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I think i found something new.


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I was flying around in the skimmer and i was trying to see how much higher than the height limit i could go, when it started to nosedive, i jumped out.

about 13 seconds later when i finally got into the water, i saw the plane halfway into the water and it looked as though i couldnt use it anymore. just from curiosity, i pressed triangle to get in it and all of a sudden im nosediving again!

i saved the plane from the nose dive and i kept flying.



I was driving the Bovver '64 around and i was bored so i put in the "perfect traction, down=jump" cheat. I pressed down and i found that i could hover for about five seconds.(you need to keep holding down X).

it would be useful for lazy people like muah for the unique stunt jumps if only R* didnt disable stunts when you put in that cheat!!!


oh, and sorry if this was already discovered because, like it or not, i would admit myself to be a newb. suicidal.gif




EDIT:Sorry, forgot to mention im on the PSP.


EDIT AGAIN: When trying the second thing, dont try to level yourself out, in fact, try to pull up and MAYBE you will go higher.


EDIT AGAIN AGAIN: The Second thing wont work every time. just keep trying at it and eventually you will get it. its really not that hard.

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wow pretty cool things. I tried out the Bovver'64 thing but it didn't work for me. It was probably because I had the Cheat Device loaded. Anyway nice glitches/finds

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This are some nice and fun finds you did here have some cookies cookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gif

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Wow, the second things sounds fun to mess around with. Nice ones.

Yeah, it'd be awesome if we could do insane stunt with the cheat activate and then use the hovercraft. Have a c cookie.gifcookie.gif kie

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Second one is cool, and tryed it and it actually works nice find.

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The second one is fun. I tried jumping and then hovering over 2 peds and a car. I could only jump the two peds.

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After trying out the Second finding, I was messing with the Hover '64 and I accidentally had the Rainy Weather cheat on and by holding the nub down while riding the currents, you can get some serious air. The longest time I lasted in the air was about 5 seconds. I spent many minutes mastering it. turn.gif

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