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graphics physics e.t.c


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hows it going every one, i was just having a quick thought

and was wondering what is everyones thoughts on the depth

to the physics graphics e.t.c, e.g. we know we can get

blood stains on our clothing (unshure what catagory this

comes under, physics maybe ), but what do you think

happens if we go for a swim? will it wash off? will it leave a

small red cloud in the water for a short period of time? will

we be wet when we get out of the water? like in unchartered

for the ps3 owners, or tomb raider anniversary for the 360

owners, will he continue to bleed out of his wound after his

blood washed off? e.t.c i am not asking if this what

happens in the game( as in youre answer was we dont

know), i was just wondering what else you guys and girls

think will happen or atleast would be good if it happens,

post any ideas to do with graphics and physics, e.t.c.





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If Niko could get water up his nose and get a headache... no..


um if Niko would occassionally sneeze, cough, etc... or if when he set on fire his clothes and skin would be charred, and there would be holes and blisters..?


or sweat when the sun is out and Niko runs alot his shirt becomes drenched.

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I hope Niko gets skid-marks in his undies and has to change them everyday. That would be sooooooo awesome.

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The blood stains and wet clothes could all be true.


But we also witnessed blood drips on Niko's head on one of the screens.





New account: Gezim

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Hell,things often go bloody(im not brittish).

and i think blood on niko and cars can be washed off,but it wount mix with water.

srsly,his wounds can disappear only after his health increased.


But when the water is nuff realistic to errupt after undewater explosion,I think pretty everything is possible.

As smoke particles can stay inside car,why couldn't air when it goes underwater(when there's no hole in it,of coars)?


And I Do want waves to push us where it has to push,just want they basly physly behaved as they should.


And I feel the Physics are quite impressive when I know it has cable physics(look in the roman trailer,his radio has one)

and a tie doesn't just go through a table when we are sitting down,it will bend over.


On the other side,there are serious bugs,like the trash can stuck in ground

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