof and the gate. I was sooooo happy. When we opened our parachutes, a group of people gathered on the cul-de-sac of the Groove. Sweet, CJ and Salvatore where one of those people.


“Hey nigga, where you been all this time,” CJ said


“I was kidnapped and taken to the desert where I met some friends,” I replied


“Well, the yard is finished now, we even got the machinery done. It’s a Distillery now, makes Alcohol. We can make big bucks on that.”


“Great! These are my friends : Truth, Mike and Lou.”




“Let’s go see the yard,” Sweet suggested


It was a short trip in Sweet’s Greenwood but when we arrived it was beautiful. It had a glass roof and a gate with code and key access. The code was 5853. Inside the yard there were some machines. On the end of the machines there were bottles coming out. There was also a tanker. Alcohol was going in it. We are going to make a fortune. Then Sweet showed me the weapons stash! There were two big closets near the wall. In the first one there were weapons, the same ones I got in my backpack. In the other there were body armors and ammo clips.


“So, are you happy?” Sweet said


“Of course!”


Then we went back to the Groove. But, there was a black Tahoma in front of it. Some Ballas took a rocket launcher and destroyed Sweets house, next was CJ’s then mine. They were reckless. We ran away just a moment before the final explosion. We were all worried. Where will we spend the night. Then we remembered a hotel in Ganton that was run by the GSF. Parked our car in front, and got free 5 star rooms since we are GSF’s!



I got it combined with the Distillery GSF just bought

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Build Up Your Gang

Alright, time to get this organized.

~PhusioN~: $40

GTASA_passer: $25


These two stories marked by radicell.

All money, story counts, and vehicle purchases have been added/fixed as well.


VinnieLeone: From what you've wrote, it seems like you have chosen the Leone's as your gang. However, which property you want is not clear. Please clarify that before I can add you to the list and give you your story money.

Edited by Build Up Your Gang

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Da Nang Boys - Pier 69


Chapter V: Death is Near

The Triad member paced back and forth behind us, deep in thought. The seven of us stood in a row, hands up high in the air, with our weapons lined up on the ground. We didn’t dare make a move, for we feared Johnson’s whirring minigun would shoot us to pieces if we did. We just stood.


Suddenly, the pacing Triad member swung his arm. A crack sound was heard and our comrade at the very left end of the line gave a yelp and slumped to the ground, unconscious. The arm swung again and another crack rang out. Another one of us suffered the same fate. A few more cracks, then the person to the left of me collapsed. I was next in line, I realized. But I didn’t have much time to think, as I felt the cold butt of the gun smash into my neck. I felt pain for a split second. Then, I remembered nothing more except faintly hearing a few more cracks.


When I came to, the pain in my neck was much worse. It seared through my muscles every two minutes. I felt that my neck had swelled up and was throbbing, but as I tried to reach it, I discovered that my hands and feet were tied up. I tried using my elbows to roll over, and it worked. To my side lay the other Boys. Some of them were still out cold, but some others, including Giáp, had come round.


With great difficulty, I wriggled my arms until I was able to get on my feet. Before I was able to do anything, though, a Chinese voice echoed, “Don’t move.” I turned around to see a Triad member pointing one of our Mac’s straight at me, with a few more Triads standing behind him. This particular Triad member had grey hair and wore a grey suit instead of the usual black. Clearly he was the leader of the Tong or something, I wasn’t sure.


A few more of our friends had started to regain consciousness. They yawned and moaned, then moaned even more after discovering their state of immobility. Seeing this, the grey-suited Triad member spoke to the other, ordinary Triads, in Chinese. “Gan diao ta men. Shui zhi liao.” The Triads nodded and jumped to action.


Back in Da Nang, I had learned some Chinese phrases off a signboard outside of the Chinese Consulate. Based on my limited knowledge of the language, I was pretty sure the Triad leader had said something along the lines of, ‘Get rid of them’. A shiver scuttered down my spine, and my fears were confirmed as I watched the Triads lift up one of our Boys and drag him away.


