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Yesterday, I looked trough my game CDs and found ReVolt. I remembered the days when I played it. Awesome.

I popped the disc in, installed it and it actually ran. Oh, the memories. I immediately went to the track editor and started making some tracks. Today, I found new features in the track editor, like next and previous modules. Lift up, down. Then, I started making some really cool tracks tounge.gif. The game is amazing. I remember playing it for hours. It is an old game, but like most of them, it's still good. Has anyone else played it? If so, what tracks have you made?


My favorite RC car is the one with big wheels. Why? Because, when it flips over, it can still go upside down biggrin.gif.

I'm going to play it now.

We will be the arms that lift you up oqKntbC.gifWe will be the hand that strike you down

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Spent many months playing that game with my mates.


One would stay in the room and the others would all leave whilst the one in the room made the most insane track he possibly could. Then of course, we all had no idea which cars to use so I usually ended up at a really steep bit and not being able to get up tounge.gif


That game has provided some of the best video gaming fun I've ever had.


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