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Official F1 Topic

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Vettel swapping 1st and 2nd place after the end of the race... I guess I now have a new favourite pilot! 🤣

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Gotta laugh at Lewis re-entering the track only to push Max off the very next race. 🤣

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Gotta say McLaren and Renault have been doing solid these last 2 races, finding ways to split Ferrari and Red Bull, in qualifying too. Makes the whole thing interesting again, as 1-2 are all Mercedes and 19-20 all Williams with Alfa Romeo, Haas or Toro Rosso into the 10s more and more now.

Edited by AndyGanteks

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I wanted Leclerc to win, but Max clearly deserved it more. Great way to recover from such an awful start. Honda was won, finally, after years of suffering. The lesson here is clear: Mercedes needs to get the f*ck out of F1 to have intense races again. Good race for McLaren and Alfa Romeo Sauber. Gasly, well, they might show him the door sometime. Lapped even by his race-winning teammate.

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Here's a recap of what happened after the race in the Ferrari Box:

- Ferrari's people celebrating the victory because Sky Italy gave them the news of a 5 second penalty for Verstappen.

    ... Shouting in Italian ...


- 3 minutes later - Wait, this document might be fake!

    ... Scanning document, please wait ...


- Yes, it's fake, the document number shoudn't be 35 but 49 instead.

    ... Depression (and embarassement) increasing ...


- After a nice dinner in the steward's room (that lasted just 2 hours and a half), here it is the final result: Verstappen keeps the victory of the Austrian GP.

    ... Suicidal instincts ...


Well, an entertaining race even after the race! I wanted to see Leclerc to take his victory, but Verstappen today was pure masterclass. The incident, for me, is a 50 50 scenario, Leclerc could have broke before and Verstappen could have left a bit more space... But in the end these 2 21-years old men were battling for a 1st place, so just leave them race!

Also very good results for Vettel (shame for that pit stop), Norris (very promising), Sainz (from 19th to 8th), Raikkonen (very good start, then the Alfa Romeo's limits came up a bit) and Giovinazzi (finally taking some points).

Edited by Wolver_321

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Again, a very good race, another chapter in the spectacular battles between Leclerc and Verstappen. Shame that Ferrari f*cked it with the strategy when the SC came out. They don't seem to realize that they have two drivers. F*cking Vettel and his millionth mistake was the very reason Leclerc reached the podium, and also allowed Gasly to finish ahead of Max. Good for McLaren (especially Sainz). HAAS is just being ridiculous at this point. Wonder whatever crap the criminal f*ckwit who runs "Rich" Energy comes up with now.

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It was good to see a race this season since it's the only one in the UK that's allowed to be free to air and not on Sky TV.


Decent race, a couple of good moments, a fairly flat middle of the race, but then I've not seen other races this season to compare to - #EffSkySports

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4 words: What a fu**ing race!


Verstappen 1st after a 360 spin and a dramatic start (again).

Vettel from last to second.

Kvyat 3rd.

Sainz 4th.

Both Mercedes out.

Leclerc out but could have finished 1st from 10th place.

Hulkenberg in 2nd/3rd and then out.

Kubica and Russell have finally had someone behind who wasn't going to lap them.


Happy 125th birthday in motorsports to Mercedes, they couldn't have celebrated it in a better way

Edited by Wol321
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Well, I guess you all already knew that Italians are loud when there's to celebrate. Last Ferrari's win in Monza was in 2010, we had almost to wait an entire decade to see another Ferrari win in our home race track.

And this is probably the day where Charles Leclerc becomes the 1st Ferrari driver taking Vettel's place...

Hats off for Charles!

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I'm so f*cking bitter towards our local F1 broadcaster for offering such a sh*tty service. Couldn't see the podium.


But I'm so glad to see Leclerc winning and celebrating properly. On the opposite lane, Vettel's time in F1 is over IMO. Should have been black-flagged for that unsafe re-entry alone.

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"Bring back the f*cking V12's".


Nothing more wise has been said today.

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