Within five minutes, all seven of us had been dragged, our hands and feet still tied, out of the alley and into the backseat of a car. Only when I was inside did I realize that the car was in fact the Esperanto that once belonged to me, the one that the Triads had stolen when we ditched it. But that was the least of my problems now, as the last of our Boys were shoved into the car. The Triads got into the front seat and drove off towards an unknown destination.


It was a rather long drive, but I was sure the Triads making detours deliberately, because I kept seeing the same structures over and over again outside the window. Some of our Boys yelled profanities at the Triads. Some pleaded for their life. But the Triads ignored them all and just kept driving. I stayed silent.


Finally, after around half an hour, one of the Triads received a phone call. I recognized the faint voice as the grey-suited leader. He sounded angry. The Triad repeatedly responded “Yes, yes” before finally saying, “I will get it done now.”


When I looked out the window again, we were driving on the very western road of San Fierro. It was early in the morning, and there were hardly any cars on the road. As the Esperanto drove northwards on the road, making the occasional swerve, it gained speed. Up ahead, I could see the Pleasure Domes – no, that was off to the side a little bit. There was nothing ahead of us but a stumpy block of concrete, and beyond that, the sea.


The car hit the stump at full speed, spinning into the air. I caught a glimpse of the open front doors and the empty front seats. The car flipped and swirled in the air. Inside, we crashed into the doors, the seats, each other.


A moment later, the car splashed into the sea. Ice-cold water immediately flooded into the car from the open doors out of which the Triads had bailed. The Esperanto was sinking, and we were immobilized inside. The back doors were locked, and the water was already up to our stomachs. I said a silent prayer as scenes from my childhood, my parents, and all of my previous life flashed across my eyes.

Edited by radicell

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This story (not chapter) has some revisions on the GTASA script. Is it ok?

Chapter 2: Homecoming

I woked up in the bask of the gloomy Los Santos sun. I made my way to the kitchen to get some breakfast. I wondered where was the smell of the bacon my mom makes. There was a note from mom at the door of the refrigrator.


"I couldn't cook breakfast today. I needed to wake up early to go to work on time or my necks on the line. Anyway I left some money on the counter - Mom"


Well, that answered my question. I got outside then walked to the Well Stacked Pizza place close to the Tattoo shop. When I got in I wondered whether $10 could get me a good meal. I never went out to eat when I was in Richman. To my surprise it was a sweet deal for some pocket change back when we were doing well.

There was a parked bike in the alley next to the place, it looked really sweet so I stole it and I don't wanna be walking all the time.


I just rode around a couple blocks and thought to myself if Ryder is in his crib today. I finally got to Grove street, a chaotic cul-de-sac ravaged by Ballas bullets and muggings, I actually saw Ryder talking to some guys in front of a rundown basketball court.


I got off my car and talked to him


"Yo Ryder, what's up?"


"Nuthin' much, my friend's brother is going home from Liberty City"


"Oh, whats his name"


"Carl Johnson, but he hates it when somebody calls him that, call him CJ. Yo, do you wanna be in the GSF? "


"Yeah! Da*n straight! Got free time on my hands anyway"


"Well I gotta job for ya, Go take my car and pick him up at the airport"


"Yeah sure... uhm... which one is it?"


"It's parked at my house you fool!" *Points at the direction of the car*


"Sure sure, Give me the keys man."


"Fo' sho' just stay safe, some Ballas are hangin' out at a dope spot near the police station"


Well, I got in his car, it reeked of Marijuana smoke and beer. I used the highway since Ryder said the Ballas are near the police station.

It was a slow day, I didn't even think that sh*t is gonna happen. I got there and saw a man with a white tank top and some jeans, I drove up to him.


"Yo! You CJ right?"


"Yeah man, who are you?"


"Ryder said that I have to pick you up, well get in then."


"Thank's man, so how's Ryder"


"He's good, I don't a lot of him man, He just told me to pick you up so I can join your gang"


"Ok man,"


We were almost at Ganton when a cop car stopped us..


