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Vehicle Locations Map


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OK, I created a map with vehicle locations in the Downtown District. It has taken me a lot of time and I'm very busy, so don't expect to see the others soon, although I'm on easter holidays and I'll try to complete the Residential District map. The map may be inaccurate, so tell me any mistake I have made.

Please, if there is anywhere another map like this one, tell me, I don't want to waste my time doing something it's already done.


user posted image

Edited by chapapote
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Oh, thanks a lot. I didn't know that. I had just started with the Residential District and it was much more difficult than the Downtown District, fortunately you have stopped me. Well, there aren't any Downtown District vehicle locations map, so I haven't wasted my time. I'll try to do the remaining maps.

By the way, I've seen some mistakes in the Industrial District vehicle locations map, do you know how to tell them to someone able to correct them?

Edited by chapapote
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Well, I made that map @ WikiGTA, so I'm all ears if you want to point out the mistakes. smile.gif I used the coordinates of the released Industrial District scripts, so it should be fairly accurate. However, it's possible these are beta scripts so some cars were changed afterwards.

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Well, it's not important, but there are gang cars parked in the Industrial District: a Karma Bus near their yellow phones, a Z-Type near the House of Guns (I think it's called like this way), and a Bulwark in the power station you destroy in the last Krishna mission.

You have done a good work, anyway, congratulations.

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I'm glad I've been a bit useful. tounge.gif

I'll try to complete the remaining weapons map, but tell me if you are going to complete them by yourself, because your maps seem to be more accurate than mine.

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I'll do them sooner or later, but the weapons and power-ups are a real pain in the tail to locate due to the sheer number of pick-ups. I think I'll do the other missing maps first.


The maps at WikiGTA use the coordinates system of the game making it pretty accurate. I used the released scripts of the Industrial district for the Industrial weapon map, but I'll have to find every weapon in the other districts using the debug keys... Doable, but rather tedious.

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