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GTA:SA v3.0 Trainer


Recommended Posts

Due to the demand of this, i have decided to work on a v3.0(steam edition) trainer.


Since so many people want this, i wont release it when its done, ill release it EVERY new feature I add...


Hopefully ill have something good by tomorrow.


EDIT: Im taking requests... but my first few priorities are Inf health, and inf armor... the money(easy) and then inf. ammo.



Accomplishments(I made this yesterday*March 16* at like 11:00pm don't expect much yet):[ ] Inf. Health[ ] Inf. Mana[ ] Set wanted level[X] Add money[ ] Change weather[ ] Spawn cars(May be impossible via addresses, so I may need to add an injection .dll)[ ] Inf. Ammo[ ] Warp to position(May be implemented tonight!)[ ] Others(Requests please!)





Edited by falkman
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As I mentioned: Money is going to be easy, and it was!


Here you go!



How to use:When prompted for a command, type in "addmoney" without the quotes, then enter the amount.



Version 1.0 (First Release)


Version 1.5 (Added a small pause in the loop to reduce CPU Usage;Added checking device to see if GTA:SA is running.)


I made this is c++, and since I/Other people wanted it so bad, i haven't bothered to add a GUI... its easy to use anyways.



Edited by falkman
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Great Saiyaman
good job on this, but excuse me ignorance, what exactly is it for?

its for the steam version of san andreas

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Inf. Health and Inf. Armor should be here by the end of the day...

Inf. Armor will probably come first do to the fact that it is a static value, therefore an easier pointer... (In english): The armor value doesnt get 'upgrades' it is always the same size bar...


Remove/Add wanted level: I worked on this last night, and I was able to set the values and it worked once, then once i died, i could set the value, and the stars would show the wanted level I entered, but the comps wouldnt come after me.


The 2nd post of this topic is where ALL downloads are kept, the first topic will be edited and I will add a feature list.

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I got the addresses for the time... I'll add that once I get home.


As for countdowns and such, ill try to work on that, but I still want to get Inf HP/Armor. (Their tricky because they aren't 100 = 100 hp, its all mumbo jumbo) tounge.gif



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Not sure if it's possible, but it'd be sweet if you could mod the garages to always have certain vehicles in them, I seem to recall GTASA Control Centre having something like this, however only having the steam version of SA, haven't been able to check it out.

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Yeh, it should be possible... the whole problem is that finding all the memory is kinda trial and error.


As for making cars spawn FOR you, you need to inject stuff... which currently is beyond my knowledge in c++.

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It is my understanding the San Andreas Control Center works as expected for version 2 of San Andreas, and that the steam version, version 3, is almost identical to version 2. Are you sure SACC and other trainers can't be used with your version of San Andreas?

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yes, it crashes when I try them(Aka i get Send/Dont Send prompts). I have also looked at using the GTA:SA v2.0 addresses, and they don't return correct values(aka their stored at different locations).


Im working on finding the CPed address, cause all the stuff is based off that, once i get that it should almost be complete!


HP IS COMPLETE! Now i'm adding a GUI.

Edited by falkman
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good job on this, but excuse me ignorance, what exactly is it for?

its for the steam version of san andreas

Steam sells v3.0, only. They had nothing to do with it's development. Referring to v3.0 as the Direct2Drive version is also incorrect. It's simply v3.0


falkman is talking about v3.0 San Andreas; great job for creating this, by the way! icon14.gif

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  • 3 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...

Coolbeans, any progress to report? je looking forwards to this, also GTA IV which appears to be sold out everywhere already...

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  • 2 months later...

Hi guys, thx for the little money trainer smile.gif

But we want more biggrin.gif

Searched everywhere but couldn't find any, so i made one by meself tounge.gif

Its for inf. armor and health, this is my first trainer, i made it as a test so it looks very simple smile.gif, maybe i'll make my next trainer a bit more better looking biggrin.gif. I also included the tools i made the trainer with.

I've gta sa v3.0 from Steam, tested and works for me icon14.gif . Downside is that its recognized as a virus by some anti-virus programs.

Tell me what you think, i hope it works for you too.


Open trainer and load or start a new game, go back to trainer and just click on the cheat button.




If you dont know how to download from rapidshare, click on "free user" wait until countdown, and download.


Grtz, Tilki.



I noticed a crash with the game when both cheats are enabled, i didnt have any problem using only infinitive health.

Edited by Tilki
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  • 5 months later...

I am bumping this because we need some more progress on this steam trainer!


and maybe one for VC...and GTA3 biggrin.gif

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  • 2 weeks later...

great, thanks for this... any chance you could give me tthe memory adresses for health and armour? I've tried to find it for myself, but SQA just keeps crashing on me. What prgram you using- Cheat engine, Artmoney,Tsearch or what?

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  • 2 years later...

simply GOOGLE: GTA:SA v3.0 Trainer.


Topic subject update ceased 2008

Edited by lil weasel
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