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will it be in the game?


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will this stuff b in the game.?


1. workin' wind sheild vipers when it rains

2. parachutes?

3. bicycles

4. Custom soundtracks (PS3)

5. ability to turn sixaxis off (PS3)

6. jet ski's in the game?

7. replay feature in the game????


answer for a cookie wink.gif

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I'm pretty sure bicycles are confirmed to be out, and parachutes may be as well. Working wipers are suspected, but nothing proven

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jared prinzo

there was a article about most of this stuff i forgot where though, i remember that dan houser said Maybe for the soundtrack and for sure parachutes arent in the game.

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You're asking questions nobody can answer yet, these are detailed game features that you'll only find for sure if you see in a screenshot or scour a preview for, don't expect any concrete answers, nobody has any, here's my take:


1. They've gone so far as to include peds reacting to the weather (the preview where the woman pulls up her shawl to protect from rain) I don't see how it would make ANY sense to not include working windshield wipers.


2. There are no airplanes that you can pilot in GTA IV, so the parachute is almost entirely pointless unless you want to parachute from a helicopter or basejump, Liberty City is also a much more intimate environment than before, and while it may seem like fun to parachute between the tightly packed building, I do NOT see it happening.


3. I don't see how they could build a modern city full of parodies without making fun of the poor souls who have to pedal instead of drive a car, so there's a good chance.


4. Every PC release has had custom soundtracks, the console iterations have not been so lucky, also with the ability to play your own music from the Xbox Dashboard, I don't see them adding this feature just for PS3.


5. Sixaxis is something you agreed to when you bought a PS3, just hope that if you don't like it they give you an alternate control scheme.


6. They are having a ton of different boats, I don't see why they wouldn't have Jet Skis aside from the fact that the generally industrial motif of Liberty makes it not really be a place people come to jet ski (among yachts and cargo freighters)


7. I'm going to go ahead and say no, every time they've had replay it's been somewhat limited until it came to PC and people could use FRAPS or something similar to grab movies, they probably won't do all that work just to allow you to see what happened over the past 30 seconds a few times.


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Thought i read that parachutes are out (because i was really dissapointed)


and I also thought I read there is no SIXAXIS support.

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3 is the only one that can be answered definitively.



no theres another

4. NO ps3 u cant listen to music so u better try to enjoy the music they got for u in the game or pull out ur ipod and listen to music while u play

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