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I am broke and really can't afford a next-gen console atm (But yet take note, I have reserved and bought GTAIV for the 360, odd isn't it?). I have the lovely PS2 and I am in a ditch with games. I want to get something new at the old game shop and I want a good RPG game for the PS2. People keep telling my Final Fanatsy or Devil May Cry, but those games didn't lure me in like Fable or Star Wars Knights of Old Republic. So does anybody have any recommendations on good PS2 RPG games I could look into?

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The last game I bought for my PS2 was GRANDIA III. I found it at my local video store. I too was looking for a good RPG for the PS2, and I found one. This game seems geared to a younger generation. It has a really horrible theme song. And one of the female charcters has an extreamly anouyingly high pitched voice.

However I enjoyed it emensly. Definatley the most fun I had had with an RPG in a long time.

I played FinalFantasy12. It too was an excellent game with a great new style. But it was totally lacking (in my opinion) in fun characters. Characters that make you laugh, and a story that is easy fall into. GRANDIA III got me into the story and kept that "suspension of disbelief" that is key to story telling. It also has great gamplay, with combo moves and character specialities. Totally worth giving a shot.


To all FF fans: Even if it was "amazing". Dry characters and bad voice acting ruined it for me.

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