"Hands in the air!"


"Now drop to the ground!"


"Well, CJ, nice to see you again."


"You missed me Officer Tenpenny?"


"Damn right I missed you! There are no more gangbangers left in Los Santos."


"Well I gotta say that life was great in Liberty coz you haven't been breathing at our necks all tha time"


"Shut up Carl! Get in the car boy!"


"How about this guy Officer Tenpenny?"


"Leave him Officer Pulaski, we only came here for Carl."


"F*ck you man!"


"Get in your car before I f*ckin' blow a hole in you head boy!"


So I got in the car and they were gone. D*mn Ryders gonna have my head for sure. I drove slowly back to Grove Street unaware that they were already for me.


"Ey yo man! where's CJ!"


"I don't know, some cops pulled us over and gotten CJ. I overheard the cops name, Officer Tenpenny or something"


"Oh sh*t, what the hell are we gonna tell Sweet!"


"Man I don't know, who the hell is Sweet!"


"CJ's bro, Good thing his attending there mom's funeral!"


"What are we gonna do Ryder?"


"You do nothin' I'm gonna go the funeral, hopefully they don't notice nuthin'"


"Ok man, call me when it's over."


"Yeah yeah sure; but first gimme my f*ckin' car key!"


"Sorry man, forgot."


Ryder and some other OG's went to the cemetary. I looked over Grove Street and I couldn't find my newly acquired bike. So much for finder's keepers. So I walked home, to my surprise I caught a glimpse of CJ riding around in a bike going in to Grove Street. Well at least it was better to know that GSF ain't gonna come down and kill me having lost CJ on the way home...


Next Up!

Chapter 3: Vengeance Is Sweet


I'll do it this week or so.. I kinda think this chapter was a let down since I was hurrying it up...



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Build Up Your Gang


6th story= $57

The Da Nang boys now have= $405


@ autotheftisgrand

3rd story= $36

The GSF now have= $284


~updated by spursfan~

~coding edited by spursfan~

Edited by Build Up Your Gang

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Mark-2007 agrees that there's been some kind of a mixup so could I be back in the Panlantic Construction Co. in the Colombian Cartel?

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Chapter 6: Liberty City


I suddenly woke up in a hotel room. Somebody woke me. It seemed like someone i know.

It was Luke.


„John! Get up! We got work to do!“


„What work? And how did i get here?“


„ We need to kill a guy thats on witness protection. He saw some of the Leone guys packing

Drugs in a truck! And you got here by yourself, don't you remember?“




„ Oh right, you were knocked out, again. Ok now! No time for chit-chat! Let's go.“


We started runing towards the parking lot.


„We'll take my car! Follow me!“ I said, running as fast as i could.


We ran down and entered the car.


"Where to?" I said turning the engine on.




I started driving fast. When we came there, i saw a car that was slowly followed by the police.


"John! I'll take out his guards! Take this desert eagle, with it you can kill the witness from a safe distance."


He exited the car and went on a house. I pulled over and ran up to him. He started aiming at the police. He shot a guy, the driver.

Of course, it was the back car so no one noticed. I ran over to a building that was far away. I had to prone or someone will spot me. When i aimed, Luke got rid of the other car.

Now it was up to me to finish the job. When i was ready to shoot, Luke threw a molotov bomb on the vechicle. It blewn the vechicle's tires, which damaged the motor. Then, the motor exploded and destroyed the van. We had walkie-talkies so he told me,


"I got to go now, keep the desert eagle."


Luke ran down and took a car from the street. He drove away.


"What do we have here?" Said a strange voice that was coming closer.


"Who are you?!"


"Detective Moen is my name..."


"F*ck! The cops!"


"Ye, and you are under arrest for massive murder. Come with me now mister...?"


"John you b*tch!"


We went down to the nearest jail house. They took all of my weapons and belogings. They gave me stinky prison clothes and put me in the solitary confinment.


It was bad. I didn't have anyone nor anything to talk to. I was bored to hell. Who knows what will happen next...



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