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Help with monster mission


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I'm really stuck at this mission and I can't get a time better than 6:30... Any solutions?

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The Monster in the mission is a 4WD, so make use of it (default button on PC is Spacebar).

It's always a good idea to plan your route; don't speed at sharp turns and slopes.

You'll require a few tries before you get the hold of it. Just keep on practising and you'll be there.

Also, don't be afraid to go off-road since the Monster handles pretty well on any terrain. wink.gif

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Yea, you dont need to stay exactly on the road for the whole time. Try cutting a few corners but make sure nothing bad will happen (like falling off a cliff) if you cut it to fine/wide.

I just drive straight at the red markers and maybe dodge the immovable things that could be blocking my way. I usually post a time around 4:30. Also make sure you go flat out on the accelerator when you can, dont hold back.

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1. I don 't stay on the road, I tried it several times and I took the shortest way possible and I still didn't get there on time.


2. I press SPACE and I don't notice any difference.


Any other suggestions?

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Is spacebar the handbrake? Im on PS2 so im not sure. If so, that makes the car have 4 wheels steering so not useful while going along strights as it will slow you down (you can hear the engine revvs stop getting any higher) its only useful for the tight corners that you sometimes have to go around, like the two hairpins has you desend from the mountain.

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