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[REL] BinIPL Manager

Recommended Posts


Hello Modding Community ! ph34r.gif


Information :

With this tool you will be able to modify or create your own Binary IPL.

Binary IPL are more powerful than simply TextIPL because they are smaller in size.

In this first release, only 'Inst' Section are supported.

ParkedCar ('Cars') will come soon, actually I got little problem on compiling / decompiling this section.


Contact :

You can contact me at [email protected] (EMail and MSN)


Thanks :

  • UZI-I (Me tounge.gif) : Programming the Tool, Get Working the first BinIPL object (lol)
  • Gforce : The Readme writer and the tester
  • Steve-M : For the FileFormat of BinIPL (Really Thanks)
  • GTA Modding Community (Hum, not JostVice) : Grow Up the GTA Modding wink.gif
Download :

Here is the direct link to Download : -> Here <-

In the pack there is : the Readme, the Tool, and stuff smile.gif



I Think it's all smile.gif

Edited by UZI-I

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This is going to be a very useful tool for TC map modders smile.gif


Great to see you get it finished so fast too, massive thank you for all the effort you put into making it. cookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gif


here's a couple of WIP MI-SA pics showing working traffic lights streaming from the img via binary ipl.


user posted image

user posted image



thanks again UZI-I wink.gif

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locO G

Fantastic. GTA Modding has a new tool.

You've saved our generic bacon.


Hopefully, when you have the time, you'll pop back into MI-IRC as you try to get this tool to support the rest of the .IPL entries.


Anyway, well done.

Top banana (banane supérieur)! He He

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Awesome, Uzi, I though the time had come and past. This is great.


A question; I know the game auto streams these from gta3.img; does it stream from

custom img files automatically too? I'd go test, but if someone knows, you'll save me

the hassle.


Cheers, excellent new addition to the tools.

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yes they do, however this was something i forgot to test until "5 minutes" ago after reading your post tounge.gif


i seriously suggest careful reading of how binary ipl's work (in the included text file ) before you end up spending hours of facedesk.gif wondering why your models fail to show up ingame wink.gif

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Excellent GForce, I have a good idea of binPL and this may help a LOT with the issues that always

stopped my Dogghouse mod dead in its tracks! Awesome.

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Information update.



While testing Bin IPL Manager for UZI-I i was unable to get a binary ipl that was using only generic object placements to show the models ingame and they would only show up ingame if i included a placement line for an object that was defined within the parent ide for the binary ipl.


however i have since moved back to working on my main PC and found that i no longer need a placement line that's defined in the parent ide and that an all generic placed ipl file will now actually work with all objects showing up ingame as i now have 5 binary ipl's (spread across 3 img's) fully working without defined ide placements.


the only reason i can find for this is that my original testing was done on my Vista Ultimate based laptop which has all of my Myriad img's running from the "Virtual store" folder and my main PC (also Vista Ultimate) has the img's running from the GTA SA models folder as per normal.


i therefore feel that you can create a binary ipl without the need to use an ide defined object placement as described within the read me file.


@UZI-I: it seems you were right about not needing a defined object entry wink.gif


anyway, i just thought that this information may help anyone who may have issue's in the future while using Vista UAC and running a TC map mod.

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I was right biggrin.gif


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