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Same Cops

special someone

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special someone

Just been reading through the thread about the wanted stars and it was brought up that in the two screen shots below it is the exact same two cops.


Is this showing a fault or is it actually a positive thing.


It could be a fault because it would mean that you are going to keep gettin arrested by the 'same' cop, however


it could also be something good because it could actually be the same cops. For example the same cops petrol a certain area, and if you dont kill off that cop, you will keep seeing him roaming the streets.


This would be hard to do, but just an idea I suppose.


Screenshot 1


Screenshot 2




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They're all diffeern cops. The black cops facial hair is different. And the others cops facial hair is different also.

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How the hell is facial hair 'gay stereotype'?.

Lol do i need answer that, tv,media,ymca,bikers.


oh and its the way the cops have there facial hair.

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Why have they all got the gay sterotype beards?

because all gta games feature popular stereotypes and satire to amuse players.

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