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What the most recent/most important news on GTAIV?


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At first (originally) i was super hyped about GTAIV,.... but then when everything started getting delayed and people started losing interest and they didn't give out that much info........ i started losing a little interest and didn't frequent the GTA sites (like planetGTA and here...) that i usually do..... so it's been a while and i have missed a bunch of news...


I was just wondering if you could give me the BIGGEST/most important and/or interesting news for GTAIV from the past month/couple of months or so....... TY smile.gif



(side note) Is GTAIV reservations sold out? or can you still get them? Where would be the most likely place to get them... (for the day they come out)???



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i've been to Rockstar's site ...... if i go to GTA4.net and look at the news, will i miss anything? is there anything that wouldn't be there that would been in other sites? or do you think everything could be covered there?



TY for the help smile.gif

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