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Need Help Taking Territories


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Can anyone help me take over territories so I can finish the game? I just need to take control so that I can go to the last missions I think.


Thanks in advance.



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I guess I can do that.

I'll get you to the % needed to do mission (think its like 35-40%?).


For: harryhoudini66

Mission(s): Gang Territories?

Helper: Rusty007

Link: <savegame>



Sweet called said time to go after Big Smoke.

I forgot to look see how much territory your at like 35%. I don't think rioting stops until you finish the last mission and have majority control of territories (gangs in 1st).


No cheats were used


As a side note:

If your having trouble taking territories start with easiest ones first (those with lightest color). Also do the 3 sub-missions, Paramedic (max life), Vigilanty (+50 armor), and Firefighter (fire proof). Also finding the pick ups in each city will spawn guns at you main house in each city (Johnson house LS, Doherty Garage SF and The Four Dragons Casino LV). I went ahead and made some money for you at casino (about $200,000) so I could buy some guns (You did not have alot confused.gif). Also I put the map marker on the spot, were you used to meet Mike Toreno, there are 4 types of heavy guns there (2 rockets, flamethrower and mini-gun). I stocked up on about 4000 round of mini gun as it is the easiest way to take territories. Hope this helps and good luck on last mission. Last thing I HIGHLY recommend you do at least the Firefighter sub-mission before doing the last mission (It will save you a lot of time).

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