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new sh*t in GTA IV


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can anyone tell me if they got any new forms of transportation?




also can we mod like in SA rims paint nos ect?


and can yall just fill me in on lil details that are going around / whats new because i havnt been online in moths and i dont read sh*t so whats up?


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You should read some of the articles just recently posted on GTA4.NET smile.gif


As for the vehicles, player-controlled planes are not in IV. Cars, boats, helicopters, and motorcycles will all react a lot more realistically thanks to the physics capable with the new hardware.


Except shards of glass, bent metal, rubber peeling off wheels, scratches on the ground from vehicles overturning and coming ashore, etc.


Modification of vehicles like in San Andreas has not come to the new iteration of Grand Theft Auto.


Now go read!

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Go here. All you need is there.



Planes are out, and there's no new types of cars. You can't mod cars. Apparently there are spinners though.

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