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Recommended Posts

A while ago i was looking for a free sound/music editor/creator so i could make some music for my game. I came across Wired. It looked pretty good, the interface looks awesome, so i thought i would download it. But it's only for Linux sad.gif. Luckily there is a Windows port, but it needs compiling and it needs a whole lot of additional libraries to compile. I was wondering if anyone would like to compile it for me? biggrin.gif. Here is the readme for the Windows port ("win32\README.txt"):


How to build Wired on win32


You need to:

- install MINGW + GDB                    http://www.mingw.org/

- install MSYS + Developer Toolkit    http://www.mingw.org/


  install Code::Blocks IDE last build  http://forums.codeblocks.org/index.php?board=20.0

- install wired-libs-win32 package    [email protected]


  compile it by yourself the packages:

      wxWidgets                        http://www.wxwidgets.org/

      libsamplerate                    http://www.mega-nerd.com/SRC/

      SoundTouch                      http://www.surina.net/soundtouch/

      sndfile                              http://www.mega-nerd.com/libsndfile/

      portaudio                          src/portaudio or http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~music/portmusic/

      portmidi                            src/midi/portmidi or http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~music/portmusic/


Unfortunately, i couldn't find the wired-libs-win32 package so you will have to install and possibly compile all of the separate packages. It says to compile it with GCC (MinGW) but some of the libraries compile with MSVC under Windows, so i don't know what to do there.

Well, if anyone wants to try and compile it (you might want to use it, it looks like an excellent program) you can download here, click wired-0.6.tar.gz.


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I was wondering if anyone would like to compile it for me?

Never mind. Some guy at GameDev found this link for me. It has a win32 installer for the latest version (0.6).

The program is still very buggy, it is still in the beta stages but apart from that it looks pretty good.

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Why don't you just run it under Linux? If you don't want to install Linux, you can always run one from live CD. Try downloading and burning an image for Ubuntu CD. It's a very simple and straight forward distribution. Then just install Wired onto a flash drive, and you are sailing. You can save all your work onto the same flash drive. Ubuntu will not write to NTFS partition, but you will be able to grab files from one if you mount it properly.


To make things a little easier, get Audacity and use it as your sound editor. It is great for mixing, cutting, and adding FX.


For composing music, you might want to try Anvil Studio. It is a free MIDI editor that makes it easy to compose the music. The big problem with it is that it uses your hardware MIDI synthesizer, and unless you have a very expensive sound board, it probably sucks royally. You can, however, then import that MIDI track into whatever software or hardware synthesizer you can get your hands on. Wired will probably let you do exactly that, though, I don't know how good Wired's synthesizer and available for it plugins are.

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I have been thinking about getting Linux for a while now but i can't be bothered installing it. But i found a Win32 installer for Wired anyway.

I have Audacity but it's pretty crappy. I mean, it's good for free software and i like how you can draw the sound wave with the mouse biggrin.gif But it can't do MIDI, and Anvil Studio looks like it can only do MIDI. Wired looked like it had a lot of tools for both MIDI editing as well as WAV. I haven't checked it all out yet but it seems pretty good, although it does crash often.

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Well, yes, your sound tools don't need to be the same as your MIDI tools. Two entirely different things. One thing missing in between is a descent synthesizer. And even that, you might be able to find on the web for free.


I mean, to compose the music, you really don't need anything but a MIDI editor. Once you have your MIDI file, you run it past a good synth, and you get your WAVE audio. Then you add whatever FX you might need. And Audacity is great as far as these go. You can do any post-production you can with any pro tool out there. I know a guy who runs his own studio, and the only thing his rather expensive software does that Audacity doesn't is keeps a better track of each audio source, which you really only need when you have actual musicians playing on actual instruments trying to play at the same time. If you start with a MIDI track, you shouldn't need anything but Audacity. If you find that you do, you probably just haven't figured out a way to do it yet.

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Yeah, well i just wanted an all-in-one app so i didn't have to install a bunch of programs. I only want to play around with it anyway, i have never composed any music before so i don't know how good i will be biggrin.gif

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I don't think anyone ever wrote anything good on their first try. If you have some background in music, don't let the first failure discourage you. Just keep trying. And if you don't, you should probably learn some music theory first, then pick up an instrument, learn to play it a bit, and finally learn to pick up a tune without the sheet music. That's typically what you want to be able to do before you can turn a tune that sounds good in your head into something that will actually sound good.

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Hey, i don't want to learn an instrument! smile.gif I just thought i'd try my hand at creating some digital music.

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