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Rockstar Games Presents Music Events


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There was a 1980s vintage Rockumentary entitled Black and Blue. I always wanted it on DVD or video, but it has yet to be released.

Features then touring hard rock legends Black Sabbath and Blue Oyster Cult.


Then there is the band Black and Blue IIRC, and I am not sure but I think Tommy Thayer who joined KISS was a guitarist for them.


In this promo for GTA4, it highlights the Hardcore station programming aspect..


Far as I've read thus far, but it sounds interesting. EGH anything like GBH?? haha

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Huh, that's the font the game uses for all its text.
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Mister Pink

I've heard of Francoise K but I haven't heard of the rest...


Francoise K



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I've heard precious few of the hardcore acts. There is a summer metal assault tour I just read about coming to my State, that's more to my liking. About 10 bands there

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