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Just a few observations of my own


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I have noticed a few things from the recent trailers thats all and I have a some finds I think but if this has been done before then by all means lock this.


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Thanks icon14.gif

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I mentioned one of your observations a little bit earlier this morning (Topic)

But I think that other girl on Patrick's bike is his sister, because I haven't seen the girl with glasses in the third trailer.

EDIT: I highly doubt that's Patrick on the artwork, the guy on the artwork has a moustache.

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I see what you mean it's just look at her face when she is looking at Niko she obviously likes him, unless Niko is a stud in the game or something and most women fall for him biggrin.gif


By the way the woman with the glasses is at the end of the Roman Belic video, so perhaps she is Roman's girlfriend then but she fancies Niko as well or something.


I know the guy in the artwork has a moustache but even though it may not be him it still looks a lot like him to me..

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