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For as long as I've been here I've never seen this done before


A Swatch of all the skin backgrounds currently installed on GTAForums (1 large picture), save this and the open it up in your program of choice and since you'll be dealing with Transparancies it will no doubt be either Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro. Then copy your prospective signature and paste it into the Swatch so you can see how it will look on various forum skins, keeping in mind that not everyone uses the default


I have also included on all of the skins the familiar 'Green box of death' so you can check that it fits within the boundarys of the limit of 500 x 150


It you are unfamiliar with skins on this forum then to check them out go to


My Controls (top of the page under your username) > Skin and Languages (under Options) > select your skin and then "Change my Account Options"


user posted image



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The boundary limit is 450 x 150 not 500 x 150.

But nice job. icon14.gif


Edit: Did they change the max size or something? Last time I checked it was 450 x 150. confused.gif

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