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Using Alcis SAAT GUI Frontend 1.0



I have been modding my SA sound files, specifically the sounds for gunfire. As best as i could find out the sounds for the ak47 is GENRL\Bank_137\sound_004.wav and m4 is GENRL\Bank_137\sound_005.wav yet when i swapped them out for 2 completely different sounds (as we all know, ak47s and m4s sound completely different) they still sound exactly the same.


1. Have i changed the correct soundfiles?

2. Does the game use the same sound file for ak/m4?






edit: to make it a little clearer, i should add that both weapons are using the newly added sound_004.wav

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The way the engine handles the sounds is diferent compared to GTA VC. And yes the AK-47 and M4 uses the same firing and reloading sounds.

same with Mac10 and Tec9 that use the same sounds, also the shotguns.

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