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I cant beat it at all!!

where is the PCJ? and what mansion are we getting to? the Mendez Mansion? if i drive fast and get there first will I get to skip the protecting Lance part?

I hate Lance so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i even tried use cheats to get a tank, but its too slow rofl

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1. Run straight from the place where you spawn. You'll find a PCJ there.

2. Yes, you have to get to the Prawn Island.

3. True, but it's impossible. You can only skip the last part in a range of about 20 metres - any more will have Lance dying.

4. I love the dude.

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finally i beat it. found the PCJ after i posted question

and then killed all these cars. then i got out the rhino i stored in my garage for second part and minigun that flame thrower guy in one second lol.

and i am so mad at Lance. he kept on bumping into me adn make me fall.

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BTW - you shouldn't use cheats. All the fun goes away.

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Warning for spoilers.


Have a machine gun before you attempt this mission, and body armor.


After the cutscene where mendez's thugs rocketlaunch lance's Infernus, there should be the PCJ standing exactly 3 o' clock from you, beside a tree. Run to it, catch it and accelerate to the mendez thug's car. Lance is pretty useless so you might have to use some of your wit here. Shoot the car in any way you can, being very careful to lance not hitting you since he will knock you out.


Proceed to the next car and shoot it preferably forwards while on the PCJ. There should be another car, then a cutscene with lance crossing the Prawn Island bridge will appear. You're free to take your time now. I advise to turn back and get a better gun (a sniper rifle would be the best one) and a body armor at the mall's ammunation. Then you go to the grass located at mendez's street's curb where there is a fountain. You should see a health pick up there, so walk towards it and then sniper the thugs in front of the mansion. When you've seen you took em all out, drive through the barricade and head for the right side of the mansion.


There will be about 4 or 5 thugs outside with AK's. You can easily take em out with a machine gun though. Pick up one of the AK's or m16's and head inside the mansion. A cutscene will show up and you'll confront Mendez himself. He has a flamethrower and you'll have to be smart here. Aim him with the AK and keep running in circles, picking up the health and body armor so you wont die. After you finish Mendez, a cutscene will appear and your mission will be complete.


Spoiler Ends here.


Hope that helps.

Suction Testicle Ban
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or check this gamer how he did the mission



bagged and tagged by 'nujer



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Who could love Lance??? He is such an idiot!


It is so frustrating and yet, yes it makes the game fun!

Please don't bump old topics like this. It's 1.5 years old and the OP has long since had the questions answered.


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