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VCVersion Library


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I've been browsing the forums tonight and noticed references to something called vcversion, by Hammer. It sounded great and I wanted to make use of it in the little project I am working on (a trainer-type thing using C++).


I visited the site and downloaded the pack, but I am unsure now how to incorporate it into my mod - the two source files seem to be of another language that I am not familiar with. I am wondering whether there is a C++ language version, or whether I can use its functions straight from the dll (I admit I have little-to-no knowledge in using dll's, sorry)?.


I did try and search to see if there was already a thread here for discussion of this mod but I couldn't find one, sorry if this wasn't the best way to get an answer.


So essentially, I just would love to know how to use this library within my mod, if thats okay. Cheers.

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