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Radio stations never playing music?


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Hi, I've just realised that radio stations in cars never play music, I've tried all of them. All I hear are adverts and general radio talk.


Does anyone know what problem I'm having?



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What station are you listening to?


WCTR is a talk radio.


And if you are on PC, and haven't added any 'User Track Files', that is most likely what you are listening to. Because if you haven't added any music files, it will just play adverts.

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Firstly, its all stations im talking about, I've tried all and they only talk. Never any songs.


Secondly, this is a real version of the game, although I play through a crack so I don't need my CD all the time.


Thanks for help!

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Most likely the audio folder is corrupted in some areas.


Try a reinstall and see what happens

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KK thanks for suggestions guys. I just don't get how normal radio convos work yet songs don't.

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