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What is the name of the car u steal in Zeroing in?


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I cant complete the mission because the car wont spawn in the cutscene of the mission, so the mission wont start. I had to get someone to complete the mission for me, but after that, the car doesnt appear in wangs auto. So im guessing it had to do with me modding some cars. So what is the name of the car? Thanks in advance.

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the car that you have to steal in the mission zeroing in is a uranus it kind of resembles a eagle talon or a mitsubishi laser if I'm not mistaken I'll find a picture for you hold on a couple moments.....found it

user posted image

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great. thanks


i will try and find out why it wont spawn in cutscene and wangs auto


EDIT: i used IMGtool to install this car mod http://www.thegtaplace.com/downloads/file.php?id=1062

i installed the diff and txd and modified the handling, carcol, carmod, vehicle with notepad but it doesnt appear or spawn during the cutscene or wangs auto. Any help? The rest of the car mods i download are fine.

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