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graphics issue


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ok heres my starter for 10


playing SA, i have found an issue which is stopping me going further.


when going underground at the san ferraro airport i loose graphics, have found the issue in other areas when going down train tunnels. game is legit, patched to 1.1


user posted image


thats a print screen of what i see and its totaly accurate.


the specs of my box are



AMD X2 5400

2GB DDR2 800

Asus corshair Motherboard

NVidia 8800 GTX 768Mb card.


have tried deleting the gta_sa.set, have updated all drivers to the latest. i've now run out of ideas, over to you guys

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yeah running the latest version, will re-install tonight just to make sure. will post the results here

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Try windows 98 compatibilty mode (right click gta_Sa.exe, click properties, click compatibilty, choose run in 98.

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ok folks tried re-installing the dual core optimiser. no effect still get corrution.


tried 98 compatability mode again corruption still happens.

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Ok, I have three more options.


Reinstall the game.

Check if frame limiter is off (if it is, switch it on, it is in options>display>advanced).

Defrag your hard drive.




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